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“Golden Heart Healer” Golden Laser Quartz from Brazil - 004

Blessings, and thank you for viewing this listing..

Another amazing type of crystal from my favorite wholesaler. These crystals told me almost immediately that they were called “Golden Heart Healers”, I did not give them that name. My wholesaler was just calling them Golden Laser crystals. I had a situation in my everyday life where a group of healers were looking for Laser crystals for their work. When I asked my wholesaler what he might have to offer he sent me these. Though they were pretty quiet when they arrived and have been quiet for many months since their arrival…I could tell they were something special and promptly went back to purchase the entire lot of these that he still had. Others who’ve seen them have picked up on their special-ness too being willing and eager to purchase them without any message. (all were perfectly happy to wait until the message was revealed but wanted the actual crystals with them right away) I have not sold any of these online until their message was received which is listed further below.

I’m feeling overwhelmingly grateful today as I sit to write the description of this particular crystal so you have to bear with me for a moment as I say most emphatically “I LOVE this job!” and send my heartfelt thanks to the universe for allowing me to do it.

These crystals are covered in a faint golden pink color. It’s less prominent when you look at them individually, but when you have a whole bunch of them together their coloring really pops. I had some Gummy Bears in front of me the other day so I have to say it reminds me of a pinkinsh-orange, translucent Gummy Bear sort of color. (if that even makes any sense) :o) These crystals are also covered with very intricate, complicated markings on their sides. I think these markings play a big part in what it is they are able to do. (see their message for more details)

This crystal has nice color, nice markings and nice inclusions, but is unfortunately missing both of it’s points. There are some smaller crystals attached to it’s larger end. The mineral inclusions are interesting on this one, They’re rusty looking “squiggly things” Like little caterpillars or something. This one measures approx. 82 x 19 x 17 mm at it’s widest points.

I’ve made a decision to greatly reduce the information provided in my newer listings sticking to only what I think is most important. This I hope will allow me to list many more items and much more frequently for my faithful web store watchers & buyers and also any of you new to my offerings. We’ll try this for awhile and see how it goes. :o)

I’ll provide location found, a bit about each item including measurements and also the most important part of what I do, the reading of the particular type listed. (if a reading was done) (if no reading done I will provide info about my personal experiences with that type instead)

I have the ability to do crystal readings (a gift also known as “clairaudience”) but it’s not often that I share this information with the public. (actually, it’s been wayyy more frequent lately I just go as guided) When I do a reading I don’t try to re-interpret or rephrase what I hear. I feel it’s very important to share what was given to me exactly as I received it. This is their voice, it’s not for me to try to re-word or even understand all of what I get. Someone else may understand what I don’t, and thus why I don’t change anything.

As I always say you don’t have to take my word for any of this. I encourage you to ask out to spirit or to guides or the crystals themselves to verify the accuracy of what I’m saying.

Now, a little about me. I’m a Reiki Practitioner (Master level) and also certified in Crystal Healing/Therapy. All of what I sell is selected by intuition and my experience working with the crystal/minerals in question. You won’t find me selling mass amounts of every stone available, my offerings are very carefully chosen. Please feel free to ask me any questions before or after your purchase. I really do love talking about this stuff! I would be happy to charge your purchase with Reiki energy before shipping, just let me know.

Interested in having your purchased charged in a very special grid before shipment? If so please click or copy/paste this link for details:

Reading of the Golden Heart Healer Golden Laser crystals from Brazil:

When I first sat with the crystal that asked to share the message for the group it felt like I should just sit with it for a moment. Then it felt important to hold in my left hand with the point pointing towards my wrist. Then I really felt like I wanted to hold my left hand and the crystal over my Heart Chakra. when I did that I could see and feel my heart area being flooded with a most delicate, tingly, subtle golden light and warmth. I could again see & feel golden energy radiating outwards from my heart into my body. It started getting very, very warm over my heart area - but not in a bad way. It felt like I had a little mini sauna just over my heart. Then, after I experienced and noted all of this, the crystal was ready to speak: (note that I kept the crystal over my heart the entire time I was writing and the hot spot continued in that area until we were done)

--Now we have shown you a little of what we do and now we will speak

--Thank you for being patient with us as it was not our time to communicate yet when you found us.

--We are love givers and we are love channelers

--You still feel that amazing warm glow over your heart don't you?

--We call it amazing because it is

--We do not boast, we merely state fact

--You cannot have too much of this type of energy

--You can hold us in your hand in the position it's in now (over the heart) for as long as you want, for as long as you can stand

--Pretty powerful stuff, isn't it?

--We know you're a little surprised because we've seemed rather "normal" since you've had us

--Of course we're not "normal" or average, none of the crystals or minerals that come your way ever are (I was being shown a smiley face with this statement)

--Yes, we are special in another way as we can project images too as we have just shown you and we are not showing you again (seeing an image of a specific breed of dog, a familiar looking dog)

--You have worked with this image of dog we're showing you before and you will work with him again

--Just an example of the images we can share

--See how we can give you the glowing energy and show you images at the same time?

--Amazing, isn't it?

--Now imagine using us to work on yourself or others and being able to use the images we show in the process and to help the process along

--We are excellent in that way for those who think they can't communicate with us in other ways

--You must focus and be in tune with us though to see the images

--To learn how to do that you will practice holding us as you are now and not dismiss any images that may come to mind no matter how odd or unusual they might be

--We help people to use their "other" vision, their "other" eyesight (mental pictures)

--All humans have this ability but only very few know how to recognize and use it

--Let us be your teacher for that

--Many animals communicate with pictures and their "other" vision

--Now you see one of the reasons why we came to you

--The other reason we came to you is love

--Love is all things and we are a powerful combination of love and vision, love and images

-Though our light is golden as you have seen and felt, we are all about the heart and love energies all the time

--you cannot not be in your heart center when near to and using one of us

--We are also a great teaching tool in that way too - helping people tune into their heart centers

--We have said enough, the rest will be shared with our keepers thru the gift of our love and images.



Metaphysical information about minerals, crystals and their special configurations can easily be searched up on the internet. PLEASE feel free to contact me with any questions you may have before purchasing.


Golden Healer Quartz:
A quartz crystal which is partially or totally covered with a transparent golden-yellow mineral. This has been used to assist one in attaining and maintaining contact with the spiritual worlds and to incite healing on all levels. It is an excellent stone for use in all healing situations and promotes the recognition of methods and techniques which will further recovery from all disorders. The golden healer quartz's color and energy comes from the iron oxide that is either in or on the crystals, and sometimes it is both. It assists in healing all of the bodies, physical, emotional. Mental and spiritual. It can be held in the hand during meditation or placed on the body. Golden quartz accesses very high ( Consciousness) information and also activates the 3rd chakra marrying our will with the divine will.


Empathic crystals are ones which are chipped or damaged in some way. They promote understanding, compassion, kindness and empathy. They open and heal the hearts of those who have closed them while also protecting the open-hearted from too much pain.

Self Healed-
A damaged crystal that continues to grow new crystal structure over the area where the crystal is chipped, cracked or broken, in effect healing its own wounds. Self Healed Crystal will aid in any type of healing and self healing physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Self Healed crystals are exceptionally supportive for those with strong emotional issues or traumas, or are struggling with some type of addiction that includes the inability to let go of certain kinds of behavior, a person, or belief, as well as tobacco, food, alcohol and drugs. These are also wonderful crystals for healing practitioners.

Golden Heart Healers - Golden Laser Quartz Crystal Point From Brazil


  • Vintage handmade supply from 1900 - 1909
  • Materials: quartz crystal, quartz point, Golden, Golden Healer, Laser, Laser Quartz
  • Ships worldwide from United States
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