Our House Rules

Get to know Etsy's legal terms and policies

Our House Rules

Seller Protection Policy

Requirements for Seller Protection coverage

Anti-Discrimination and Hate Speech Policy

Behavior we prohibit on Etsy

Seller Policy

Your rights and obligations as an Etsy seller

Shipping Policy

Understanding your shipping obligations and your rights and responsibilities when using Etsy's shipping labels services

Privacy Policy

Our privacy practices for our site, mobile apps, and other services

Sell on Etsy App Policy

Managing your Etsy shop through the Sell on Etsy mobile app

Pattern Policy

Your rights and responsibilities when using Pattern by Etsy

API Terms of Use

Terms governing Etsy's API for developers and users

Sanctions Policy

Your responsibilities regarding sanctions and trade restrictions

Community Policy

Requirements for participating in community spaces

Etsy Payments Policy

Our agreement with you about your use of our payments services

Prohibited Items Policy

Items that are prohibited or restricted in our marketplace

Requests for Information Policy

Process for requesting any information on Etsy members

Advertising & Marketing Policy

Terms for Etsy sellers who take advantage of our advertising or marketing services