The Basic Coop Stand-Alone Chicken Coop Plan eBook (PDF), Instant Download, Imperial & Metric Units (Feet/Inches and Millimeters)

The Basic Coop Stand-Alone Chicken Coop Plan eBook (PDF), Instant Download, Imperial & Metric Units (Feet/Inches and Millimeters)


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The Basic Coop chicken coop plans show you how to build a simple, safe, and adorable henhouse for your small backyard flock — for under $200!

Whether you're new to chickens or to woodworking, these plans show you how to build a beautiful coop to start or grow your hobby. . .

Some key features of The Basic Coop design:

» Ideal for up to 4 standard laying hens
» Offers ample ventilation and light with a secure "open-ceiling" design
» Easy access through the egg door and larger main door
» Fully secured against predators with lockable latches and hardware cloth ceiling
» Works well as a brooder to start your flock
» Perfect for letting your chickens free range within a fenced-in area, or you can attach an automatic door or enclosed run (not included)
» Measures about 3'w x 3'd x 4'h (915 x 915 x 1220 mm)
» Fully paintable on all sides
» Simple cuts, easy-to-find materials, and straightforward coop assembly
» Hardware quick kit available (see our other listings)

About the chicken coop plan itself:

» Written for beginners. This 45+ page e-book includes a detailed tools and materials list, measurements, photos, diagrams, and step-by-step instructions to show you how to build a coop both you and your chickens will love.
» Includes both imperial units (feet/inches) and metric units (millimeters)
» Compatible with iPad and other PDF-friendly tablets, phones, and readers
» Password protected for security. You will receive your password after checkout. (Visit your Etsy Purchases page and click the Download button next to the order.)
» Comes with email support, directly from the designer.

The Basic Coop is an efficient, modern design that lets you make the most of commonly available materials. With these plans, you not only get responsive, email support from the designer, but you also enjoy the benefit of the knowledge, ideas, and examples of a large community of fellow coop builders.

More specs and details:

SIZE: The Basic Coop measures about 3'w x 3'd x 4'h (915 x 915 x 1220 mm) at the frame. Add a half foot or so all around for the roof overhang. Inside, the coop offers 9 sq. ft. (.84 sq. meters) of floorspace and 48 inches (1220 mm) of roost space. There's one nest box indicated in the plan, just right for 4 hens to share.

MATERIALS: The coop can be built primarily of plywood siding or MDO, two-by-two lumber, hardware cloth, polycarbonate roofing, and the hardware to bring it all together. Purchased new, these materials should run you under $200 USD, pre-tax. A complete materials list is in the plan. Also, see our other listings for a pre-packaged hardware quick kit.

TIME TO BUILD: If you've read through the plan and work at a comfortable pace, it can be built in about 4 days. This includes time for shopping, sanding, cutting, sealing/painting, and assembling. If you add your own customizations, it may take a little longer.

TOOLS: The plan is written for complete beginners. The cuts are all straightforward (no tricky angles to measure), and the tools are pretty standard ones that you likely either have or can easily borrow or buy. Here's the tool list from the plan:

» Circular saw
» Power drill/driver with assorted bits
» Tape measurer
» Pencil
» Two sawhorses
» Handsaw
» Hammer
» Combination square or speed square
» Two clamps with at least a 3” (75 mm) capacity
» Wire (metal) snips that can handle 19-gauge wire or heavier
» Sanding block and 80-grit (or so) sandpaper
» Paintbrush
» Handbroom and dustpan (helpful)
» Dropcloth (for painting)

CLIMATE: The Basic Coop is right at home just about anywhere. That's because what chickens need most of all is proper ventilation and fresh air. In the winter, the henhouse offers solid protected from drafts. You can add a board above part of the open ceiling or add a flat panel heater or heated waterer if the mercury really dips.

LAYOUT: There are two roosts in The Basic Coop, which also work to support the raised nest box. This "stacked" design lets you hang or set a feeder and waterer where your chickens won't be tempted to perch on them, so food and water stay cleaner. Above the henhouse the open-ceiling design provides critical ventilation and is secured with durable hardware cloth for protection. It's capped with a translucent roof (not clear) that lets in light while providing sheltering and shading your flock.

COOP STYLE: Because this design is for a stand-alone coop, you should also provide plenty of space outside the coop for your flock, as this is important for their overall health. Plan on letting your hens out into a fenced-in day yard or other enclosed space daily. You can install an automatic door for this purpose (not included) or attach an enclosed run (instructions not included). Your chickens will return to the coop to lay their eggs, to get shelter, and to roost at night.

CLEANING: Clean the henhouse from the wide front door. Simply brush the litter out onto the ground or into a shallow box/pan and add new bedding material. How often you do this will depend on the season, the depth of the bedding, and so on. You do a quick cleaning of the nest box from the egg door, or slide the box out altogether for a more complete cleaning.

Take a look at the photos above and convo me with any questions.

NOTE: The Garden Coop LLC is the legal copyright holder of the content on this shop and in our plans, including all designs, photos, descriptions, and text. It is intended solely for the use of the purchaser and may be printed for personal use only. No images or content from this Etsy shop or our eBooks and plans may be published, resold, shared, or distributed without written consent from the copyright holder. (That's us.)

More questions? Please convo me anytime!

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