A farming haven for committed dreamers

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A farming haven for committed dreamers

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Giulia Di Crescenzo

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Giulia Di Crescenzo

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A daily reminder to dream...and never give up! Even a teardrop contains within itself a whole Universe of possibilities.

I've started crafting miniature worlds since I was child to rescue myself from my family's own Dark Lord. And nowadays, I keep on designing what I consider small universes in teardrops as a sort of daily meditation activity. Since it leads me to focus on Beauty, despite all the hatred, fear and anger that are spreading throughout my Country, Italy. In other words, I'm kind of Lisabetta da Messina from the Boccaccio's Decameron. I grow flowers (instead of basil) upon my own grief. It's the only way I've ever found to not fall into a deep resignation during these hard times, when everyone tend to forget what really matters in Life: Love, Passion and Hope. Because we get swallowed up by the whirlwind of duties, desires and little daily deceptions and we don't feel like there is time to deserve for ourselves to dream. But the truth is that a Dream isn't always something of unattainable and it may need just few minutes everyday to be raised.

These Ecojars I made are the result of my urgency to shape a wide ranges of dreams boiling in my mind coupled with my father's expertise both in Aquaponics and Aquaculture. So, unlike the small-scale systems kit available on the market, the design of our Ecojars is studied to guarantee an easy management that doesn't involve the need of changing water.

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  • Giulia Di Crescenzo

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