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Translating your Shop and Listings

To reach a wider audience of buyers, you have a few options to translate information about your shop and listings.

When you set up your shop, you determined your default listing language. It’s your shop's main language.

To check your shop's default listing language, go to Shop Manager> Settings > Info & Appearance > Languages.

You can also enroll in other languages you're fluent in and translate aspects of your shop and listings.

Enroll in other languages

Enroll in a new language by going to Shop Manager> Settings > Info & Appearance > Languages.

Once you enroll in a language, you’ll be able to manually translate your shop and listings. 

Be sure to list in the designated language fields. French should be in the French fields and English in the English fields, for example.

Automatic translations

Listings are also automatically translated. Shoppers searching the site will see listings in their preferred language. Learn more here.

You can un-enroll from automatic translations at any time.

To unenroll, go to Shop Manager > Settings > Options. Then scroll down to the Automatic Listing Translation box.

Note: Any manual translations you provide will override automatic translations.

Manual translations

You can translate your item's:

  • title

  • description

  • tags

Item titles and descriptions translations are required. Tags are optional.

The categories and attributes you select for your listing will translate automatically.

For your shop, you are encouraged to translate:

  • shop policies

  • shop sections

  • your shop announcement

Go to Shop Manager > Settings > Info & Appearance > Translations to add these to your shop.

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