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Some Stellar Reviews:

When I first heard of Vedic astrology I was unaware of the significance it would have in my life. After our readings with Renay, both myself and my other half definitely have a more complete and clear understanding of our lives, as well as the the events that have, and continue to take place. Time after time, whether for personal or for our business matters, her readings have proven themselves priceless, If it’s for finding key dates and times for scheduling important procedures and events, or if it’s to delve deeper in the past, present or future of one’s own life/lives, her readings have been a “life saver”… and also a “mind saver”. By the way, I should say that the scientist in me was skeptical at first, having had unsatisfactory experiences with Western Astrology. However, when I learned of how scientific a Jyotish Astrologer had to be, and just how scientific the Vedic method is, I really opened up to the idea. Then after my first reading, it was a complete life changer. The only regrets I have ever had was when I failed to consult Renay on important procedures and the bad timing then proved to me that guidance in this area was the answer. Timing is, as I have learned… Everything. With each and every reading, Renay brings a fresh sense of perspective to consider. To date, she has greatly and significantly helped in matters of: our start up company, medical procedures, troubles our family members are experiencing, our own problems, and even our little cats! Renay has a keen sense of her clients’ needs and she carries herself with the upmost compassion. Her words are what I would describe as personalised poetry, in that, she reveals the factors and situations pertinent to us, with remedies needed to foster improvement of ones’s own journey. She carries this out with a sense of symmetry and delicacy. Just hearing her speak is soothing for the soul. Thank God for Renay. I am so grateful she is our Vedic Astrologer. She excels at her craft, and does it with love for her clients and all life. I speak for my other half as well when I say, we both are Better, Happier and more Balanced people, thanks to the readings we have had with her. It feels so good… to feel good about one’s life, in spite of all the challenges we face. If you are in a situation and seek insight, useful insight on personal or business related matters, I strongly recommended Renay. She makes this world so much sweeter to live in. Thank you Renay Oshop, for showing us the Light. Namaste.

- M. L., Centennial, CO

Renay’s readings for me have been very valuable. She provides in depth technical information on the forces at work but also provides explanation of what to expect in plain English. For me she included stories that illustrated and illuminated how those forces might work in my life. For example she told me that: I would write a short book or something and it would be so successful for me that it was like I was taking a road trip in a really great car with super-wheels that could roll over any obstacle. She told me my leadership would be recognized and people would think very highly of me as a leader. That is all currently happening to me in the most amazing and unanticipated way. I wrote a proposal and a business plan but I wrote it like I’ve never written before. I sat at the computer and researched and typed the whole thing out — working late and getting up early till it was done — 60 pages. I would not have imagined that I had that much purposefulness in me. Since then my life has been full of new unexpected things happening every day — big problems with solutions following on their heels — everything positive. Renay also did a reading for my daughter — choosing an auspicious day for her wedding two years in advance. The wedding took place on the date/time and place that Renay chose - within minutes. The entire wedding and the marriage has been the most beautiful experience for everyone in the family. The couple is charmed. I recommend her valuable readings, her insight into their meaning and her understandable and compassionate presentation. -E. P., Louisville, CO

I wanted to let you know that thus far everything you have told me has been 100% accurate. It’s amazing. – K. F., Milwaukee, WI

I think Renay is a good astrologer. -B. B., Harvard University Astrophysicist, Cambridge, MA

Here is my testimonial. Much praise and love to you! One of my yoga teachers frequently reminds her students that yoga is less about flexibility than it is about awareness. I have found the same to be true with Ayurvedic astrology–the readings are less about destiny than they are about awareness of myself and my particular place in the world . A lot of people I know balk at astrology because it seems too deterministic to them. The planets’ positions at their births couldn’t possibly influence the course of their lives. Believing this would impede their freedom to act as they choose. In my experience, it’s exactly the opposite. If I want the freedom to move and to act in ways that are beneficial, to myself and all other creatures who inhabit this planet, I must first know myself, what I’m made of, what motivates me, what challenges me. I have found Ayurvedic astrology to be an indispensable tool in my quest for self-knowledge. It has confirmed what I’ve long known–that I’m here to serve in particular ways. The two readings I’ve received from Renay have made these ways, and the way to achieve them, much clearer to me. My first reading with Renay in March of 2009 began a nearly two-year process of living into what life holds for me, what I can live with and what I can let go. The way I see it, I received two years of therapy for the cost of one session! During that time, I have come to appreciate the indelibility of certain aspects of my life path, to see where there are turns to take, and to learn to be more at ease with what is, rather than how I might wish things to be. Instead of letting my preferences take the lead (avoiding pain, prolonging pleasure), Renay’s vision of my chart has allowed me to see that all that has happened and might happen is part of a necessary whole. Most importantly, her vision has helped me see that each life has a certain trajectory that can be adjusted or ameliorated by the quality of awareness. I highly recommend Renay’s services to anyone who is interested in gaining more insight into their rightful place in the world. Her sensitive interpretations continue to help me discern this on a daily basis. –D. S., Longmont, CO

You are a gift from God. Thank you, Renay. Thank you. – G. D., Mexico

One can tell that this is your Dharma. – A. B., Joliet, IL


You talk like others would kill to write. – L.O., Boulder, CO

Going to see you is like going to see the Oracle in the movie, the Matrix.- A. K., Boulder, CO

This is the best $100 that I ever spent.- J. S., Boulder, CO

You work very hard… You treat your clients like gold… Your vibe is radiant like a flawless gemstone, and, you are a brilliant at making connections, and piecing things together. Your intellect and intuitiveness is top notch. – M. L., Boulder, CO

Thank you for your wisdom – being with you is another way of being home.- F. L., Aspen, CO

I just wanted to email you to thank you for the session and the follow up questions. I feel so much better since Thursday. It may be because the sun has finally come out here in the bleak midwest winter but I think it has more to do with what you said to me. It’s as if something has lifted and I am better able to let go and just be. I fell able to look forward to the future now, something I haven’t been able to do in a while. I don’t know what you did but it worked! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. – K. G., the great American Midwest

Hey Renay,
I wanted to let you know that I set up an interview for that job at the time you told me too, and as you predicted, I was offered the job and start at the end of November.
Thanks for the help! - T. J.

I bought all of the rocks suggested and have them in 3 key locations around me, around my bed, meditation area and I will take them to work. My meditation has changed profoundly since doing this. Thanks! - C. S.

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PM Goswick Feb 19, 2019

5 out of 5 stars

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cosmicsea Apr 29, 2015

5 out of 5 stars

You have my deepest gratitude… 
My Shri Vishnu cuff is the most powerful and instant source of relief from my extremely high Pitta “Fire” mind/ body. I have struggled with irritability in my mind and body for most of my life and finally I can say, “I have relief”. From the very first day, this treasure has cooled that inner dragon. My tensions have detached themselves from me, and I am in awe of how much this bracelet is helping! It’s power is potent and that’s just what I needed. As the cooling silver touches my skin… I’m feeling calm and serene. As an added bonus it happens to look amazing and it feels so nice on my wrist. Thank God for Renay & Louise and many many thanks to them for creating 10 Million Suns Art. You help people to feel amazing and free from their issues… you make the road a better place...

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Lucy Qian Sep 20, 2017

5 out of 5 stars

Best money I've spent! As a jewelry-holic, I found this listing curious as I was seeking more meaning out of the vanity exercise of jewelry. Renay not only gave me her profound recommendations, but provided interesting insight into my personality and previous life experiences based on my chart. She is truly a gem and a talented professional at her art, craft and science. She is a sincere and dignified woman and always responsive and attentive to her clients. I am so glad I found her through Etsy. And I am so excited to create meaningful jewelry pieces with her that will have a positive effect on my life. I highly recommend her services and jewelry creations.

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Stephanie Davis May 1, 2014

5 out of 5 stars

I love my astrological bangle. It's very elegant, and it fits nicely around my wrist. Normally I struggle with jewelry "dangling", but this is durable enough to "sculpt" around my wrist, and it feels like it's part of me. Also, I cannot believe how well I've slept since I've been wearing it. It has been years since I've slept so well. I love that the bangle was made just for me, and I appreciate the science and care that went into its creation. Renay was very responsive to my questions about the bangle, and the shipping was perfect. Many thanks! <3

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