Handmade crafts by Dublin's homeless

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Handmade crafts by Dublin's homeless

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Mendicity Institution

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The Mendicity Institution helps people work their way out of homelessness

About Mendicity
The Mendicity Institution is the oldest working charity in Dublin. Established in 1818, it has been in operation for 200 years creating opportunities for people experiencing homelessness, isolation and marginalization, to live better lives.
We help people empower themselves so they can work their way out of homelessness and deprivation. We are inclusive, we are innovative and we provide quality service to all people who come to us. One of the services we offer is the Mendicity Workshop.

About the Mendicity Workshop
At the beginning of the 19th century, Dublin city centre was home to many homeless, destitute Irish families, men, women and children. Troubled by their poverty, a group of businessmen set up a charity similar to, yet more humane than the workhouses of the time. We taught men and women a trade, gave them employment and paid their wages.

Mendicity was a social enterprise ahead of its time, and we continue our tradition and mission today.

Why the Mendicity Workshop Programme?
Over the years, through our activities and projects, we have identified that the majority of participants engaged in our service are long-term homeless migrants. Each of them are trained and skilled workers who, due to low English level and/or other causes, cannot secure and retain employment.
The Mendicity Workshop Programme was created as an innovative solution for this problem.

What do we want to achieve?
- To provide a way out of homelessness for EU/EEA migrants who have been long term
homeless in Ireland
- To provide a comprehensive and easily individualized strategy of enabling service users to
access the workforce.

How do we achieve it?
Specifically, the Workshop provides legal employment through work sessions. During these sessions participants create a range of handmade crafts including:
- Framed copper art
- Handmade wooden art
- Flower boxes
- Hand crafted cards
- Hand made soap
- Scented candles
- Colourful coasters and mats, made out of hand dyed sisal rope and cork

In addition to this we offer the following to each participant:
- Support for Detox/rehab treatment (sobriety is an absolute must)
- Referrals for priority emergency accommodation/housing
- Assistance with up-skilling courses such as Manual Handling, Safe Pass, etc.
- Administrative assistance (e.g. procuring documents – passport and/or national cards,
Revenue, banking, various applications such as medical cards, social housing, etc)
- Searching for private rented accommodation
- Facilitation of (re)integration, through linking the Workshop participants with our
Employment and TELL (Targeted English Language Learning) programmes, which lead to
accessing opportunities for full-time work through personalised job seeking care and
connection with local community.

All proceeds made from products that we sell go back in to funding the services that we provide, so that we can continue to help people out of homelessness.

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Frequently asked questions
Custom and personalised orders

We accept custom requests for copper and wooden art pieces. If you have an image that you wish to have produced please email us your request a long with the image attached. Provided that the design is A4 (A5 in some cases) in size and there isn't too much detail in the image, we can produce most copper art images. Note: creating pieces with too much detail/text diminishes the quality. We can also produce garden boxes to size and colour of choice. If you are unsure or wish to ask us questions about custom and personalized orders don't hesitate to contact us at

Sizing details

Our copper art pieces are best in A4 size. If there is minimal detail in an image we may be able to produce it in A5 size. Our garden boxes can be custom made to your size and colour of choice. Wooden art pieces can be made in a size of your choice. Please email if you have any specific queries about sizing.

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