ecosostenibile e gusto per il bello!

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ecosostenibile e gusto per il bello!

Kyoto, Giappone 1157 vendite Su Etsy da 2014

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Diana Riccitelli

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Diana Riccitelli


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About me and Okaeri

Hello Dear!
My name is Zia Diana!

I'm 33 years old auntie that rediscovered the big magic of creativity just recently and started a new happy adventure that lead me to Kyoto where I pursue my biggest dream, to open a small stationery shop where fabric and paper will be living happily together and where lovely people could find a cozy place to create and rest their mind whenever they want.

Stationery and fabric are the most important elements in my life at the moment...but you are the vital part of my project, because without your support and kindness I wouldn't be here. Please stay, and play with me for a while, we might discover something special about each other, and I can't wait!

My secret ingredient:
I have a secret ingredient to make my diary juicy and spicy in a unique way. You can find an int of what this secret ingredient is all about in the name I gave to my diary: Okaeri Diary.

Okaeri is a word (お帰り) that Japanese people use to welcome back their family or beloved ones. The warm feeling that this word gives me is exactly what I seek the most in my life.

I'm Italian , I'm living in Asia from the April of 2009 (China, Taiwan and now Japan) and I can't imagine myself living in Europe or any other Western country anymore.

That's why I say that I have 100% of Sicilian blood and an Asian soul.

The stories, experiences, motivations that I collected in these years are many and colorful. And all this colors, all this cultural experiences shaped the way I see the world and myself in this world.

I now see myself as someone that to feel welcome and at home needs to explore the joy of discovering new cultures and languages, sharing and connecting with others through simplicity and creativity.

I realized that simple joy and life is the most richest way to go. And this is why I'm here, to tell you my stories, my colors and connect with you.

So...what's in my Secret Diary?

My adventures, my daily life in Kyoto, Japan.
My dreams, and the sweet and sour that comes with them.
Stationery, Japanese stationery and all the good things that will make you want to create!
My sewing products that fill my days with joy.
Stories about my small business, and they are true love stories.
My learning Japanese language adventure, because it's never to late!
What do I like?
Yoga, but please don't make me do it first thing in the morning! Coffee first!
Writing ... on paper...on beautiful dreamy notebooks
Eating with friends and family with a lot of words in between, and a glass of wine, or beer, or Japanese sake....
Cooking, because I can make exactly what I want to eat, and then share it (and brag about my culinary skills every time I can!)
Dragon boat. The most incredible sport in the world. ( I'm a coach if you want to learn how to paddle!)
Literature, books (paper and kindle both). Graduate student of Taiwan Literature.
Japan. I'm in love, and I'm planning to move to Japan soon!
Stationery of course, because when you hold this items in your hands your mind can't stop searching for a way to use it!
Fabric, because there are infinite possibilities with fabrics that can really (really!!!) effect your life!
... this is a secret, only my best friend knows about my worst addiction...I'm a Drama addict...I watch a embarrassing amount of Korean and Japanese TV dramas. Ssshhh!
You will find ...


and ME, MYSELF and I, here:

email: okaeridiary [!at] gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/okaeridiary

Instagram: www.instagram.com/okaeri_diary/

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/okaeridiary/

Thanks for the visit and for your time!

All the best


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  • Diana Riccitelli

    Proprietario, Designer

    Call me Zia Diana! I'm a stationery maker, 100% of Sicilian blood and a very big Asian soul. Currently living in Kyoto, Japan! My elements are fabric and paper...as you can see! Welcome to my world, I can wait to share with you my stories!

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