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  • Handmade
  • Materials: CD, jewel case, laser printed label

The "You Can Do Anything" CD is lively, upbeat and has a positive message. The songs are fun-loving and encourage the child to sing and dance along. Check out the track listing below.

1. You Can Do Anything
2. Way Too Much To Do
3. Simon Says
4. If They Put You In Charge Of The Zoo
5. All Because Of You
6. In Your Own Backyard
7. Junk Food Flavored Healthy Veggie Treats
8. Tomorrow

Now we have buying options. You can buy the physical CD for $19.95. We also have a digital download or MP3 option for $12.95. The best price option is our combo of both the CD AND the MP3 for $24.95. That way you can gift the CD and still have the MP3 to put on your phone or tablet. The best of both worlds, right at your finger tips!

Here's how the digital download works. You order, letting me know the name you want and any alternate spelling. Within 2 business days, you will receive the instructions on how to download your files directly into your computer. The email attached to your profile will be the email it is sent to, unless you provide a different address. It can't be easier... Then you can load it on any digital device you want. If you order the digital download only I will refund your shipping cost.

If you want to hear your child’s name before you purchase, open up a new browser and copy this:

You can hear your child’s name there.

I love the positive message of this CD. If you were watching this CD for Adam, some of the lyrics in the first song are, "You can do anything that you can dream, Adam, run and climb, just laugh and smile and sing, Adam. We can do anything, so come with me. We'll learn to be brave; we'll grow to be strong, together as friends we'll travel along....come on!! You can do anything that you can dream, Adam....."

The track of Simon Says is really cute. It's like the game of Simon says, but the child's name has to be sung in the track instead of Simon. This track will have your child on their feet dancing right along as their name is used over and over. The song says, "Remember, only do the actions when you hear your name".

Consider a personalized CD for your next birthday gift, or Christmas or just anytime you want to bless that special child in your life. Remember, gifts like this won't be found at any of the retail toy stores, or discount houses. This will be a unique gift, something they'll treasure always.

To find your child's name, look at the list below. If you can't find the name you’re looking for, look under different spelling choices. If you find the name you're looking for, but it's not spelled correctly, that’s no problem. I make each CD when it's ordered, so I'll make sure to spell it correctly on the label. You can also add a personalized message on the label. If you want to make the CD a keepsake, make sure to fill out the message line when you order. It can be up to 3 lines long.

A. AJ, Aaliyah, Aari, Aariella, Aaron, Abbey, Abbigail, Abdiel, Abdullah, Abel, Abraham, Abram, Acacia, Adam, Addie, Addison, Adelaide, Adeline, Adelle, Adolfo, Adonis, Adrian, Adriana, Adrianna, Adriel, Agnes, Ahmad, Ahmed, Aidan, Aidriel, Aileen, Ainsley, Aisha, Akeen, Al, Alaina, Alauna, Albert, Alberto, Alden, Aldo, Alec, Alejandra, Alejandro, Alessandra, Alex, Alexa, Alexander, Alexandria, Alexia, Alexie, Alexius, Alfie, Alfonso, Alfred, Alfredo, Ali, Alice, Alicia, Alina, Alissa, Alistare, Aliya, Alldo, Allen, Allie, Allison, Alma (Awl-muh), Alma (Al-muh), Alondra, Alonso, Alton, Alvaro, Alvin, Alyssia (Uh-Liss-ee-uh), Amanda, Amani, Amara, Amari, Amaya, Amber, Amelia, America, Amir, Amos, Amy, Anahi, Anais, Anastasia, Anders, Anderson, Andre, Andrea (Ann-Dray-uh), Andrea (Ann-dree-uh), Andrea (Aun-Dree-uh), Andreas (Anne-Dree-Us), Andreas (Aun-Dray-uh), Andreas (Aun-Dree-Us), Andres, Andrew, Andy, Aneyah, Angel, Angela, Angeleen, Angelica, Angelina, Angelique, Angelo, Angie, Angus, Anika (Aun-eh-kuh), Anika (Ah-nee-kuh), Anika (Aun-ee-ka), Anika (Ann-ee-ka), Anisa, Anissa, Anita, Aniyah, Anja, Ann, Anna, Annabel, Annabella, Annalee, Annalisa, Annalise, Annamarie, Annastasia, Annette, Annie, Annmarie, Anthony, Antoinette, Anton, Antonia, Antonio, Antwan, Anya, April, Araceli, Archer, Arden, Ari, Aria, Ariana (Are-Ee-Ann-uh), Arianna (Air-Ee-Ann-uh), Ariel, Ariella, Arielle, Arleena, Arlene, Armand, Armando, Armani, Arnet Arnold, Arthur, Arturo, Asa, Ashanti, Asher, Ashlee, Ashlyn, Ashton, Asia, Aspen, Aston, Astrid, Athena, Aubree, Audrey, August, Augustine, Auna, Aurora, Austin, Autumn, Ava, Avery, Axel, Ayana, Ayesha, Ayla (eye-luh), Ayla (Ay-luh), Aziel, Azure

B. BJ, Baby, Bailee, Baker, Baptist, Barbara, Barish, Barney, Barrett, Barry, Bart, Basil, Beatrice, Becka, Beckett, Becky, Belinda, Bella, Ben, Benito, Benjamin, Bennett, Benny, Bently, Berkley, Bernadette, Bernard, Bernardo, Bernice, Bert, Beth, Bethany, Betsy, Betty, Beverly, Beyonce, Beyonsay, Bianca (Bee-Aun-kuh),Bianca (Bee-Ank-uh), Bill, Billy, Blade, Blaine, Blair, Blake, Blakely, Blanca, Blaze, Bo, Bob, Bobby, Bonnie, Boris, Boston, Bowen, Brad, Bradey, Bradford, Bradley, Braelyn, Brandon, Brandt, Brandy, Brannon, Branson, Braxton, Brayden, Brayson, Brazton, Breanna, Breanne, Breeauna, Breeaune, Bree, Brenda, Brendon, Brenna, Brennan, Brent, Brenton, Bret, Bria, Brian, Briar, Bridget, Briella, Brielle, Brighton, Britain, Britlynn, Britney, Brock, Broderick, Brodie, Bronson, Bronte, Brook, Brooklyn, Brooks, Bruce, Bryant, Bryce, Brycen, Brynn, Bud, Buddy, Byron

C. CJ, Cade, Caden, Cadence, Cage, Caitlin, Cal, Caleb, Caleigh, Calista, Callin, Callum, Calvin, Cambria, Camden, Cameron, Camila, Camilla, Camille, Cammy, Campbell, Candace, Cannon, Canyon, Carl, Carlee, Carlo, Carlos, Carlton, Carlyn, Carmen, Carol, Carolina, Caroline, Carolyn, Carrie, Carrington, Carson, Carter, Carver, Casandra, Casaundra, Case, Cash, Cason, Cassidy, Cassie, Catalina, Catherine, Ceasar, Cecelia, Cecil, Cecily, Cedric, Celeste, Celia, Celine, Cesar, Chad, Chadwick, Chance, Chandler, Chanel, Channing, Chantel, Charise, Charity, Charleen, Charlena, Charles, Charlie, Charlotte, Charlston, Charmaign, Chase, Chasity, Chastity, Chaz, Chelsea, Cherry, Cheryl, Chesney, Chester, Chevelle, Cheyanne, China, Chloe, Chris, Chrissy, Christian, Christiana, Christina, Christine, Christopher, Christy, Chuck, Cielo, Cindy, Citlali, Claire, Clancey, Clara, Clarence, Clarissa, Clark, Claude, Claudia, Clay, Clayton, Cleo, Clifford, Clifton, Clint, Clinton, Clyde, Cody, Coen, Colby, Cole, Coleman, Colin (Cah-lynn), Colin (Coh-lynn), Colleen, Collette, Colm (like cold), Colt,
Colten, Connelly, Conner, Connie, Conrad, Constance, Constantino, Cooper, Cora, Corbin, Cordell, Corey, Corina, Corinne, Cornelius, Cortez, Cortney, Corynne, Courtland, Craig, Creed, Creighton, Cristal, Cristobal, Cruz, Cullen, Curtis, Cynthia, Cyrus,

D. DJ, Dahlia, Daisy, Dakota, Dale, Daley, Dallas, Dallin, Dallya, Dalton, Dalya, Damaris, Damian, Damon, Dan, Dana, Dane, Danica, Daniel, Daniela, Danielle, Danny, Dante, Daphne, Dara (Dair-uh), Dara (Dar-uh), Darby, Darcy, Darion, Darius, Darla, Darlene, Darnel, Darren, Darryl, Darwin, Dashawn, David, Davin, Davion, Davis, Dawn, Dawson, Dayana, Dayton, De, Deacon, Dean, Deana, Deandre, Deangelo, Deanna, Deanndre, Debbie, Deborah, Declan, Deisha, Deja, Delaney, Delia, Delilah, Demarco, Demarcus, Demario, Demetrius, Demi, Denise, Dennis, Denton, Denver, Denzel, Deon, Deondrea, Derek, Desirae, Desmond, Destin, Destiney, DeVaughn, Deven, Devlyn, Devora, Dexter, Diamond, Diana, Diane, Diego, Dimitri,
Dina (dye-nuh), Dina (Dee-nuh) Dolores, Domenica, Dominic, Dominico, Dominique, Don, Donald, Donavan, Donna, Donnell, Donnie, Dora, Dorian, Doris, Dorothy, Douglas, Drake, Drew, Duane, Duncan, Dustin, Dusty, Dwayne, Dwight, Dylan

E. Eamon, Earl, Easton, Eaton, Ebony, Ed, Eddie, Eden, Edgar, Edie, Edith, Edmund, Edna, Eduardo, Edward, Edwin, Efrain, Efram, Egan, Elaine, Eleanor, Eleena, Elena, Eli, Elian, Eliana, Elias, Elisabeth, Elise, Eliseo, Elisha, Eliza, Ella, Elle, Ellen, Ellington, Elliot, Ellis, Ellouise, Elmer, Elsa, Elton, Elva, Elvin, Elvira, Elvis, Emalone, Emaline, Emanuel, Emerald, Emerson, Emiko, Emilliano, Emily, Emine, Emir, Emma, Emmett, Emmy, Emory, Enrique, Eric, Erica, Ernest, Ernesto, Erwin, Esmeralda, Essence, Esteban, Estevan, Esther, Etah, Ethan, Eugene, Eunice, Eva, Evan, Eve, Evelyn, Everett, Evie, Ewen, Ezekiel, Ezra

F. Fabian, Faith, Fallon, Farrah, Fatima, Fatimah, Felicia, Felicity, Felipe, Felix, Fellipe, Fernando, Fernaundo, Fidel, Finn, Finnley, Fiona, Fisher, Fletcher, Florence, Floyd, Flynn, Ford, Forrest, Fran, Francesca, Francesco (Fran-Ches-Coh), Francesco (Fran-Siss-Coh), Franchesca, Francis, Francisco, Frank, Frankie, Franklin, Fransais, Frasier, Fraya, Fred, Freddy, Frederick, Frida,

G. Gabby, Gabe, Gabriel, Gabriela, Gabrielle, Gaddie, Gage, Gail, Gallen, Garett, Garner, Garrick, Garrison, Gary, Gaven, Gaylin, Genaro, Genesis, Genevieve, George, Georgette, Georgia, Georgina, Gerald, Geraldine, Gerard, Gerardo, Gertrude, Gia, Giancarlo, Giani, Gianna, Giavanna, Gideon, Gigi, Gilbert, Gill, Gillian, Gimma, Gina, Ginger, Gino, Giovanni, Giselle, Gladys, Glenda, Glenn, Glenna, Gloria, Gordon, Gordy, Grace, Gracie, Graciela, Grady, Graham, Granett, Grant, Gray, Grayson, Greg,Gregorio, Gregory, Greta, Gretchen, Griffin, Guadalupe,
Guillermo (Gah-Lair-Moh), Guillermo (Gee-Air-Moh), Gunnar, Gus, Gustavo, Guy, Gwendolyn, Gwine, Gwyneth

H. Hadley, Hail, Hailey, Hailyn, Hakeem, Hallie, Hamilton, Hamish, Hampton, Hank, Hannah, Hans, Harley, Harman, Harmony, Harold, Harper, Harriet, Harris, Harrison, Harry, Harvey, Hassaan, Hassan, Hayden, Hazel, Heath, Heather, Heaven, Hector, Heidi, Helaina, Helen, Helena, Heldley, Hennessy, Henry, Herbert, Herman, Hernan, Hillary, Hogan, Holden, Hollis, Holly, Hope, Houston, Howard, Hudson, Hugh, Hugo, Humberto, Hunter, Hussain

I. Ian, Ibrahim, Iliana, Imani, Imman, Imogene, India, Indira, Inez, Ingrid, Iola, Iona, Ireland, Irena, Irene, Iris, Irma, Irvin, Irving, Isa, Isaac, Isaak, Isabel, Isabela, Isaiah, Isaias, Ishaan, Ismael, Ismiel, Israel, Ivan, Ivana, Ivor, Ivy

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T. TJ, Tabitha, Tahj, Tailey, Tallia, Talon, Talya, Tamaira, Tamara, Tamaura, Tamia, Tamika, Tammy, Taniea, Tanisha, Tanner, Tanya, Tara, Tarik, Taryn, Tasia, Tate, Tatiana, Tatum, Taunia, Taura, Taurence, Tavian, Taya, Taylah, Taylor, Teagan, Ted, Teddy, Terell, Terence, Teresa, Terrell, Terresa, Terry, Tess, Tessa, Tevin, Thaddeus, Thalia, Thatcher, Thea, Theo, Theodore, Thomas, Tia, Tiana, Tianna, Tiara, Tiarra, Tierney, Tiffany, Tim, Timmy, Timothy, Tina, Tisha, Titus, Tizar, Tobias, Toby, Todd, Tom, Tomas, Tommy, Tony, Tori, Trace, Tracy, Travis, Travon, Trent, Trenton, Trevan, Trevor, Trey, Trina, Trinity, Trisha, Trista, Tristan, Tristian, Troy, Trudy, Tucker, Turner, Ty, Tyesha, Tyler, Tyra, Tyree, Tyrell, Tyrese, Tyrone, Tys, Tyshawn, Tyson

U. Ulisas, Ulises, Una, Uriel

V. Val, Valaria, Valentina, Valentine, Valentino, Valeria, Valerie, Vance, Vanessa, Vaughn, Vernon, Veronica, Vicente, Vicki, Victor, Victoria, Vince, Vincent, Vincenzo, Viola, Violet, Virginia, Vivian, Viviana, Vladimir

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X. Xander, Xavier

Y. Yasmeen, Yasmin, Yesenia, Yolanda, Yulana, Yulauna, Yulissa, Yusof, Yvette, Yvonne

Z. Zac, Zachariah, Zachary, Zadie, Zahn, Zaira, Zander, Zane, Zara, Zare, Zaria, Zarina, Zavier, Zed, Zeek, Zelta, Zena, Zimara, Zion, Zoe, Zurich

Please remember to leave me the child's name AND any personalized message that you would want when you order. If you have any questions just message me and I'll get right back with you. Thanks for looking!!


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759 shop reviews

5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars

Love this cd. My grandson will too. Upbeat, danceable and singable

G Walker Dec 3, 2016

5 out of 5 stars

Sweet selection of songs and age appropriate. Product received as advertised. Thank you!

Joyce Jones May 8, 2022

5 out of 5 stars

Thank you :)

Beth Gentner Feb 7, 2018

5 out of 5 stars

Seller was very agreeable and easy to work with… I’m very happy with this transaction! Shipment was also quick. Seller modified font to fit in a few extra words which I really appreciated! She also sent me the sample of what it would look like. I had a Spanish word in the phrase that required a specific symbol above the n and she did some research and was able to insert it in the text. Her Customer Service was exceptional! I would definitely buy from this seller again! This is a Birthday gift for my Granddaughter’s birthday so I haven’t heard the personalized songs yet but I did hear a sample of it and from what I heard it was fantastic!! If the entire CD is like the sample… than I’ll be a happy camper and it’ll seal the deal for me! Thank you!!

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