Soul Journey Reconnection (distance energy healing)

Soul Journey Reconnection (distance energy healing)


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Hello you shining soul!

This offering of a Soul Journey Reconnection has been a long time coming.
I have been spending the past few years practicing this specific modality with wonderful results, using it only upon request until now when I feel it is the right time to offer it publicly.


A Soul Journey Reconnection is an AUDIO RECORDED session wherein I go into trance mode to the THETA brainwave level and connect with my energies and the energies of the one seeking a change in their mental, emotional, energetic, emotional, and/or physical bodies. Essentially, this is mix of meditation, channeling, energy work, and more.

I utilize my consciousness as a SUBSTITUTE VEHICLE FOR YOURS (basically, whatever I see or experience is happening to your energetic body and you are reaping all the benefits) as I journey into the mind's realms where I am guided by YOUR guides and higher self.

It is a journey that may, at the very least, include:
- Reconnection to the soul's source energy
- Physical, mental, emotional healing
- Realignment with higher energies
- Activations and downloads
- Messages and advice from loved ones, spirit, or Source
- Formulas for daily practice (meditations, affirmations, and other kinds of beneficial "homework")

All of these are very unique for the individual and are for the best and highest good of all parties involved.


The THETA BRAINWAVE is the brainwave that all healers access for self healing and other healings to occur. With years of practice as a hypnotherapist and QHHT practitioner, I have become aware of the potential, seen miraculous results, and learned how to utilize this brainwave for the benefit of myself and my clients.
While in the session, I audibly record all images and impressions that I am experiencing, which transfers to YOUR energetic body since I am acting as a mere substitute vessel. This becomes the ultimate guided healing meditation custom tailored for you and improving your life.

*Recorded sessions are approximately 45 MINUTES TO ONE HOUR long*

Before going into the journey, I call on and connect with Godsource and universal energies, angels, guides, higher selves and aspects, and all others that can help for our highest good and with harm to none.


Many recordings provide useful and life-changing advice, information, visualizations, and energy. Simply listening to the recording means you are taking in the vibration and energy recorded in the session. This is always very high-vibrational energy and very useful. Many times there is a formula given to the listener for you to continue in your daily life.
Some examples include:
- Focused meditation instructions regarding specific chakras
- Certain visualizations to focus on for a certain number of days per week and various durations
- Breathing techniques
- Words of power or affirmation that hold a certain vobration for your specific energy body
- Certain foods or drinks to take more of or less of
- Information of the source of various ailments, mental patterns, emotional unrest
- Cords being held onto, lingering attachments, other subconscious or conscious clingers to your emotional and energetic bodies that often show up in the physical body
And so much more.
Each journey provides a unique landscape.
Healings have also been known to occur instantaneously, and either continue or maintain if the person receiving it takes care of the work needed on their end, provided by the info gained through the journey.

Visually, the lansdcapes and dimensions we visit are always different, with different energy signatures, aesthetics, feelings, beings, and more. What we see if specifically designed for YOU.


Please allow 5 BUSINESS DAYS with flexibility. I go into the journey when I feel pulled to during that time period, it cannot be forced, it has to occur organically.

*Recordings are approximately 45 MINUTES TO ONE HOUR long*

I will send you the recording after the session :)


Disclaimer: These distance sessions do not guarantee healing or curing of any illness, disease, or discomfort. I am not a medical doctor and do not claim to diagnose, treat, or heal any symptoms, illnesses, or diseases. By purchasing this listing you agree that any results that occur upon completion of the session is self-healing by the buyer and Laura Bogen acts only as the facilitator of that self healing. If you need medical attention, please seek a licensed medical practitioner.

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