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Announcement    The design of the "AlbArgiva" jewelry by Maria Teresa De Nittis is the authentic expression of artistic craftsmanship; each object is unique, unrepeatable, born from chance, in the creative moment; handmade with the use of different materials: copper, aluminum, fabric, clays, etc.


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The design of the "AlbArgiva" jewelry by Maria Teresa De Nittis is the authentic expression of artistic craftsmanship; each object is unique, unrepeatable, born from chance, in the creative moment; handmade with the use of different materials: copper, aluminum, fabric, clays, etc.


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Maria Teresa De Nittis

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Maria Teresa De Nittis


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AlbArgiva Creations by Maria Teresa De Nittis

AlbArgiva, the brand name, which I coined for my creations is composed of two words that stigmatize and contemplate the archaic flashes of art and beauty of the ancient Greek civilization that has also been able to illuminate the Roman world with its fine and refined culture, always clearly perceptible. The echoes of the ancestral memory are lost in the migrations of the Homeric heroes and Diomedes argivo who grafted his song into the history of the Gargano and the Tremiti islands, also inspired by the use of some materials used for the realization of jewelry and furnishings (copper, iron, aluminum, clays, stones).


The sea on the stones-Visiting the Tremiti Islands you feel enthralled by a particular atmosphere and you are fascinated by the natural and historical beauties that compose them: you can really say that here nature has shown off, without reservations, all its highest artistic and poetic qualities. The physical contact with them, makes me a privileged person who draws inspiration from a landscape, which never ceases to amaze, stimulates my curiosity, suggests a movement of ideas, which overlap, approach and merge slowly, like soft nembi in the blue. Thus, in my compelling journey as a researcher of "clues" and "footprints", which become "forms", I discover that, things in appearance, insignificant, are not at all, indeed, on the contrary they have their own charm and stimulate my imagination; I realize how many countless sensations and references can give me for example an old wood recovered in the ravines of a remote cove, marked by saltiness after a long journey by sea; the chipped flints, (characteristic artifacts of the campignano -campignien- from the name of a village in France, Campigny, where the products of those protoneolithic and Neolithic industries appeared, which today are indicated by this name) that still resurface in the lands of the North-West side of the island of San Domino, testimony of Neolithic human settlements or a sandstone, among the flowers, pampered by a ray of sunshine, which silently encloses its archive of information and testimonies of the ancient environment of the Tremiti islands, more visible in the marl sediments of the smallest of the group: the Cretaccio, of only 0.04 square kilometers, which rises yellowish from the sea, between San Domino and San Nicola (almost you can say, broken into two large rocks by a deep inlet open to NO). This is what I was looking for in my "walking" and I "found": the raw material with the morphological qualities of the Diomedes archipelago and I would add, "metaphorical" and "linguistic" with its history, its meaning, which can expand its light in the world, become a precious ambassador of the territory and of my creativity, with small works of art. I go, therefore, to "stone hunting", far and wide, now to "Tramontana" now to "Tamariello", after capraia and Cretaccio, and I try to get to know closely, the rocks of the islands that burn under my feet but I am not a geologist or paleontologist, perhaps the native artist who wants to understand and interpret his territory from its foundations, from its deepest "soul". The frontiers of the millennia are wide open on the visible and lived rocks: remote scenarios reappear to my imagination, rich in plants and animals whose fragments are in front of me today.

Magical limestone stones, perfect pictorial supports, and "soft" clayey stones to sculpt, with completely different shapes, flattened and twisted, perforated, where the profiles of fish appear, sometimes already defined, heirs of the ancient world and masters of that submerged living garden with its unimaginable varieties of shapes, colors, flowers, mushrooms, fronds, among which they graze swaying softly by the millions, where nature has taken steps to protect them from the pitfalls of their natural environment, to camouflage them with its dazzling colors ... which I try to paint in its extravagant palpitations and incomparable grace of silent orchestra.


ARTISTIC BIJOUX (unique gift jewelry); materials used: copper, aluminum, ceramics, stones, paper, fabric. Supply of small parts and accessories for assembly: the "workshop of ideas" of Crespi Claudia, Terni. STONE SCULPTURES and bas-reliefs mounted on plexiglass. PLASTIC BOOKMARKS – ARTREPRODUCTIONS (artistic reproductions of my paintings). Personalized TICKETS to order, for birth, wedding, birthday, holidays.

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  • Maria Teresa De Nittis



    Maria Teresa De Nittis WebsiteMaria Teresa De Nittis, ceramist and state librarian. She was born in Peschici in 1953. Third generation Tremitese, its roots go back to the maternal grandmother Tullia Greco; she spent her childhood in San Domino, the largest island of the Tremiti archipelago, and here, in a simple community of fishermen and farmers, she grew up to the age of ten.

    Graduated from the "Domenico Berti" high school in Turin, she subsequently attended professional courses in librarianship at the libraries: Marucelliana in Florence, Oasis in Perugia, San Michele in Rome and at the same time the ceramics laboratories of Deruta (Pg). He worked as librarian director at the State Archives of Terni (1978-2014).

    Among the published books: Tra acquarelli e poesia, Ed. Thyrus, Arrone (Tr), 2006; Still some portraits on the famous Marmore Falls in Terni, 2010; la Memoria dello sguardo, Il Paesaggio delle Isole Tremiti, Ed.Thyrus, 2012, Tengo 'a voce int'o mare,Poesie per Tremiti, (edited by Mario Merone), Il Cartiglio, 2012. Transition, the Earth the Ammonite the Sea, catalogue of the exhibition curated by Edoardo Desiderio and Luca Proietti Scorsoni, Copyservice, Terni, 2016.

    With the P.A. (State Archive of Terni) M.Teresa De Nittis has contributed individually or with working groups to numerous cultural projects: documentary exhibitions and publications of catalogs ("Travelers travelers and pilgrims in Terni between 700 and 800; educational project "Adopt your city"; documentary-photographic exhibition on the territory of the II Interamna Circumscription; bibliographic contribution for the publication and documentary exhibition "Accademiste a Orvieto.Donne ed educazione fisica nell'Italia fascista. 1932-1943. Documents and essays"; bibliographic contribution "Braccio da Montone e il Comune di Terni", 2002; documentary exhibition "Enchantments of the eye and ear"; exhibition set-up for X week of Cultural Heritage, 28 November 1994;lesson on the role and functioning of the State Archive for the V Week of Culture, 5-10 May 2003;collaboration for the conference 8-9 November 2006"Gisa Giani. The feminine memory"; for the bibliographic-documentary exhibition for the celebrations in honor of Garibaldi European Heritage Days; at the documentary exhibition "Mother Mary Elect (Terni 1605 – Prague 1663):a Carmelite nun on the roads of Europe; for conference: "An archive for the city"; European Heritage Days for the exhibition of the journalist G.D'Astoli; introductory report for the cultural event and Round Table "Between books and cinema" and scientific collaboration at the documentary exhibition "Festa, vita civile e religiosa a Terni nel Tardo Medioevo", Bibliomediateca, 9 June 1996; preparation of the bibliographic exhibition Gisa Giani fund as part of the Conference "Gisa Giani.La memoria al femminile", 20 March 2009 and for the documentary exhibition "La SIRI: la fabbrica della ricerca";

    Il Rettore, Il Presidente, Il Nobile, l'Archeologo, articolo in "Memoria Storica", Rivista del Centro Studi Storici di Terni, n. 34 e 35 anno XVIII, 2009, Ed. Thyrus.

    Among the individual and collective pictorial and craft exhibitions we mention: Ceramiche a Narni (Terni), Palio Corsa all'Anello, 1979, 1980; Ceramics, summer exhibitions in San Domino, Tremiti Islands, 1978-1997; Expo of the Chamber of Commerce of Terni abroad and in Umbria, 1980-1985 "Il cielo sopra l'Agave- Esterno Mediterraneo", 2009; "La Cascata delle Marmore", 2010. "Le stanze di maggio", 2012 (curated by the Municipality of Terni), In viaggio con Virgilio Alterocca, Pazzaglia Caffè, documentary exhibition and photographic tools in collaboration with the photographer Alberto Mirimao, 2012; L'anima ondeggia, historical-documentary exhibition, painting, poetry, Centro Polifunzionale, San Domino, Isole Tremiti, July-August, 2014.

    Maria Teresa De Nittis lives with her family and works in Terni.

  • Dr. Edoardo Desiderio

    Marketer, Assistente, Servizio Clienti

    Edoardo Desiderio, Graduated in Organization and Marketing for Business Communication at the University of Rome "La Sapienza".
    He is the Head of Communication and Marketing of AlbArgiva

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