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The Etsy Forums

The Etsy Forums is a place for members of the Etsy community to gather and discuss a wide variety of topics. You'll see conversations ranging from shop questions and advice to pets and favorite foods.

There are five forums, each with its own focus:

  • Questions: Here's where you can ask the community questions about the site or running an Etsy shop.

  • Discussions: In this forum, you can share tips and tricks that you've learned as a buyer or seller on Etsy, or bring up any other Etsy-related topic for the community to discuss.

  • Bugs: Post about any site issues on the Bugs forum.

  • Chitchat: This is the place to go for any and all non-business conversations.

  • Promo: Use this space to promote Etsy items.

Here are some of the basics for getting started on Etsy Forums.

Viewing, creating, and managing posts and threads

Forum moderation, guidelines, and policies

Other Common Questions

Searching for posts

To get started, visit the Forums by clicking Forums under Join the community at the bottom of most Etsy pages. Find the search box and enter words relevant to your topic.

On the following page, you’ll see a list of threads that match your keywords. To the right of each thread’s title, you’ll see the number of posts in the thread, the date it was posted, and in what section it was posted.

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Starting a thread

A thread is a discussion started in the Etsy Forums.

If you’d like to create a thread, start by searching through existing threads to see if your topic is already being discussed.

If a thread already exists for your topic, consider replying to that thread rather than starting a new one. Keeping the discussion in one place makes it easier for others to follow along.

If you’d like to start your own thread, choose the section that best fits your topic and click the applicable link for that section. 

If you’ve already clicked into a section, these buttons can be found on the right side of the page.

Title: Enter a short, descriptive title for your thread. This is what other members will see first when browsing the Forums, so make sure it summarizes the main points of your discussion. If you’re asking a question, use that question as your title.

For example:

  • "I can’t find where to upload my shop cover photo."
    This is a descriptive title that clearly explains your issue to other members.

  • "Help! What do I do?"
    This title doesn’t really describe your issue. Other members may ignore it in favor of more specific thread titles.

Post: Write the main body of your post here. Be sure to keep our Forums Guidelines in mind as you write.

Tags: Add up to three tags to your post. Using relevant tags will help others find your discussion thread when searching the forums.

To add a tag:

1.) Begin typing in the Tags box.

2.) A dropdown menu will appear with a list of suggested tags.

3.) Select up to three of the most relevant tags by clicking on them within the dropdown menu.

4.) To remove a tag, click the X within the tag.

More on tags can be found below under Tags

Create Your Thread: When you’re ready to publish your post, click Ask questionStart discussion, or Report bug.

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Replying to posts and threads

To contribute to a discussion thread, click the Add your response link below the author’s original post. Enter your reply in the text box that appears. When you’re ready to submit your reply, click the Add your response button.

To reply to a specific post within the thread, click the Reply to link below the post.

Be sure to keep our Forums Guidelines in mind as you write your reply.

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Editing threads and posts

You may edit your post within two minutes of publishing it. After those two minutes have passed, the post cannot be changed.

Once a thread or post has been published, it can't be deleted. If you wish to hide something you’ve posted, please report your post using the flag icon on the right side of the page. A moderator will review your post and take action if appropriate.

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Posting in the wrong section

When a thread is started in the wrong section of the forums, one of the Admin moderators will usually move it to the appropriate section.

If it seems like one of your threads is missing, it may have been moved by a moderator. Click Your Threads at the top of any Forums page to see all threads in which you've posted.

Read more about moderators under Admin Moderators

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Tags are used to group together relevant posts and/or threads on a particular topic.

You can click on a tag to see other threads labeled the same way. For example, the tag "coupon codes" might take sellers to a list of posts with questions or advice about using coupons on Etsy.

You can add up to three tags to a new thread before publishing it.

If you’d like to suggest a new tag, please contact us at

If you’d like to report a thread that has been tagged incorrectly, click the flag icon on the right side of the post. Select Tagged incorrectly from the options, add any additional comments you have, and click Report Post.

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Finding Your posts and threads

To view all the threads in which you’ve posted, click the Your Threads link at the top of any Forums page.

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Marking threads

If you’d like to revisit a particular thread later, you can mark that thread. To do so, click the Mark Thread link above the thread’s comments.

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Forums guidelines and policies

You can find a complete list of policies for community spaces in Etsy’s Community Policy.

An explanation of those policies as they apply to the forums can be found in the Forums Guidelines.

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Admin moderators

Etsy’s Admin moderators help foster a space where the Etsy community can interact and grow together. This means keeping the forums welcoming and constructive, making sure that threads are posted in the right place, and encouraging great conversation.

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Report a post

If you believe a post may be violating our Community Policy, report it by clicking the small flag icon on the right side of the post. Tell us why you’re reporting the post by selecting one of the options in the overlay that appears. When you’re ready to submit your report, click Report Post.

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Inaccurate tags

If you find a thread that doesn’t seem to fit with its tag, please click the flag icon and choose Tagged incorrectly from the list of reasons. We’re happy to take a look!

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The difference between Etsy Teams and Etsy Forums

While the forums serve as an online gathering space for the entire community, teams are centered around a specific theme or group of members. Some teams are made up of buyers and sellers from the same city, while others are focused on a specific craft or skill.

If you’d like to learn more about the Teams feature, including how you can find and join a team, please check out this Help article.

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If you’d like to discuss an idea with the rest of the community, you’re welcome to start a thread in the Discussions forum.

If you’d like to share your thoughts with Etsy directly, click the link at the bottom of this page to get in touch with us.

Look over this Help article for best practices and tips on providing thoughtful, constructive suggestions.

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Mobile accessibility

The forums are accessible in your phone or tablet’s mobile web browser. However, please know that the pages aren’t yet optimized for mobile viewing.

You can't view the forums on Etsy's iOS or Android apps at this time.

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Etsy admin in the Forums

Yes! Admin from all across the company browse the forums on a regular basis.

We know that we have a creative, passionate community with a lot of interesting things to say. Reading the forums is one way we keep up with all of your thoughts!

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