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This item sold on November 8, 2012.

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LOTS more photos of Badger than just the 5 Etsy allows can be seen on my Artuit site at:

Character Dimensions in Inches, including tail, are: 5 x 2 x 1.75

Badger had already circled the kitchen 3 times but still something was amiss, something he couldn't figure out. His nails clicked on the linoleum as he wandered back and forth, nose as high in the air as it would go, admittedly not very far but still...high enough he could detect the faintest whiff of something...
He'd noticed it the instant he'd wiggled in through his doggy door, the one the humans had been so kind to install for him after he'd scratched so often at the white paint of their door that he'd left a permanent etching. He liked to go in and out several times a day, traveling back and forth between his water bowl in the kitchen and the sunlit grass of the back yard.
The routine was a familiar one, the scents and sounds and things he saw rarely varied and when they did, Badger was always the first to notice. Should a neighbor's cat have the audacity to sit on his fence, he saw. Should a new flower have popped up in the garden over night, it did not escape Badger's sensitive nose. No blade of grass was un-investigated, no sound left undiscovered, no sight in his world he hadn't seen. So when he'd wandered into the kitchen, smiling his doggy smile, comfortable in the role of master of his domain and something was...different...he noticed.
First his nose did, a strange, not unpleasant scent wafted by caught on the tiny breeze stirred by the overhead fan. The cool, almost refreshing fragrance that barely alerted his senses reminded Badger of rainy days when the clouds were thick and grey and the thunder boomed so loud he felt it was his duty to investigate under the bed...
He stood, tan feet still, his tail barely wagging and tried to catch the elusive scent again. He narrowed his eyes and concentrated and from the corners of his vision saw....something....
An indistinct wavering in the air...
Peculiar, something new. The kitchen did not normally smell like stormy days and the air did not usually shimmer faintly like something was there and yet not there at the same time.
Badger marched around the kitchen again, his tail wagged with excitement he could not suppress. There was something different in his world and though he wanted badly to figure out what it was so things could go back to normal, the way he liked it, it was still very exciting.
As he turned, weaving his long body around a bar stool he noticed something else.
His ears perked, raising slightly, the better to hear. The sound was deadened on this side of the room. He barked, the sound that should have been loud and sharp sounded hollow and thin like it came from a distance. Badger stared up, the air wavered again and a fresh scent of stormy weather tickled his nose.
He smiled, exposing his teeth, so, this was the thing amiss. This was the difference in the room, the strange new thing that had altered his usual pattern...It didn't stay unknown for very long did it? He wagged his tail vigorously, feeling quite proud of himself.
A clever dachshund like himself didn't let mystery tease him for long. The unknown had no chance of eluding a hound like him. He barked again, amused when it seemed to hit that almost invisible wavering of the air and all the strength of it was sucked away so that it sounded like a whisper.
Barking indoors was fun and also a "no no" but these were special circumstances, the moment had to be taken advantage of. After a cautious look over his shoulder to make sure no human was about to scold him Badger opened his mouth and barked as he'd never barked before. As loud as he could, bark bark bark bark bark, and all of the sound did as before and seemed to evaporate in the air before him.
He was so excited he hopped, once, twice and then a third as high as he could, tongue lolling out of his mouth, with the vaguest idea that he wanted to taste the kitchen anomaly.
When his little tan feet didn't immediately hit the floor again, ready for another jump, Badger sensed something had happened. He was quick minded like that. He felt a gentle hold around his body, as if huge invisible hands were holding him aloft in the air.
Badger glanced down to where the floor was several feet away....yep...definitely still in the air. It was strange, a little scary, though not as much as thunder, and most definitely not the sort of thing that had ever happened to him before.
He felt himself sway gently and spin ever so slightly, the room seemed to revolve around him...
Definitely not an ordinary, everything in it's place sort of day.
He took a moment to calm his racing heart, it was rather pleasant actually. Being a dachshund and blessed with short legs his perspective of the house was quite different than the one he had now, suspended in an invisible wavery anomaly that smelled like a stormy day.
He huffed out a breath, pleased when it seemed to make him spin a little faster. He wagged his tail and yipped, the sound once more evaporating, pleased that he could control which way he turned.
This was fun. It was something new, but he'd discovered it. It hadn't stayed unknown for long. Badger heard the front door open, the human sized one, and wagged his tail furiously to turn and face the kitchen entrance. He couldn't wait to show off what he had discovered....He was sure the humans were going to be as surprised as he was.

LOTS more photos of Badger than just the 5 Etsy allows can be seen on my Artuit site at:

Character Dimensions in Inches, including tail, are: 5 x 2 x 1.75

Dachshund Ornament, Black and Tan Doxie Sculpture, Badger the Wiener Puppy