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Announcement    Light fixtures made of gourd - a natural, highly durable, eco-friendly material.
Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!


Last updated on Mar 28, 2021

Light fixtures made of gourd - a natural, highly durable, eco-friendly material.
Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!



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When Nature and Art Meet - Hand-crafted Gourd Lamps

My name is Maya Aizik and I live in a small town in Israel near the beach and forest. My studio is near the sea, in a shared workspace with other artists. This gives me the wonderful opportunity to be surrounded by inspiration and creativity, encouraging me to grow along artistic lines.

My brand, Illumina-Art from Nature, combines what I dearly love—art and nature. I combine many different artistic skills to hand-craft and create each gourd lamp. A gourd is a true symbol of endurance: once dried and preserved, it can weather all storms. In the past, people made water cannisters, bowls and musical instruments out of gourds. I use modern tools to decorate the gourds—but this is still an ancient craft.

I paint the gourd with natural dyes, making unique designs inspired by sacred geometry, Mandalas and Islamic Mashrabiya. I also add crystals with healing qualities.
To make the light fixture, I build a base from branches and pieces of wood that I collect myself in the nearby forest.

It touches my heart that my creations help people find a sense of quietness, and a connection to themselves. I am so grateful that I can help light up people’s homes — and their hearts — with my gourd lamps. They illuminate a room with warm, magical light.

Thank you for stopping by my shop!

With love,

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  • Maya Aizik

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    Maya has combined her love of the earth with her art, helping to spread magical light using materials found in nature. She lives in a small town near the sea in Israel where she enjoys spending time outdoors, dancing and practicing yoga.

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Frequently asked questions
What is a gourd? Can it become spoiled?

Gourd is used to describe crop plants in the family Cucurbitaceae, such as pumpkins, cucumbers, squash, and melons. However, unlike the pumpkin or melon, the gourd does not rot. They are picked from the bush when they are green and heavy, and then, through a natural process of dehydration, the inside dries and only the hard shell remains. As it dries, its color changes to brown, somewhat like wood. The gourds have been widely used in almost every culture throughout history for carrying water, for musical instruments and even for protection against the evil spirits.

What is sacred geometry?

Since there are two ways to look at sacred geometry, there are also two ways to define it. One is academic and numerical and one is spiritual. The definition of sacred geometry as academic is related to mathematics studies and the algorithm inherent in forms considered sacred. These forms are naturally occurring forms, and can be seen in various creatures and in the forces of nature. The spiritual point of view goes beyond the mathematical formulas. This point of view uses sacred geometry to find meaning in the forms that exist in the universe.

One does not have to be a mathematician to be able to appreciate sacred geometry which exists as an art form and anyone can appreciate it as such.

How do you prepare the lighting fixtures?

I do most of the work with the help of a deremel which is a drill for fine work. First I clean the gourd inside and out, then I sketch on it and finally I drill a the holes, manually, with great patience and care. In some parts of the gourd I use the dremel to the make gourd thinner so the light shining through it will creates a special light effect. Finally, I paint the gourd with natural ink and spray with varnish that will protect the art work.

I live in the US, will the lamp fit me?

Crtainly. The electricity I use is European, but in each lamp, the option is to purchase an electric converter that fits the USA or Australia. The converter will be shipped with the lamp so you can use the lamp as soon as the shipment arrives!

Custom and personalized orders

Certainly. There are several designs that can be ordered in different colors to best suit your home. If there is a special idea I do not currently have in the store, you are welcome to contact me in private, and I will do my best to fulfill your vision.

Custom made lamps will be the same as the one seen on the web site?

Yes and no. The shape of the pumpkin and the design drawn on it, as well as the colors you chose and the crystals - will be the same. However, because the pumpkins and wood are natural materials, their exact color and shape varies slightly from one piece to another. I promise to choose the gourd closest to the original picture and I would love to send you a photo before shipping to make sure you are satisfied with the product

What type of bulb should we use? Led or Incandescent?

Both options have advantages and disadvantages. In my search for the perfect bulb I found that the simple incandescent bulbs create beautiful and sharp reflections in the room, creating a warm ambiance. Please note that the heat the bulbs produce does not damage the gourd.
The Led lights save energy, and produce a different light reflections. I include both bulbs with the shipment so that you can choose for yourself what you like best.