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This item sold on February 28, 2015.

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Nestor was previously listed at $400.00 and is now on sale for $200.00
I'd like for him to finally find his home. :)n He gets jealous watching the other characters always leaving...

More photos can be seen at:

Nestor the ELF and his Dragon
Character Dimensions: 10" x 11" x 12.5"

Greetings followed Nestor like cheerful word butterflies. Fluttering about his ears as he passed through the busy little village of Arboria. Elves paused in their doings and called "Hello there!", "Howdy Mayor!" while still others just whistled cheerfully. Their merry tunes mingling with the birdsong overhead.
Nestor greeted everyone of them. Not just because he considered it his duty as Mayor, but because he truly enjoyed his interactions with every one of the inhabitants of the tiny mossy village in the middle of the Arboria forest.
In the way of elves, Nestor had been elected by his kind to lead them, represent their interests to outsiders and to stand as figurehead of their clan. Some one strong and wise and dependable, ready with a kind word, a bit of advice or pair of willing hands when the spring harvest of dew was upon them.
Waving at the the Frials, a small family of cobbler elves that were opening up their moss mound shop for the day, Nester picked up his pace. Eager to to address the task at hand.
He was on a fact finding mission. His most favorite sort of mission. There had been rumors and much speculation about strange happenings at the edge of the Arboria forests. Reports had trickled in from elven travelers and some of the wood elves who worked their tree magic as far away as Arboria's edge, that weird noises had been heard. And flashes of odd color, too blurry for even a keen and quick elf eye to clearly see. Nestor Dwyer, Mayor of the good elf kind of Arboria was on his official fact finding mission, to see if these reports, were indeed fact.
He suspected, though would never claim it as truth until he knew for sure, that the veil obscuring their portion of the world from the other being's eyes was thinning again. Possibly in need of a little magical fence mending.
It happened sometimes, particularly after violent thunder storms which could dilute their barriers. Causing the veil to ripple like the surface of a pond on a windy day. That would account for the strange colors.
Nestor's long legs, aided by the quickening spell he'd snacked on before leaving his home that morning, carried him quickly through the forest. Even at super natural speeds the sun overhead, filtering in through the branches gently warmed Nestor's bare head. The scent of pine was strong in this area of the woods and signs of the wood elves' work could be seen. The unnaturally tidy trees, the scattering of sap buckets, the circle of stones where Nestor knew the wood elves paused for their mid day meals.
Seeing the stones Nestor slowed his walk, a soft murmur under his breath eased back the spell so that he moved in real time amongst the trees. The strange happenings were reported near the stones he recalled. No sooner had he thought this than a high pitched cry ripped through the peaceful silence of the woods.
Nestor cocked his head, ears straining to pinpoint the source. He was not afraid, knowing no earthbound creature could physically harm an elf.
Peering past a great maple tree, who grew amongst the pines by elven forestry skills, Nestor heard the sound again but this time a shimmer of blue accompanied the strange noise.
Tiptoeing closer, Nestor leaned against the maple tree and peered around it.
Expecting to see a rip in the veil, perhaps even a glimpse of the other world or one of it's beings but he saw none of that, Nestor pulled back in surprise.
The veil was fine. No rips or tears, and hardly even the beginnings of natural thinnings.
The cry let loose again and goosebumps erupted all over Nestor's skin. The plaintive sound tugged at his heart and throwing caution aside he rounded the tree and hurried forward, towards the noise.
He might have walked on by, had the veil not rippled just then. The sort of ripple caused when someone or something touched it. A shiver of iridescent color that quivered until dissipating back to it's original smooth invisible surface. Nestor traced the ripples back to their origins, and climbing over a mossy knoll, that partially obstructed his view of the veil, came face to face with the source of the cries.
"What's this?" He gasped.
For when he'd made his way along the veil he had enumerated in his mind the many causes for such a sound and yet the source before him was not one he'd thought of at all. Bemusement mingled with his instinctive concern and Nestor carefully approached the creature.
He held his hands out palm forward, an instinctive peaceful gesture and spoke in the calm soothing manner he had adopted as Mayor for speaking with representatives of other elf clans when they came to Arboria.
"I want to help you."
The creature thrashed about, wilding flapping it's wings in an attempt to fly away but Nestor could see in a glance that flying would be impossible. The poor thing, a dragon Nestor was sure, had caught it's tail in the veil. Such a thing was usually impossible. One could pass through the veil or be held back like a wall but one could not become stuck in it.
Nestor hummed softly under his breath, an ancient lullaby his great great grandmother still sung to this day when she was making her famous loves of nut bread.
The tune was more than a simple sweet melody that could calm even the most fretful elf youngling, it was woven with ancient elven magic. The very act of singing it brought a hush to the small dragon. Nestor saw it's smooth shining chest slow it's labored breathing and the wild look in it's glistening blue eyes faded away.
Relaxing on to the cushiony moss of the forest floor the little dragon swayed it's head in time with the lullaby and Nestor crept closer. Dragons were wild, unpredictable creatures. They normally chose to make their homes in the mountains so far away that they were but a shadow on the horizon on the clearest of days.
Questions filled his mind but Nestor, being a patient man, focused on the task at hand, freeing the little dragon instead of bombarding it with words.
How such a young dragon hatchling had made it so far from the mountains to the forests of Arboria to be stuck in their veil, Nestor couldn't even begin to guess.
The little dragon's eyes were closing, lulled by the magical song, it's wings had completed ceased their fluttering and had wrapped around the it's body like a glistening blue blanket.
Now that it was still, near asleep, Nestor examined where the dragon's tail was caught in the woven forces of magic that held the veil in place.
"Ahhh, a simple thing to resolve my winged friend." Nestor slid his long nimble fingers over the veil, feeling the spell, releasing just a small section of it with a few whispered words. He grasped the tail of the dragon with one hand and eased it from it's prison. Holding the quiet beast, Nestor was sure to seal the thinning where the dragon had been caught, and reminded himself to have the veil elves come out to do a thorough examination of the entire wall.
The dragon seemed content, exhausted. Nestor held it up gently by it's strong tail, knowing it would do no harm and examined the little creature.
Quiet blue eyes looked back at him and Nestor was sure he saw the beginnings of a little smile on the dragon's face.
"I've never had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of a dragon before."
The little dragon stretched her wings, fluttering them gently as if after a long sleep.
Nestor held her tail, feeling the pulse of life in the little dragon, the cool scales and warm skin, admiring the way the sun glinted off her horns. He wondered how large she'd grow. He wondered if it would be appropriate to invite her back to the village for some tea. He was known for his teas, he thought the little dragon looked like she could use a spot of tea. Maybe ellaberry tea, it was sweet and mild with a lovely relaxing quality.
Clearing his throat Nestor spoke aloud words he had only ever read before.
He stumbled over the foreign sounds, trying to make his tongue sound like a dragon's. His cheeks reddened knowing he was butchering the language but he must have done enough. Known enough, for the little dragon emitted a series of similar sounding clicks and whirrs, ending with a purr that needed no translating at all.
Nestor heaved a sigh of relief, carefully releasing the dragon. When he stood, he expected her to fly along beside him and was amused when her great wings flapped, lifting her to his shoulder where she perched with the utmost delicacy and care.
He stared into her eyes, and she into his.
"Alright then...alright."
The great Mayor of Arboria headed back towards the village, a dragon on his shoulder. He didn't quicken his pace, leaving the other half of the spell untouched, wanting the time alone with his new friend before the chaos of elven village life enfolded them.
As they traveled in companionable silence beneath the towering trees, past the great maple and ring of rocks Nestor remembered to introduce himself. With a few gestures and a mixture of elven and dragon language he was able to communicate his name. Nestor Dwyer, Mayor of Arboria.
The little blue dragon, with subtle hints of gold that Nestor could see now that she was so close, responded with a pleased high pitched sound, repeating it over and over again until Nestor realized she was telling him her name.
"Eyo, Eyo, Eyo." She called, until it was almost a song.
Nestor grinned when he realized, and repeated the name, "Eyo, what a lovely name. Well Eyo, you're welcomed into Arboria for as long as you like!"

Character Dimensions: 10" x 11" x 12.5"

NEW SALE, Elf Art Doll Sculpture, Nestor the ELF and his Dragon


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  • Materials: clay, fabric
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