Paradise Costs-A Victim's Daughter Fights Back against Elder Abuse-afterword by Bennett Blum, MD-



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please be advised that we will be raising the price of the book sold here because we have a short supply of printed books that contains Bennett Blum, MD's wonderful, informative afterword. The soft cover edition of or the original Paradise Costs is available from Etsy only and is very limited in quantity. The cost (its a limited edition at this point) is $37.50 (free S&H).

However, that volume does not address COVID and The Lancet's recent information that was issues in 2017: there will be 330-million victims of elder abuse across the world by 2050. Elder abuse is now a human rights issue and a public health issue and the National Institute of Health, the American Civil Liberties Union, the World Health Organization and the United Nations among others have decried the dangers.

Please note: If there is enough interest, we will have the softcover edition of the most recent book printed if you want to order the newest version in print which will also be autographed w/ free S& H. We will need to have commitments (payment upfront) from at least 25 people. The price will be $27.50. This is an interactive handbook which has tear out letters, petitions, photos, etc. (see below at NEW PRINTED EDITION OF PARADISE COSTS).

The new up-to-date edition is available currently at Amazon at Kindle immediately it has very helpful information about the pitfalls of tele-health and how to medically improve that experience. Those suggestions were made by a practicing East Coast cardiologist and are definitely something everyone should know for the sake of wellness...LINK: most recent updated edition at Amazon available now

Tele-health is not, according to the physician above, something senior citizens should be doing without making adjustments, learning about and acquiring items so that you can obtain your vital signs to give the doctor you are interacting with over a computer monitor more information.

The cardiologist cautions that if you are suffering from a NEW ISSUE, make an appointment to see your physician. DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER, your life may depend on it.

We're concerned that seniors many not have the technological savvy to make the most out of a tele-health appt. and we are dealing with HEALTH HERE, right? You need the best care medicine can offer and that's unlikely to happen over a tele-health connection because of unavailability of medical equipment and skin color which is an important diagnostic tool, etc. Computer monitors are notorious for not displaying color accurately and commerce sites very frequently state that "color varies from monitor to monitor." That's not science and that's not prudent medical care.

The new digital edition of Paradise Costs has made its debut at Amazon and its $9.95.
Paradise Costs link:
It has up to date information and its press release went out 12/8/2021.

Paradise Costs-A Victim's Daughter Fights Back against Elder Abuse by Irene A. Masiello,
afterword by Bennett Blum, MD, forensic and geriatric psychiatrist includes:

Inside PARADISE COSTS-A VICTIM'S DAUGHTER FIGHTS BACK AGAINST ELDER ABUSE #ParadiseCosts2022 we have a preformatted list of materials addressed to legislators...use your cell phone, take a picture of which ever letters you want and upload to your legislator your thoughts through email. Please, help yourself and your children. In 2050, its expected there will be 330 million victims. We cannot tolerate a holocaust across the world.

Please keep up with us on FBook, we will have a petition at in the near future, we have President Biden:
SENIOR LIVES MATTER on FB, Get smart about elder abuse and exploitation now. It could save the life or someone
you love. “Paradise Costs is literally a ‘handbook’ for readers concerned about seniors, exploitation and worse.
It contains a horrendous story illustrating real life happenings and then informs readers on what to do to avoid
these tragedies happening to their loved ones.”

FYI: The NY Post interviewed us and ran a story years ago. The reporter to us
that Paradise Costs is a movie and we are going to pursue that. We cannot stand by
and allow a holocaust to happen. WE MUST us, please...HELP YOURSELF!
We will probably be putting up a GO FUND ME drive because we have been unable
to get the kind of funding we need to do this the way it should be done. Please help
if you can? Ms. Masiello is now disabled and needs help to continue on this path.

Inside Paradise Costs: tips for #olderadults and their families, explanations, definitions, examples, who is at risk, who is the perpetrator, is a sudden “new friend” now a part of your loved one’s life, DANGER! Find out what the number one clue is that your loved one may be about to be a victim. Want to be informed? Want a “field guide?” There are over 100 detailed “clues” in plain English you need to know in order to be informed.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: The 2021 revised edition of Paradise Costs-A Victim’s Daughter Fights Back against Elder Abuse contains:

=40 page afterword authored by Bennett Blum, MD, internationally known forensic and geriatric psychiatrist written in easy to understand language: professional guidelines on dementia, stages of Alzheimer’s, cognitive decline in #olderadults, The ‘I-D-E-A-L’ Model, For Analyzing Potential Undue Influence in Financial Cases© - does the patient need a lawyer and/or a doctor or both, explanation of 7-types of specialists who can help with information on understanding their role; 20% of dementia patients may be treated successfully and improve-find out who and why; is your loved one “alert and oriented” - what’s it mean? Description and explanation of terminology in evaluating mental capacity; the difference between vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s with terms explained; 11 conditions that may impact cognition; important questions to consider and ask professionals; “PARADISE-2©” a 16-point analysis of mental capacity; useful terminology
explained; how to create a written diary making it evidence of suspicious incidents. And much more, in plain, simple English.

=65 plus “red flag” behaviors of elder abusers and exploiters; personality traits of victims, i.e. is your loved one a “people pleaser?” Etc; Medical records are legal documents, ask for a copy, save them; has a new “professional” taken over your loved ones business, banking, healthcare needs? Are bills being paid? Don’t assume, check it out. Where’s the check book? Look through the checks (especially in the back of the book…is there a check missing? Is someone else suddenly doing the talking for your loved one? New person around? Do a background check! Many elder abusers or exploiters are FAMILY MEMBERS, be cautious; beware of those with “hidden agendas,” does your #olderadult get prescriptions via US Mail? Who picks up the mail? Are controlled substances prescribed? Is medication missing? IS THERE A SUBSTANCE ABUSER LIVING IN THE HOME OF SENIOR? Who is in control of THAT medication. How to deal with insurance companies, and more…

most recent updated edition at Amazon available now

whistleblower edition: an MD speaks about telehealth, a housebound senior speaks (pictures included), a hospice patient speaks, former medical office manager speaks, an attorney speaks..........coming soon all at Amazon...

Availability: unlimited price remains the same! $9.95 at Amazon


Please share this and get informed by this cautionary true story and also have a copy of Dr. Blum's world famous work on elder abuse, elder neglect, elder exploitation and undue influence which is included in this download.

Dr. Blum's portion of the book is over 50 pages of easy to read information that anyone can understand about issues of exploitation, medical information on diminishing capacity, who to see and when in the professional fields, how to document elder exploitation with work sheets, various mental states in the elderly, signs and symptoms, etc.

Dr. Blum's is an " on the detection and impact of psychological manipulation tactics used by offenders to exploit the elderly and other vulnerable adults, his pioneering assessment techniques are taught in law schools and medical training programs throughout much of the Western Hemisphere."

Dr. Blum is recognized world wide expert in the field.
Read his article here:

Here's his bio:
Paradise Costs-A Victim's Daughter Fights Back against Elder Abuse DOWN-LOADABLE E-BOOK, $9.95, instant delivery. Please note this is the ONLY EDITION that includes Dr. Blum's work and it is only available here at Etsy and on website ONLY. The book will be available on Amazon Kindle shortly (approximately May 15, 2020)

IMPORTANT: Again, Amazon has the wrong title and the old edition without the cutting edge work of the world's foremost authority on elder abuse and exploitation, Rabbi Bennett Blum, MD. Dr. Blum's work is imperative for those who are dealing with a relative that is deteriorating due to many causes all of which Dr. Blum discusses in great depth. He offers incredible information on what physician or professional to chose, what the stages of Alzheimer's are., paperwork to keep track of deterioration and so much more.

Dr. Blum is a kind, gracious gentleman who recently told me I need to take more credit for this work. I was so grateful for his remark, however, here's what I expressed to him:

"My father died because I didn't know what to do. I am telling one horror story among thousands and thousands of horrible, tragic stories. I didn't have the answers on how to prevent this tragedy. When people bombarded me with their story, all I could do was empathize. When you added your work, Dr. Blum, you told victims' families what to do, how to do it, what to look out for... you provided answers, solutions, insights, you empowered me with words to talk to physicians, mental health counselors...but, it was too late. If ONLY I had the information you provided in Paradise Costs, my dad would have been saved...he could have lived longer, we wouldn't have a forensic report. Your help makes a huge difference for readers needing critical advice to keep their parent alive. It was too late for my dad and won't be too late for readers of Paradise Costs thanks to you."

This frightening true story is about elder abuse and exploitation in our society. This is the third edition of this book and the only edition with an afterword by Bennett Blum, MD, an international figure in elder abuse and exploitation. Dr. Blum is a forensic and geriatric psychiatrist who has testified at some of the most high profile cases in the world. Additionally, Dr. Blum has co-authored the very famous "suicide-by-cop" protocol and is internationally known for this work.

I was honored when he offered me his assistance in helping to make people aware of the warning signs of elder abuse from a professional standpoint. Dr. Blum's IDEAL and PARADISE ll work are critical to every adult child with an at risk senior parent. Elder abuse will kill many of our parents as it did my dad, without it coming to full attention to those around and at risk senior. There are so many nuances of this social ill that it's insidious and absolutely terrorizing.

Dr. Blum's work is plainly written and defines many conditions that affect a senior's mental capacity and their risk of being exploited and abused. My own personal story, through telling it shows in real life how many of Dr. Blum's professional insights were plainly visible during the course of the interaction between myself, my Dad, professionals, courts, lawyers, etc. Basically, what you have here in Paradise Costs is a horrible story told in the first person, by me, as I was experiencing it without the knowledge of what was happening. Dr. Blum's work demonstrates what factors were operative and critical but unrecognizable because so little is known about elder abuse and the court and judicial systems do not yet recognize all the factors. Things have changed thanks to Dr. Blum’s work has rapidly become an international guide for professionals and that work, written in plain language, is a part of Paradise Costs.

Paradise Costs serves as a tragic field guide to elder abuse and exploitation.

Please do not order the book at Amazon if you want Dr. Blum's work included. Amazon has published the wrong title of the book and it is the first edition without Dr. Blum's critical information.

Every day $20 million is illegally taken from the California alone. And, this is already an old number, given the economy this number is likely to be much higher as desperate times make seniors more vulnerable to scams and other forms of exploitation. Also, elder abuse is growing across the world and its no longer just an American issue.

This provocative story demonstrates how I found out about elder abuse, what it is, what the red flags are, how many Americans are victims (about 1-in-4 seniors are ripped off according to a statistics from the White House Commission on the Aging in 2003; the numbers are probably higher now because of the desperation brought about in the recession) and how this ugliness plagues our society.

Dr. Blum's work includes his copy written acronym:
IDEAL was created in the 1990's primarily for use in cases involving elder financial abuse and probate; however, it has since proven useful in many types of cases involving excessive or inappropriate manipulation tactics. It is taught in many countries, and is the basis for the highly successful "Undue Influence Worksheet." The factors in IDEAL are:

Emotional manipulation and/or Exploitation of a weakness

Also his copy written acronym PARADISE II to observe mental impairment and lack of cognitive skills associated with being a victim of elder abuse and exploitation.

About Paradise Costs…

Deception, corruption, exploitation and manipulation collide in a heart-wrenching story of an infirm 80-year old man with Alzheimer’s who was taken from his family, stripped of his assets and exploited despite the pleas of his next of kin. What makes this story even more compelling? It's not fiction and it exemplifies a terrifying reality in America today. With the national statistics of elder abuse, exploitation and neglect exploding, this book is an astonishing plea to safeguard the elderly across our nation. The chilling reality is driven home as readers view the actual forensic report of a victim of elder abuse and exploitation in this compelling tale told through the eyes of a courageous daughter. Her voice, joined by that of an internationally known expert in the field of forensic and geriatric psychiatry, conveys stunning awareness about what constitutes elder abuse, exploitation and undue influence in this powerful, provocative narrative. This unique, proactive book urges reader participation through self-contained tear-out letters advocating enactment, amending and enforcement of federal laws to protect millions of vulnerable seniors as well as 78 million baby boomers through the Elder Justice Act and other legislation now before both Houses of Congress.

Back cover endorsements:

"Paradise Costs is a compelling journey through the scripts and tapes of the past into a dysfunctional family dynamic to which many of us can relate. More than a story of personal tragedy and triumph, this is a call to concrete action in support of the Elder Justice Act. Irene Masiello's reality writing creates a simple and efficient way to take a pro-active stance against elder abuse and exploitation." John Bradshaw, star of PBS specials and New York Times best-selling author: Bradshaw On: The Family, Healing the Shame that Binds You, Homecoming, Creating Love.

"We owe our elders everything; they deserve our compassion, love, protection, and best of care. Irene Masiello's voice is a clarion call to provide them what they need – unconditionally, and with gratitude." Larry Dossey, MD, author: The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things, etc.
About the authors:
The author, Irene A. Masiello, is a New York City-based magazine columnist writing on various topics, particularly, spiritual development and personal empowerment. She’s an elder advocate and also a member of the Elder Justice Coalition. In memory of her late father, a victim of elder abuse and exploitation, a portion of her proceeds generated from the sale of this book will be donated to support elder justice.

Afterword by Bennett Blum, M.D. Dr. Blum is an internationally acclaimed physician specializing in both forensic and geriatric psychiatry. He is an expert on the evaluation of undue influence including manipulation tactics, coercion and psychological conditions used by offenders to abuse and exploit others. His pioneering assessment techniques in the areas of undue influence, mental capacity and competency are taught throughout much of the Western Hemisphere and are included in this unique and empowering book. Dr. Blum has consulted on hundreds of legal cases throughout the United States including the criminal trials of Susan Smith, Andrea Yates and Theresa Ramirez as well as the civil litigation case of O.J. Simpson.

Please see my bio for full details about how this book came about and how it was created by me in an original style with desktop publishing.

This edition of Paradise Costs here on Etsy ONLY. The Amazon version is minus the incredibly helpful information in the afterword by Bennett Blum, MD.

In 2009, Paradise Costs was honored to be invited & included in the National Clearinghouse on Abuse & Neglect of the Elderly (CANE), the largest .gov site in the world dedicated to data-basing professional, academic & scholarly works on elder abuse & exploitation.

(c) Copyright 2015-2020, Irene A. Masiello, All Rights Reserved, 4th edition

PLEASE NOTE, this book is only available at Etsy and on the website
The book on Amazon is the first edition and does NOT have Dr. Blum's critical and important work in it and it also has the wrong title which Amazon has refused to correct.

Please convo me if you have questions. Also, the book has unlimited availability ay Amazon only for now. Thank you

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