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Here is a chance for you to create a custom scent. I would love to make one for you from my list of fragrance oils and essential oils I have on hand right now.

This fragrance oil comes in a 1/4 oz. in a amber glass bottle.

This is perfume has a lighter and more precise application. Just apply the light oil to your pulse points, or wherever you would like an extra hint of deliciousness.

Grapeseed oil is the perfume's base. Grapeseed oil is a light oil made for the seeds of grapes, is it know for its many benefits to the skin. Grade A fragrance oils and essential oils are used to create the perfumes.

How to experience a perfume: Top notes are the first impression of a fragrance, which gives way to middle notes within 15 minutes or so. Within another half-an-hour, the bottom notes become more noticeable, and linger for several hours or more. A fragrance changes the longer it is worn, and mixes with the wearer's own body chemistry, making a unique experience from person to person.

Caution: External Use Only! Best stored in cool, dry places.

Make sure you list the scents in the buyers notes, or in a conversation here on Etsy. If not, I will be contacting you to get them.

If you are not sure what you think would go well together, tell me what scents you like and I'll work with you to make something special.


Almond Oil (Essential Oil) - sweet, not too nutty, a very light scent
Almond - a very cherry like scent, a little goes a long way
Amber- woodsy, exotic, earthy, oriental, this blends with almost everything
Antique - a dry, almost dusty scent that adds an antique quality to a fragrance. The smell of walking into an antiques store
Red Apple - sweet and juicy, picked right from the tree
Apricot – sweet, luscious fruit with a sort of peachy appeal
Balsam Fir - a beautiful evergreen with just a hint of bark
Basil - minty and earthy, more complex than simple mints
Basement - that musty, wet, dank aroma of a basement. Adds a dark, murky quality to a scent
Bartlett Pear – the fruity smell of warm pears
Benzoin (Essential Oil) - sweet, warm and vanilla-like with a resinous quality
Bergamot (Essential Oil) - a light, sweet citrus with a peppery note
Blackberry - just like the ripe summer berry
Black Cherry – ripe, sweet black cherries
Black Currant – A mix of fragrances: black currants, strawberries, mulberries, granny smith apples, rose and jasmine
Black Licorice - just like the candy, an anise scent with sweet sugar
Black Tea - spicy, sweet, slightly lemony aroma with steeped tea undertones
Blood Orange- a darker, lush orange scent, different than navel oranges
Bourbon Pipe Tobacco - a masculine blend of Kentucky's finest bourbon and pipe tobacco
Brown Sugar - heavier and spicier than white sugar
Buttercream - smooth, creamy, and luscious that adds a milky, sweet buttery note
Cabernet - The sweet aroma of wild grapes enhanced with hints of strawberries and sweet sugary notes with a light alcoholic background
Campfire - smoky wood scent of summer nights around the bonfire, warm and inviting with a hint of the outdoors
Caramel – the chewy, sweet creamy treat, adds a wonderful note
Cedar (Essential Oil) – spicy essential oil of the wood
Champagne - slightly sweet, effervescent fragrance with a green top
Chocolate- great base, smells just like a Hershey bar, adds sensual notes. A little goes a long way
Cinnamon (Essential Oil) - spicy, herbal and sweet
Clary Sage - the aroma is herbaceous, green and wine-like
Clove (Essential Oil) – spicy and warm, earthy note
Coconut - just like the island fruit, adds a tropical appeal
Columbia Coffee - rich and warm, and oh so good
Dirt - the slightly damp, clean smell of just turned earth
Dragon's Blood - earthy, masculine scent with a hint of spice, reminiscent of dark woods and mystery
Dusty Attic - earthy in its uniqueness, dry woods, sealed boxes and unopened trunks
Egyptian Musk- a unisex scent, very popular, that is sensual and almost smoky, blends with everything
Egyptian Sandalwood- Warm and mysterious with an oriental woodsy appeal and slight musk notes
English Ivy - a sprightly, floral herbal blend with cool undertones
Eucalyptus (Essential Oil) - smells just like the plant, bright and almost medicinal
Frangipani - a lush sweet tropical floral, very clean floral and feminine
Fern - A fresh green scent with mossy overtones and a touch of wood, lush and cool
Fig- the scent of fresh figs, rich, warm, and exotic. One of my favorites.
Firewood - the sweet, comforts-of-home smell of burning wood in a cozy room with fireplace
Frankincense - resin-like, dark, oriental
Fresh Mowed Grass- like cut hay or grass in the summer, green and light
Fresh Rain- running water, cool rain
Garden Mint - spearmint with a hint of earth, plucked right from the garden
Golden Clove - spicy cloves with a touch of sweet warmth
Green Tea - oriental tea, with more depth and an herbal scent with a bit of zest to it
Ginger (Essential Oil) - spicy oriental essential oil
Grapefruit (Essential Oil) – tart pink citrus essential oil
Harbor Mist - a masculine, aquatic, much like the being near the ocean at night
Heather - a delicate floral with a touch of mist of the Scottish Highlands
Honey - sweet and clean, a beautiful scent from the buzzing bees
Honeysuckle - a soft floral, sweet with a touch of honey
Hydrangea – summery floral, a little goes a long way
Invigorate- smells a little like Irish Springs soap, but adds clean, fresh notes combined with other scents
Iris - lighter, greener scent with a hint of floral and stem
Irish Cream - like the liquor, rich and creamy with a very slight nuttiness and vanilla
Irish Moss - cool, moist with greenery and damp earth like walking along a morning meadow trail
Jasmine - soft and feminine, flowers open at night to fill the air with its redolent scent
Lavender (Essential Oil) - soothing, calming, floral with an herbal, woody undertone
Leather- the scent of a new leather jacket, fresh leather
Lemon (Essential Oil) - fresh, clean and uplifting works well with many scents
Lemongrass (Essential Oil) - combination of grass notes and a touch of lemony zip
Lilac - fresh spring lilacs wafting on cool evening breeze
Lily of the Valley - a soft lily fragrance
Linden Blossom - soft florals from the linden tree
Litsea Cubeba (May Chang) (Essential Oil) - a lemony and fruit scent, sweeter and finer than lemongrass
Lotus Flower - floral and exotic, very feminine
Mahogany - slightly citrus nuances and warm amber notes, settling into a blonde woods base
Merlot - like the wine, sweet and dark with just hint of fruit
Midnight- dark and mysterious, like walking outside at midnight, makes other scents a bit darker
Midnight Rain – the smell of fresh air on a rainy evening and water with a touch of night musk
Misty Rain - a subtle, soft rain note with just a touch of gardenias
Moroccan Mint - a unique mint from Morocco, a sweeter peppermint
Myrrh - earthy and spice, oriental note. Blends with other oriental or stands alone
Nag Champa- an exotic flower from India, strong but mixes well with other scents, very unique
Narcissus- spring daffodils
Neroli - citrus and green, with floral highlights
Nutmeg (Essential Oil) - nutty and warm, just like the baking ingredient
Oak Moss- an earthy, sweet scent like walking into a forest. One of my favs.
Ocean Mist - a cool, breeze blend of ocean winds and crispness
Ocean Scent - clean scent of rain on the seashore
Orchid - delicate, sweet and exotic
Palmarosa (Essential Oil) - a sweet floral scent, almost like rose, uplifting
Papaya Mango – combination of the tropical fruits, bright and lush
Patchouli - earthy, musky, manly, either you like it or you don't
Peach – the ripe, summer fruit with sweet undertones
Peppermint (Essential Oil) - so minty and fresh!
Pink Peppercorn - a spicy, mysterious pepper note that will add a unique touch to a perfume
Pinon – a woody, green scent like a forest in spring just awakening
Pipe Tobacco- the earthy, rich scent of pipe tobacco smoke
Plumeria - floral and exotic, a tropical scent
Pomegranate - lush, exotic fruit with sweet and sensual tones
Pumpkin - just like the orange fleshy gourd, creamy scent capturing the Autumn fruit
Raspberry - the juicy summer fruit, red and sweet
Red Currant - like the fleshy berry, with a touch of clean air
Rose - just like the beautiful blooms
Rose Geranium - rose with a slight minty undertone, a vintage style rose scent
Rosewood (Essential Oil) - sweet, woody rose aroma
Russian Leather – a worn, weathered leather which smells so good
Sage - grassy and earthy, green with an incense like quality
Sassafras - mildly fragrant with a minty/sweet base and a slightly camphor aroma
Satsuma - Japanese grapefruit, citrus and clean with a watery zest
Spanish moss - a damp, earthy scent with a touch of southern mystery
Spearmint – a bright, green mint
Star Anise (Essential Oil) - peppery and warm
Sugar - pure sugar cane; sweet and delicious
Sugar Plum - spicy, sugary fruit with warmth reminds me of a wintry treat
Sweet Orange (Essential Oil) - a sweeter orange than the blood orange
Vanilla - works with anything, who doesn't like vanilla?
Vanilla Royal - warm vanilla beans and added butter cream, vanilla and finished with bottom notes of sugary caramel
Vanilla Wood - the sensual scent of vanilla with a touch of a woodsy base
Victorian Rose - a charming vintage rose, subtle blends of various roses yields a complex, cool and crisp rose fragrance
Vetiver (Essential Oil) - a warm, earthy aroma, that blends with everything
Violet – the pretty, powdery purple flower
Water Lily – the soft, watery floral of the lovely lily
White Musk - a creamy, sensual variation of musk
Wild Strawberry- like crushed strawberries, sexy and sweet
Winter Ice - cool and wintry, a frosty unique scent with mints and something darker
Wormwood (Essential Oil) - the distinct fragrance in absinthe, a little goes a long way
Yuzu (Japanese Grapefruit) - a sweet citrus, milder than regular grapefruit

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