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zines, comics, and photos

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お知らせ   The Dame Vanishes Act I and Act II now available!


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The Dame Vanishes Act I and Act II now available!




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Capturing the City -- photography & haiku

So...what's a zine anyway? Short for magazine or fanzine, zines are self-publications, motivated by a desire for self-expression more than profit. Zines cover a myriad of topics from music to gender identity, from poetry to bike repair tips. If you'd like to know more, a good starting point can be found at http://wemakezines.ning.com/.

My main zine, Haiku & Holga, contains 35 mm film photographs taken on a Holga camera with a focus on texture, form and color. These photos are paired with the spare word form that is haiku. I started the zine after attending the 2013 Brooklyn Zine Fest and seeing all the amazing work people were doing.

My zine-making is also inspired by my grandmother. She was a poet, a painter and a ceramicist. She would make these little booklets which included her poems and drawings. We would take them to the local copy store and then to the post office where she mailed them to friends and family. I remember her as this amazing creative force. I compiled her collected works into a book called A Reflected Life which is now available on my etsy page.

Haiku & Holga is generally released quarterly but I sometimes do special release issues. In the spring of 2014, I did a special release about the long cold winter because I felt it needed its very own zine. Summer 2014's issue focused on graffiti from New York and Quebec City. I made VI in both Spanish and English because I am currently learning Spanish. I have a photo zine called 22 Colour Photographs, riffing off of 122 Colour Photographs by Danish photographer Keld Helmer-Petersen. A small haiku chapbook called New York City Haiku contains my collected haiku.

I've had the opportunity to table at zine fests in Brooklyn, Scranton, Washington DC and Richmond, Virginia. Zinesters come from all over and are so welcoming and excited to share what they are working on. I also released Haiku & Holga VII and VIII, Into the Greenwood, Dem Bones, and Urban Ephemera I & II. A new project is always in the works.



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最終更新日: 2015年 6月 7日
Welcome to Haiku & Holga!

Currently featuring zines, photography and buttons.


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