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Etsy Offsite Ads Channels

Etsy purchases offsite advertising from a network of participating providers, such as social networks and search engines. Etsy's network of participating providers may change at any time. Etsy currently syndicates listings to a variety of channels. We are providing this list to give you transparency into these channels and provide you with the terms and policies of the participating third party sites, with which you must comply when you participate in Offsite Ads.

Channel Channel Information Channel Terms Channel Privacy Policy
Google About Google Shopping Google’s Terms of Service Google’s Privacy Policy
Facebook About Facebook ads Facebook’s Terms of Service Facebook’s Privacy Policy
Instagram About Instagram ads Instagram’s Terms of Use Instagram’s Privacy Policy
Pinterest About Pinterest ads Pinterest Terms of Service Pinterest Privacy Policy
Bing About Bing Ads Bing's Terms of Use Bing's Privacy Policy
Google Display Network About Google Display Network Google's Terms of Service Google's Privacy Policy
Etsy's Publishing Partners Etsy's Affiliate Program Etsy's Terms of Use Etsy's Privacy Policy

Read more about Offsite Ads in Etsy’s Advertising & Marketing Policy.

For more information about how Etsy uses your marketing information with partners, see Etsy’s Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy.

Last updated on Jul 29, 2021