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Ra-Eye is an Art-Worq and Graphic project whole-fully inspired by the Grace of the All-Mighty TriUne Eye, Our Everlasting King Alfa and Queen Omega, Germawi Qedamawi Haile Selassie & Germawit Etege Menen Asfaw.


Ra-Eye is a Ge'ez/Amharic word (ራእየ Ra-'(e)-ye, coming from the Root ርእየ R(e)-'e-ye "to see") meaning "Vision Of" and, in a larger sense, "Revelation of".
Ra-Eye is the Mystic Vision given by the Supreme All-Seeing Eye, RasTafarEye.
By means of Sacred Geometry, Colors and Ancient Words combination, we try to re-create graphically, the High concept of Word Sound and Powah - InshAllah.

"ወይከውን ሥሙረ ቃለ አፉየ ወሕሊና ልብየኒ ቅድሜየ ውእቱ በኵሉ ጊዜ። እግዚእየ ረዳኢየ ወመድኀንየ።" [መዝ ፳: ፲፭-፲፮]

"Let the Words of Eye Mouth and the Eye-ditation of Eye Heart be acceptable in Thy side o JAH RasTafarEye, Eye Strength and Eye Redeemer" [Ps. 19:14]



High definition printings (on different support) are available on demand.
We are also available for new art and graphic worqs, for new collaboration and so on.

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