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This item sold on June 22, 2013.

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This listing is for ONE quartz hand carved crystal skull.
The skull has been ACTIVATED (talked to/spent time with/exchanged info with) several larger activated skulls, including one ancient Crystal Skull (info below).
* Crystal skulls are powerful tools to help reach other information and energy from other dimensions to assist in our evolutionary processes *
The novelty of this item is that A TON of work has been done for you, saving you time, money and best of all, you can get right down to spiritual business and transformation with your new lil' buddy because he/she's activated and ready to go!

HEIGHT = 1.5 inches
WIDTH = 1 1/8 in.
FRONT to BACK = 1 7/8 inch
Quartz/Rock Crystal


Hi, I'm Laurie. If you hang in there with me for a LONG READ, there is interesting information contained here that may change your life. If nothing else, you'll get the REAL scoop on what a Crystal Skull is all about.
I am a Master of Crystology and an Inca Shaman. I do energy/healing and intuitive work in partnership with living crystal. I also teach about crystal skulls and the metaphysical/healing properties of gemstones. Inca shamanism is a lineage of indigenous people that are traced back to the times of Atlantis, and they could read the records in the stones/crystals.

I have a special love for crystal skulls and their symbolism from indigenous and ancient cultures. Not to be feared as objects of evil, rather, they are symbolic of WISDOM. Throughout history, many cultures kept the skulls of their family members or elders, so as to preserve the traditions and knowledge passed down through the ages (wisdom keeper rite)....(look up Bolivia, Simonopetra Orthodox Greece, and some tibetan llamas/rinpoche how they keep theirs) and that should tell you they aren't feared or evil as some believe..... But somewhere down the line they became symbolic or associated with darker or evil bad things. It's time to set the record straight!

Getting a crystal skull is not difficult. But getting them activated can be a painfully long process (and it never really stops), but I have saved you some work!
Since I organize many of the larger ancient crystal skulls to visit my city, I plan ahead and get many smaller ones for activation, to send them out into the world to their new care takers. If you all can't come to Salt Lake to hear me speak about the skulls or attend an event, the least I can do is pass along crystal that has energies for the GOLDEN AGE we are entering........It is time!
It also costs alot of money to attend workshops or private sessions with the skulls (anywhere from $35 - $100). Purchasing this item will save you A LOT of work, time and money! PLUS this skull contains some of the most desirable energies any skull caretaker would want to have!

When a crystal skull is newly carved, it has mostly just the information and metaphysical properties already present from the type of stone it's made from. Activation is a process of "attuning" it to your own energies, of it getting to know you and also of absorbing energies and info from OTHER SKULLS, as well as sacred sites, locations, even ceremony you participate in.
Consider it a HUGE jump start on your process!

When you are done reading this listing, and dying to learn more, go to this web page and read what Archangel Metatron has said about the crystal skulls. Sums it all up NICELY and explains alot about what SCIENCE CANNOT (go figure!).

Crystal or stone cut into the shape of a human cranium

Quartz crystal has the ability to receive information, store it, transmit and regulate it. Quartz does interesting things when an electrical charge is applied. It has been proven in science that a human can focus thought-forms at a crystal, and it registers this energy. This means: when you are thinking about your stone or crystal, IT KNOWS you are thinking about it! (While we're at it, PLANTS do too!)
Quartz naturally records all activity going on around it...yes, it's like a scribe, whether you believe it or not. Don't let your logical thinking mind complicate things. You already know that computer storage & many other technology uses QUARTZ CRYSTAL to store information. You might think rocks are "dumb" but they are living and sentient beings that have a consciousness!
All that humans need to know is how simple and easy it is to COMMUNICATE with your stones, because they are perfectly suited as co-creators and want to work with you!
A crystal skull attracts some interesting energies because it is cut to the shape of a human skull. Yes, it still stores, transmits and receives info, but in this shape can interact with you on more of a personal/spiritual level...dare I say, it obtains its own consciousness in this shape? Well, many people will attest it certainly SEEMS that way (and I agree)!


- (crystal skulls are) formed as the PROTOTYPE OF THE PERFECT HUMAN BEING

- And so it contains within it the model of the 12 strands of DNA, the FULLY CONSCIOUS CLEAR MIND AND BEINGNESS OF THE EVOLVED HUMAN

- "Journeying [meditation] into the skulls then recalibrates, reboots your mental awareness and more closely aligns you with your perfection, your inner Divine SELF."

- "That is why many of you are now sensing an ancient call to acquire a modern model, and begin allowing it to work with you. With it you can awaken the 12 strands and combine to the completion of the 13"

- Those of you who spent sojourns in Mu, Atlantis, Og, Ignacious, Rama, Egypt, as Druids, as Tibetans, as Templars, Olmecs, Toltecs, Mayans, Incas, Aztecs and Hopi carry an inner awareness of their purpose. You carry a sacred remembrance, and MANY OF YOU ARE NOW ACQUIRING THEM IN RESPONSE TO A SACRED PROMISE


.....on acquiring your own skull, a modern cut piece......
- So those attracted to the skulls then receive as within their acquired model, a portion of the whole, and THE SKULL BECOMES BY AGREEMENT, A TEACHER OF GREATER TRUTH AND OFFERS GLIMPSES INTO THE PERFECTION HOLOGRAM

- That is why some are now being called to acquire the newly cut skulls, for indeed they open the pattern, they become teachers. They become allies and protectors for each of you on the path of Mastery, and THEY MANIFEST AT THE TIME YOU AWAKEN TO THAT CALL.

= = = = = = = = =
So you see, they have important work to do with those that feel an attraction or fascination with skulls (mine started out with loving the skull and crossbone symbol, trying to be a bad@ss back in the day... look what it has evolved into LOL). If you ever had a dream about a talking skull, if you LOVE dia de los muertos, love skulls in general, have a tattoo of a skull or draw them... chances are you really had a past life working with them!

Now understand that the Crystal Skulls to those of us who are keepers of them regard them as very sacred objects for personal spiritual work, they help us with transformation. I have 8 of them I use for healing work.
Please realize that your skull wants to work with you and part of the process is getting it around other skulls. They talk to each other. They exchange information. They network. And whatever YOU need personally or spiritually can be brought into it for this purpose...to work with you. Pretty neato huh!
Whichever skull you purchase from me will have the perfect blend of info ready for you to work with (just choose by what you are attracted to, nothing else needed). They know this stuff better than we do. As I write this description, THEY already know who is going to purchase them and has been preparing for you, plus can attract more of what you need spiritually as you spend time with it.
Since skulls exchange energy and info, there are endless possibilities of what types of information is contained.

To verify all the past activities of the skulls that came through town:
This skull has been in the physical energy/presence of:
Max, the ancient crystal skull .....Maxcrystalskull.net

And by Proxy energy:
EINSTEIN the ancient crystal skull......einsteinthecrystalskull.com
Zaba, the 96 lb crystal skull .........crystalzaba.com
- Portal de Luz (portal of light) which is "super activated" ....V-J-enterprises.com
( Some are described below )

Egypt (all major temples up and down the nile, King/Queens chamber of Great Pyramid)
Mt. Shasta
Sedona, AZ
Arkansas "crystal vortex"
Hawaii (Lemurian energy yes!)

According to Archangel Metatron:
- "Max is indeed one of the 'original' Crystal Paradigms, in your terms. He is of Pleiadean & Arcturian construct and origin. MAX is a vast consciousness, akin to a super computer, with a considerable library of data contained therein. He is the MOST POWERFUL, MOST CONSCIOUS of all of the remaining 'Ancient Crystal Skulls' of the 13th paradigm" (referring to the legend of the 13 skulls from Atlantis).
To further blow your mind, AM has said that Max is made of "an alchemical alloy of quartz, diamond and frequential gold". There is no substance on the planet naturally made of these 3 minerals! The British Museum study in the 1990's gave results of "no comment" when it came to identifying the age of this skull or what it was made of. Furthermore, they could not find any type of tool markings consistent with being made by man!
Max doesn't have a website but there is plenty of information about him on the web. Google "max crystal skull" or "JoAnn Parks and Max" ...check out Dan Akroyd's video for Crystal Head Vodka, he talks about Max too.
I took all the baby skulls with me to my private session with Max, and let each sit on top of Max's cranium to absorb his energies. Private session with Max: $50 and up, depending on location

Zaba is 96 lbs of Brazilian Quartz, carved in China by Master carver Rikoo. Zaba is not ancient, however, has 27 polyhedral fields (with 20 of them active). This is more than any other crystal skull known to man at this time. A polyhedral field is a geometrical "info packet" that is found around all natural crystal, but it just so happens that as you cut crystal into the shape of a skull, it starts GAINING polyhedral fields! (read about Jaap Van Etten/author, discovered P.Fields). Zaba was worked with for nearly 2 yrs in seclusion by indigenous elders and other lightworkers and Ascended Masters from afar.
ZABA is GREAT at opening the heart! Zaba is amazing with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. SO POWERFUL, we really enjoyed having her and her caretaker Maya come through town!
All the baby skulls got to sit next to Zaba during my hour long session. Private session with Zaba: suggested donation of $57-107

Owned by Joshua Shapiro, author, and will be on Discovery channel and Nat Geo this fall speaking about the crystal skulls! He is a self described "crystal skull explorer" having traveled around the world, exposing his skull to sacred sites everywhere and literally THOUSANDS of other skulls (this is why I say it's super-activated) including all the famous ones like Sha Na Ra, Rainbow, Max and the Mitchell-Hedges skull. When he and his partner Katrina Head travel with Portal de Luz, they also have a host of 10 other skulls in tow. ALL very powerful, chatty, friendly and full of wisdom.
Again, I had all the baby skulls with me during my private session with Portal de Luz and all their other skulls. Private session with Portal de Luz "and company" $45 and up depending on location.

PLEASE if you have any questions, contact me! Love to share info about the skulls!
My website is: TheCrystalCoach.com

Crystal Skull Quartz activated by MAX n EINSTEIN Lemuria Atlantis Crystalline Grid Mystery Shaman


  • Materials: Quartz, crystal, rock, stone, rock crystal, crystal skull, mineral
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