02.159.BZ Bear or Boar headed brooch V2- Viking era. set of 2

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05.205.BZ Viking era ear spoon - bronze
02.109.BZ Viking era Hanger brooch pin
05.212.BZ Bronze Key- Viking era
02.125.BZ Viking era trefoil brooch
02.161.BZ Viking era eagle/raven pin
Viking era trefoil brooch v2
02.121.BZ Equal arm brooch Viking age
Silver Equal arm brooch Viking age
02.117.BZ Viking era Oval Brooch set of 2
02.120.BZ Viking era raven / eagle S pin/brooch
05.206.BZ Viking era bronze key
05.213.BZ Viking era bronze key
02.115.SV Silver Viking era brooch/pin
Viking era Oval brooch set of 2
02.153.BZ Viking era trefoil brooch pin
05.263.SV Viking era bronze key
Birka style Belt pouch- viking era.
Large Birka style Belt pouch- viking era.
05.210.BZ Viking era bronze key of bees
01.220.BZ Odin face pendant viking era

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