Concrete Design Carefully Handmade in Italy

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Concrete Design Carefully Handmade in Italy

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Mario Meneo


Mario Meneo

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Mario Meneo


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Facto is minimal. Facto is timeless. Facto is concrete.

Imperfection is Beauty.
In this world there is an infinite number imperfections which make 'things', 'people' and "stories" unique.

The aesthetic concept of Facto is based on that.

I know it may seem a contradiction, because Facto is also based on the study of Geometry, which in itself must be perfect... But I consider geometry, as something far from perfect, I consider geometry as that variety of intangible and somehow imperfect connections between human beings and between them and the universe.

Every Facto object, handmade by me with love and patience, in my own little silent studio, has its own story, its own soul.

Unique, exactly as we are.

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  • Mario

    Proprietario, Creatore, Designer

  • Matilde

    Marketer, Fotografo

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Welcome and thanks for stopping by.
Our goal is to create a collection of unique concrete housewares.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions!

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