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LOTS more photos than just the 5 Etsy allows can be seen on my Artuit site at:

This jack o'lantern has a creepy creature in his mouth, with fiery red eyes that glint in the light.
ALSO the pumpkin's teeth and inside of his mouth glow-in-the-dark!

Character Dimensions, including stem, in inches: 2.25 x 2.5 x 5
Dimensions of just pumpkin: 2.25 x 2.5 x 3.25

The yearning for MORE grew as quietly and surely as the little pumpkin himself. Emerging from the blossom Ozlem began as nothing but plant, a tiny little hint of a pumpkin. He grew...and grew..... Rounding and lengthening and filling with thoughts as much as seeds.
It wasn't unusual in these parts for a pumpkin to wonder about the meaning of life, to grow in sentience as well as size, but it was a little odd that one should feel so empty, before ever even learning of Halloween and Thanksgiving. Of discovering the joy of holidays revolving around pumpkin and pumpkin kind and then the brutal, harsh realities of the days after....
It was the days AFTER that turned many an innocent orange pumpkin to darker thoughts, their fervor for life and it's possibilities cooling on the winds of winter.
Before the usual destinies of a pumpkin were ever introduced to Ozlem he already felt alone, wanting more....more of something, some place....anything but what he just had. He felt an aching emptiness that was never satisfied. Not by gentle rains, singing birds, pale moonlight washing over his golden orange flesh...not the shadowy embrace of the vines that bore him, tangling about him in a blanket of green.
The blue skies dotted with puffy white clouds were beautiful but he could only stare up at them for so long with out feeling that itch under his stem. The soft, fragrant earth, rich and moist, his home, provided for him but left him vaguely un-satisfied. The pumpkins around him smiled dreamily, whiling away the days with their regular pumpkin thoughts while Ozlem's grew more confused.
The need to resist his lot in life grew stronger, a wave of dis-satisfaction that threatened to crash around him as he considered his options, opened his mind to new ideas, pulled them from the nothing he started with, letting the wild and fantastical notions bloom in his thoughts.
It was this fertile ground that called to another, also seeking more, a dark shadow crept across the pumpkin field as if a thunder cloud were passing overhead though the sky was perfectly blue. It seemed to slither across the open space, touching lightly upon the other pumpkins who shivered at the contact, their leaves rustling in fear and confusion.
The sunlight shrunk away from Ozlem who was so engrossed in his thoughts, the foreign ideas that were opening the doors to new possibilities in his mind, that he didn't see the silky blackness curling like fog around him. Pulsing, throbbing, expanding, surrounding Ozlem completely in a hug of darkness that dimmed the world. Finally, catching his attention.
He gasped, realizing now that something was happening, something new and unfamiliar. Glowing red eyes, little pinpricks of ruby light peered back at Ozlem from the darkness, a question in their fiery depths.
A moment passed and then the darkness smiled, seeing the answer it sought in the curious, if a bit shaken, gaze of Ozlem.
The pumpkins in the field moaned their resistance to this un-invited visitor, so foreign in their day to day lives that it's very difference repulsed them. The red eyes swept across the field, scorching anger held at bay before finally shrinking close to Ozlem so that it's whispers were for him only.
It spoke to Ozlem in words and language he'd never heard before and yet their meaning burned into his mind. He shook with excitement and a little fear but he listened, he heard, felt the loneliness of the creature that had come to him.
Understood that his own emptiness and thoughts had called it to him like a beacon through the night. Saw within the swirling black mists the endless choices, the paths of life he could travel, things and places he hadn't even conceived of tumbled about him through the darkness, experiences beckoning Ozlem, igniting his yearning for more, widening the empty spot inside him until he thought his shell would crack, until the pain of settling for what every one else seemed content with brought him to the edge of madness, teetering there in the embrace of darkness where knowing red eyes watched...watched it all unfolding inside of Ozlem, saw every thought, every feeling and understood them as well.
Saw too, the moment, when Ozlem's reality cracked, having these new ideas and thoughts pushed him away from the comforting familiarity of his pumpkin life so far that even if he turned away from the darkness now...there'd be no going back....not with that little taste of unlimited choice and freedom sparkling bright inside him....fluttering with hope.
Unsure of what to do, how he'd go on, day after day after day after day sitting in a field just waiting and waiting and waiting for ever....became a crushing weight against Ozlem, one he didn't know if he could bear....
The dark creature had waited for this moment, as anxious in it's own way, as unsure and as fearful as Ozlem, to turn away now would be akin to death...but the moment came, when Ozlem stared into the darkness and seemed to move forward, into it, though his little round body was still upon the ground....
The relief of the creature was enormous, it swept forward, gathering it's self tight together and before Ozlem could fully understand what was happening it flowed into him like an indrawn breath.....
Cool and silky, Ozlem gulped, fearing he'd choke but there was nothing to choke on...
A moment passed, Ozlem frozen....
Then he blinked and the world was no longer dark around him, quite the opposite in fact, glowing jewel bright in the afternoon sun.
The pumpkins he'd grown along side with pulled back from him, still shivering in their shells, hiding under the leaves.... Ozlem saw this but he didn't care...he felt....different.
It was not just the breeze blowing across his newly disconnected stem, not just the feeling of freedom, true freedom, his tether to the pumpkin patch was more.
It was SO much more.
He was no longer alone, he felt a warmth burning inside him, the comforting weight of the creature's presence. Separate from him and yet...together, joined. Each alone had been lost and with out joy but unlikely pair that the world shrunk away from...they were made whole.
More than whole, powerful....
Ozlem moved away from the field, effortlessly, letting his origins slip away, no longer were they chains to hold him back. Listening to the ideas of the creature inside him, sharing his own, combining them until they grew grander than anything either of them could have thought of alone, finally Ozlem was happy.
Content, as at peace with his new beginning as the pumpkins now fading behind him were with their humble existence. Only Ozlem wasn't just going to exist, he was going to LIVE!

LOTS more photos than just the 5 Etsy allows can be seen on my Artuit site at:

This jack o'lantern has a creepy creature in his mouth, with fiery red eyes that glint in the light.
ALSO the pumpkin's teeth and inside of his mouth glow-in-the-dark!

Character Dimensions, including stem, in inches: 2.25 x 2.5 x 5
Dimensions of just pumpkin: 2.25 x 2.5 x 3.25
A Little Character

Jack O'Lantern Halloween Decoration, Ozlem the Pumpkin With a Demon Friend