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Hi, I'm Allan the jewelry maker. I realized that making wire jewelry was my calling when I first stated working with wire. Every piece is hand made by me with out glue or solder. They are my own design and many are one of a kind. You will get the piece that is in the picture. I hope you like them as much as I enjoy making them.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, return it for a full refund.
If my wire work ever fails, I will fix it FREE.

Pay $5.00 for the first item and $0.00 for all the other items . . . No limit.
Outside the USA pay $10 for the first item and $0.00 for all the other items . . . No limit.

This item is wrapped in argentium sterling silver wire. Argentium is 93% silver and a small amount of germanium crystals. It is more pure than traditional sterling and has many advantages. I like it because I can hardened the wraps I make with prong settings in a kitchen oven. I'm sure you will like the highly tarnish-resistant nature.

Quartz is used for healing and fortune telling. Clarity usually does not affect the energy of a quartz crystal. Quartz can store, amplify, focus, transmit, transform, balance and absorb energy. Quartz is used to absorb negative energy and to direct and amplify thoughts. It is useful for healing work, meditation, gazing, protection, manifesting and channeling. Quartz can be used for psychic visions and to communicate with spirits and other worlds.

Citrine is the alternative birthstone for November.
Citrine is a yellow form of quartz. It is called the stone of manifestation and success. Citrine is said to enhance confidence and mental clarity. It is also used for letting go of outmoded beliefs, fears, thoughts and desires. It has been used to help with nightmares, compulsive behavior, digestive problems and to cleanse the blood.

This is a natural crystal. The odds of finding another crystal just like it are the same as finding two identical snow flakes.
This beautiful crystal is from Arkansas. The best crystals in the world are from Arkansas. Any metaphysical properties that I find while wrapping this crystal will be marked in the list you will get with your crystal.

This is a limited edition. You will receive a signed certificate of authenticity with this piece.

The faceted stone is Madeira citrine. Madeira citrine is a very dark (almost a brownish orange ) yellow. The citrine is 9mm X 7mm and is 1.6ct. The crystal is 2" long by 1/2" wide. It is totally water clear except for a very small amount of fairy frost and veils near the base. The crystal has a very large and easy to see main grounding face.

This crystal has the following metaphysical properties:

Fairy Frost
Water Clear

ABUNDANCE- one large crystal surrounded by smaller crystals that bring property.
AMETHYST - a purple quartz that is used to calm and protect against addictive behavior.
CHANNELING - a seven-sided main face that helps access wisdom and communicate.
CITRINE- a yellow quartz that is used to energize, improve digestion and purify the blood.
CLUSTER - a group of attached crystals that cleanse, heal and provide group energy.
DEVIC - contains fairy frost, fractures (rainbows) and inclusions that help communicate with nature spirits that cohabit the earth with humans.
DOUBLE TERMINATED - has a termination (point) on both ends that can send and receive energy simultaneously.
DOW - (also called a trans-channeling) has 7-3-7-3-7-3 sided point that brings perfect balance.
DUST – also called fairy or pixie dust is small glitter like crystals on a large crystal that helps group cohesiveness.
ENHYDRO – has a water bubble inside that heals the spirit and soul.
EMPHATIC - has flaws, odd shapes or chips that help our compassion for the suffering of others.
ETCHED - an etched or frosted look that can open many doors and aid meditation.
EXTRA TERRESTRIAL - a single termination on one end and multiple terminations on the other end that channel positive beings (angelic realm) not of this world.
FAIRY FROST - is wispy cloud like inclusions that help us to communicate with fairies and other nature spirits
GENERATOR - a single point crystal that can channel and ground energy.
GROUNDING - an eight-sided main face that helps to deal with things in a realistic and practical way.
ISIS - a five-sided main face that is shaped like the Egyptian goddess symbol and has strong feminine energy with powerful healing properties.
KEY - indentation, usually three or six sides where another crystal was embedded and will unlock doors to healing concepts.
LASER – is tapered and at lest 5 times as longer than the widest part and is used to focus energy.
MOTHER – has a small crystal attached to a larger crystal that protects the weak, gentle and small.
PENETRATOR - a smaller crystal that is part in and part out of a larger crystal bridging inner and outer worlds or self and others.
PHANTOM - the out line of a crystal inside that symbolizes universal awareness and the experiences of many lifetimes.
POINT – a crystal with a single termination used for healing.
QUANTUM – a cluster with three or more double terminated crystals that help us think outside the box.
RAINBOW - internal fractures (rainbows) that are a special gift that bring joy and help deal with negativity.
RECORD KEEPER - one or more raised or etched perfect triangles that contain wisdom and knowledge of the future and past.
ROSE QUARTZ - heals traumatic memories, calms emotions and a great gift to anyone needing sympathy or affection.
SELF HEALED - have been broken then heal them self by growing one or more terminations, usually triangle shapes that can share the experience and knowledge.
SMOKY QUARTZ - heightens our connection with the earth, increases our understanding of nature and is popular with crystal gazers.
SNOW QUARTZ - milky to opaque white that reacts in a calm and rational way
TABBY - a flat crystal with a chisel point that helps bridge the communication gap between heart and mind.
TIME LINK DOOR - has an extra rectangle shaped face that leans to the left or right. T.L. LEFT-enhances creativity, imagination, psychic ability, meditation and is a link to the past. T.L. RIGHT-enhances logic, intellect, is action orientated and a link to the future.
TRANSMITTER - has 7-3-7 sided termination that connects to a higher power.
TWIN - two crystals of similar size growing parallel that help build relationships on all levels.
VEIL - fractures or ghost like inclusions that help us to see two sides of an issue and are excellent for meditation.
V – TWIN - two similar sized crystals in a “V” formation that help us find spiritual partners.
WALL - a veil dividing the crystal into two sections that receive information from past/present and present/future simultaneously.
WATER CLEAR - is gem grade that will magnify, amplify and act in a straight forward manner.
WINDOW - an extra face that is diamond shaped and assists in seeing the inner self.

Madeira Citrine on Clear Grounding Arkansas Quartz Crystal in Argentium Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Pendant No. 2 of 500


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Arkansas Quartz Crystal, Argentium Silver Wire Wrap
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Feedback: 167 reviews
  • Favorited by: 2 people