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Aligning Chakra Rainbow dog/pet/people charm was created to be small and discreet. Colors can hold meanings that can be personal, universal, and metaphysical. All can enjoy no matter if you subscribe to the existence of Chakras, the teachings of sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce, or just enjoy the beauty of the many colors of a rainbow this pet collar charm.


♥ This charm is perfect for either male or female pet (unisex).

♥ The length, not including the split ring, is about 1 3/8" x 3/16" or 3.49 x 0.47 cm.

♥ My life-sized beagle model "Fido" seen in the photos is a good indicator of the charm's size in relation to a dog.

♥ The dimensions of this charm should make it suitable for all sizes of pets.

♥ Materials used: 16mm split ring, wire, and agate beads.

♥ For added security, a 16mm split ring is used instead of a clasp.

Like the charm for yourself? No problem, just remove the split ring and wear it as a pendant.

I may have specifically made my collar charms with dogs in mind but please do not let that stop you from using them elsewhere. Many other animals can wear them on their collars, halters, harnesses, or similar tack for example cats and horses. How about attaching them to purses, zippers, or light/fan chains let your imagination run wild.

You will not find the same Collar Charm listed twice in my online shops.

I buy all my beading supplies in small quantities, which means that all of my dog collar charms are either one-of-a-kind or made in limited quantities. So buy your favorites now while you can before they disappear forever.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Lore of Agate:

● This is the stone for harmony, healing, protection, and strength.
● It increase courage, emotional strength, and energy.
● It dispels fears while boosting self-confidence.
● A good luck stone.
● Grounds and balances emotion and energy.
● Improves, harmonize, and heals relationships.
● Stimulates creativity and intellect.
● Protect against energy and stress drains.
● Eases anxiety and aids in calming.
● Protects against bad dreams. Place a variegated agate near your head for rich and varied dreams.
● Used as a protection amulet for children.
● Protection from evil and the "evil eye".
● Said to strengthen the body's connection to the Earth.

Zodiac Stone: Gemini, Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn
Birthstone: May, June
Ancient Birthstone: (Hebrew, Italian, Roman) - May, (Arabic, Polish, Russan) - June
Ayurvedic Birthstone: May
Mystical Birthstone: September
Planetary Stone: Mercury, Moon
Anniversary Stone: 12th, 14th

Chakra Information:
Associated with the 1th Chakra that is the Root or Base Chakra.
However, depending on the stone's color it will work with the corresponding Chakra.
Can be used to remove blockages from all Chakra points.

Metaphysical Properties and Other Chakra Lore:

The chakras are said to be "force centers" or vortices of energy permeating from points on the physical body.

1st Root or Base Chakra
●Color: red
●Alternative Color: black
●Also Known as & Meaning: Muladhar, meaning "root support"
●Located: At the base of the spine.
●Parts of the Body Governed by this Chakra: Immune system, skeletal system, elimination system, the lower extremities (i.e. lower back, legs, feet, etc.), and adrenal glands.

The first chakra is our body's foundation and grounding force. It is connected to how our physical body interacts with nature and earth energies. This chakra stimulates vital forces throughout our body and affects our will to live.

2nd Sacral Chakra
●Color: orange
●Alternative Colors: red-orange or blue-green
●Also Known as & Meaning: Swadhisthana, meaning "one's own abode"
●Located: approximately two inches from the navel
●Parts of the Body Governed by this Chakra: reproductive system, reproduction, fertility, liver, spleen, kidneys, bladder, middle spine, lower abdomen, and small intestine.

The second chakra is the seat of our emotions, sexuality, and sensuality.

3rd Solar Plexus Chakra
●Color: yellow
●Alternative Color: none
●Also Known as & Meaning: Manipura, meaning "city of lustrous jewels"
●Located: at the base of the rib cage
●Parts of the Body Governed by this Chakra: Muscular system, skin system, digestion, metabolism, gallbladder, liver, pancreas, upper abdomen, middle spine, kidneys, spleen, small intestine, sight, and face.

The third chakra is where your strongest sense of self is stored. It enable us to pick up vibrations and essences from people, places, and things. Here is where self esteem, willpower, and all your personal boundaries are set.

4th Heart Chakra
●Color: green
●Alternative Color: pink
●Also Known as & Meaning: Anahata, meaning "unhurt, unstuck, and unbeaten"
●Located: in the center of the chest around the area of the heart
●Parts of the Body Governed by this Chakra: Circulatory system, the entire chest region, shoulders, arms, hands, upper back, thymus gland, immune system, and endocrine system.

The fourth chakra is all about love, caring, and compassion. It is often the focus in bringing about healing.

The three lower chakras relate to ones personal energy while the three higher chakras relate to the self within the collective conscious of higher guidance. The fourth chakra is at the boundary where the lower and higher chakras converge. It is the base of the spiritual body, the connection between both the physical and spiritual body.

5th Throat Chakra
●Color: sky blue
●Alternative Color: none
●Also Known as & Meaning: Vishuddha, meaning "purifying by separating"
●Located: in the hollow of the throat at the base of the neck
●Parts of the Body Governed by this Chakra: throat, neck, mouth, teeth, thyroid gland, bronchial, vocal apparatus, esophagus, trachea, and hearing,

The fifth chakra is connected to creativity and your center for communication, it is also your spiritual voice. It is much deeper than about what language or the accent you use, which it is not.
Rather about wisdom, good judgment, hearing others, speaking up for ones self, when to remain silent, responsible decisions, truthfulness, and your inner voice.

6th Third Eye Chakra
●Color: indigo
●Alternative Color: purple
●Also Known as & Meaning: Anja, meaning "command or summoning"
●Located: in the middle of the forehead
●Parts of the Body Governed by this Chakra: nervous system, eyes, nose, ears, face, forehead, temples, pituitary gland, lymphatic system, and endocrine system.

The sixth chakra is where inner wisdom is housed and governs the conscious and subconscious mind. It is connected to insight, spiritual enlightenment, visualization, imagination, and intuition (sixth sense). It allows one to see beyond the physical existence and gives the capacity of clairvoyance.

7th Crown Chakra
●Color: violet
●Alternative Color: white
●Also Known as & Meaning: Sahasrara, meaning "lotus of the thousand petals"
●Located: on the top of the head or crown area
●Parts of the Body Governed by this Chakra: Nervous system, cerebral cortex, cerebrum, pineal gland, the top of head, and pituitary gland.

The Seventh chakra is the foundation of our spiritual body, a conduit to ethereal plane and godhead. It is our doorway to enlightenment, inspiration, higher levels of consciousness, connection to universal energy, and bliss

Edgar Cayce Information:

Color: Red
Planet: Saturn
Gland: Gonads
Influence: Beginnings
Awareness: Desires

Color: Orange
Planet: Neptune
Gland: Lyden
Influence: Mystic
Awareness: Choices

Color: Yellow
Planet: Mars
Gland: Adrenals
Influence: Madness
Awareness: Memory

Color: Green
Planet: Venus
Gland: Thymus
Influence: Love
Awareness: Growth

Color: Blue
Planet: Uranus
Gland: Thyroid
Influence: Psychic
Awareness: Ideals

Color: Indigo
Planet: Mercury
Gland: Pineal
Influence: Mind
Awareness: Relationships

Color: Violet
Planet: Jupiter
Gland: Pituitary
Influence: Strength
Awareness: Responsibility

While collar charms are perfect for dressing up and party wear they may not be advisable for daily wear for some dogs. Please be aware that dog tags, your dog's activity level and activities (i.e. swimming, playing in the mud, etc) may scratch or shorten the lifespan of collar charms.

WARNING: Dogs should never wear collar charms while in crate/kennels/cages with a wire or grid flooring. Please supervise all puppies while wearing collar charms, especially the longer dangling styles to avoid a possibility of choking. Only you know your dog's behavior, use your best judgment in choosing whether to buy a collar charm or the appropriate length of charm for your pet. These are not toys; keep out of reach of small children.

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Frequently asked questions about barleecreations

As a matter of fact, yes I can! I have customers that have hung them on the wall or other places from a hook. If you use one of those suction cup hooks, you can hang it on a window and many other places.
If you or someone you know has a wood burning tool, you could use that. For a low-tech and cheaper idea, you could use a wood paint pen. My last idea that may work is to get one of those engraved metal dog tags found at most pet stores. I checked out one of my dog's old town tag and it fits easily onto the crate tag. The only issue with it is there is a possibility the balance may be off. Should that happen try using the wood tag along with the metal tag.
I don't recommend that. The plastic canvas hanger won't hold up to that kind of abuse. UPDATE: I now make keychains! If you do not see the key chains listed please inquire about them.
I will make that particular item once you purchase it. Nearly all hand stitched items are Made-To-Order, on average most take anywhere from 1 to 6 days per item to make. My heart and soul goes into every item so I will not rush to produce at the expense of making a quality item. Occasionally I may have certain Made-To-Order items in-stock. You are more than welcome to ask if an item is in stock. In-Stock items ship out quicker then Made-To-Order items.
Yes I can! There is a good possibility I that I do make your breed of dog but just do not currently have it listed. However, if I do not have that dog I can create a pattern for it, I'm always happy to add a new breed to the list of dogs I make. In either case contact me and I can help you.
Yes I can! There is a good possibility I that I do make your color of dog but just do not currently have it listed. However, if I do not have that color I can create a pattern for it, I'm always happy to add new colors for the breed I make. In either case contact me and I can help you.

Aligning Chakra Rainbow - charm for pet collar or people pendant, handmade wire wrapped jewelry, zipper pull, purse charm


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: 16mm split ring, wire, Agate beads
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Feedback: 43 reviews
  • Favorited by: 41 people