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Our House Rules

Vintage Items on Etsy

For an item to be considered vintage on Etsy, it must be at least 20 years old. Etsy may ask for additional information about vintage items in your shop, such as:

  • Where do your vintage items come from? How do you source them?
  • How did you determine the age of an item?
  • Who is the designer? Which of their collections is this item from? What year did that collection debut?
  • For clothing: What fabric is the garment made of? Does the garment have a brand label or care instructions? What material do the zipper or buttons appear to be made of?

Keep in mind that we may ask for photo documentation of key vintage indicators. If you're selling deadstock, be prepared to explain how you've authenticated your items as vintage. Deadstock is most widely recognized as clothing or accessories that have never been worn or sold to the public.

The following explanations cannot be used to verify an item as vintage:

  • The item was handed down from a relative who has been deceased for over twenty years.
  • Another vintage seller is selling the same item or a similar item in their shop.
  • The item was purchased at an estate sale or yard sale.


Last updated on Nov 16, 2018