Horsetail Arvense, Horsetail Plants, (3) LIVE Plants, Medicinal, Perennial, Herb, Herb Plants, Herb Plant, Herb Tea, Plants, Live Plant

Horsetail Arvense, Horsetail Plants, (3) LIVE Plants, Medicinal, Perennial, Herb, Herb Plants, Herb Plant, Herb Tea, Plants, Live Plant


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Horsetail Arvense Herb-LIVE Medicinal Perennial PLANT-Hardy Live Plants!

Over 35 years of growing strong! Raising the highest quality hardy plants from our Northern Michigan Licensed Nursery!

ATTENTION!: THIS ITEM IS A PRE-ORDER that ships SOMETIME MAY/JUNE 2020 when these emerge out of dormancy to dig fresh as our Winters last many times till END MAY INTO JUNE. We will be sending you a tracking number once your order leaves our Nursery. ALL PRE-ORDERS are PRE-PAID and CANNOT BE CANCELED. We will be marking your order as SHIPPED for processing purposes ONLY and will send you a shipping notification with tracking when we ship in Spring.

ATTENTION! WE SHIP Mondays ONLY straight from our Upper Michigan Licensed Nursery. All orders must be placed BY NOON Sunday for next day ship time. Orders placed AFTER NOON will be shipped the following Monday.

WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE: MATURE Live Plants dug fresh for your order ranging in height of approx 6"-14" ACCEPT for FALL shipping!. ***NOTE: Plants will start to go into DORMANCY IN SEPTEMBER and will be cut down to just above soil level, leaves may be blackened/browned/dried as they die off for the winter ahead. Ships Without pot and some planting medium-well damped wrapped and secured to inside of box to prevent damage. Ships BARE ROOT to CA ONLY per CA ag regulations with certifications.

***Displayed pictures in item listings is that of representation of Mature plants/growth season and not necessarily the condition/maturity in which you will receive it, unless otherwise stated.

***EXPECT: leaf/stem changes from JUNE-OCT DURING SHIPPING!: SPECIAL CARE! Your FULLY MATURE Horsetail plants have JUST emerged out of full dormancy if ordering early Spring and dug fresh. THESE ARE NOT STARTER PLANTS! Horsetail plants DO NOT like to be moved and it's top growth are susceptible to changing temps while being shipped and transplanted. Horsetail plants are normally transplanted in the Fall of the year AFTER their top have died down.

***IF TOPS APPEAR wilted,discolored and/or dry/brown/brittle, limp or weak...THIS IS NORMAL!!!!....and does not affect the healthiness of the plant as ALL of it' energy is in it's fully mature root system.

Simply cut off any distressed tops half way and pOT UP, placing in FULL shade and allow them to do what they will...even dieing down completely. ****Plant out in permanent location in the Fall of the year when their tops have died down (turning black/brown). All of it's energy is in it's mature healthy root system.

****Horsetsail plants require 1 FULL year growth cycle to acclimate to your new climate and will produce double it's stems next spring! You may attempt to plant straight out in it's permanent location if planting in FULL SHADE. They will go through their natural cycle in 1 years growing season and continue to spread by it's root system.

Horsetail is a very primitive perennial plant with dark-green hollow, jointed or segmented stems 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick with no true leaves. Stems may be singular or have whorls of branches. Only single stems produce the cone-shaped spore producing body at the tip. Horsetails can be standing in water or in wet areas. Horsetail stems contain silicon crystals (i.e. sand) embedded in its tissue. This gritty texture gives it a common name of “scouring rush”.

VERY HARDY! Grows in most any soil and thrives in zones 2-8

Medicinally, Horsetail is used for “fluid retention” (edema), kidney and bladder stones, urinary tract infections, the inability to control urination (incontinence), and general disturbances of the kidney and bladder. Often used as an effective remedy for varicose veins when used internally as tea and externally as poultice. *(See our Varicose Vein Herbal Salve in our Etsy shop).

It is also used for balding; tuberculosis; jaundice; hepatitis; brittle fingernails; joint diseases; gout; osteoarthritis; weak bones (osteoporosis); frostbite; weight loss; heavy menstrual periods; and uncontrolled bleeding (hemorrhage) of the nose, lung, or stomach.

Horsetail is applied directly to the skin to treat wounds and burns.

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Live plants are susceptible to leaf/stem changes during shipping/season as otherwise described. This condition is NORMAL and does not qualify for refunds/returns or exchanges. EXPECT browned/wilted/drooped/leaf drop/black stems upon arrival in SOME cases. This does not effect the overall healthiness of the plant as all of these conditions will happen naturally in the Fall/Winter months when plants go into dormancy. Should varying leaf/stem conditions occur, pot up immediately upon arrival and keep in shaded area and plant out in permanent location in Fall. The only circumstance allowed for refund is if plants show up damaged/broken. All buyers are required to send pics on arrival in these conditions for refund.
Height and width of plant is irrellevent to determining size of plant as it is it's AGE of it's root system that determines size unless otherwise stated of approx height or width in individual listings. Plants are often times pruned down prior to shipping either to encourage thicker branching for next growing season or it is past it's growing stage for the season when 'spent' top foliage is cut off. Perennial flowers will die to the ground in the Fall/Winter months and woody perennials will lose all leaves. During Fall and Winter shipping, EXPECT: No leaves/browning/dried/black stems/droop. This is a NORMAL characteristic of all perennial plants coming from our far North Nursery
Any and all of our listings can be custom ordered for wholesale pricing/quantity. Please messenge us anytime you would like to purchase in bulk/wholesale if we have enough product availability.
#1 You acknowledge that you have read our item description in detail and understand the condition(s) it will arrive to you.
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#3 You acknowledge that you understand leaf stress conditions does not effect the overall health of the perennial plants as all leaves will eventually fall off naturally in winter months and that refunds/exchanges/returns 'not as described' or 'damaged' are not permitted for this possible expected condition....continued.
#4 You acknowledge that should plants arrive damaged/broken that you will immediately take pics on arrival and email it to us as it is the ONLY cause/circumstance for refund as USPS priority packages are insured for damage and require us to present pics of damaged package and/or contents.
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#6 You acknowledge that displayed pictures in item listings is that of representation of Mature plants and not necessarily the condition in which you will receive it, unless otherwise stated.


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