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Shungite Pyramid for Crafting

Different pyramid size and finish options:

Polished/Non-polished 3 cm (1.18 inches) 25 grams (0.05 lbs)
Polished/Non-polished 4 cm (1.57 inches) 50 grams (0.11 lbs)
Polished/Non-polished 5 cm (1.96 inches) 110 grams (0.24 lbs)

Shungite Pyramids

Pyramid shape is very popular due to its powerful properties for manifesting and amplifying energy. This shape has been used by ancient civilizations. For example, Egyptians believed that pyramids symbolize rays of the Sun. This shape harnesses all the high vibrational energies of shungite. Although the vibrations are high, they will not make you feel stressed, they are very soothing and will make you feel comfortable, safe and calm.
If you place a shungite pyramid at your desk at work, you will bring electromagnetic radiation emitted by PC, laptop or Wi-Fi router close to zero. The more shungite items you have in your office, the more protected you are. Moreover, the radius of action depends on the size of items. The bigger pyramids are, the better. You can place shungite pyramids in your living room, kid’s room, kitchen and even in the bathroom. Besides, pyramid is a stylish minimalist home decor item.

About Shungite

Shungite is a rare Precambrian carbonaceous rock of organic origin which has been found in its form only in Russia, The Republic of Karelia. It bears the name of a small village called Shunga where it was first discovered. Scientists claim that the stone is about 2 billion years old and it was forming before life existed on Earth. Today it is often referred to as a healing mineral, the mineral or stone of life due to its famous curative and antibacterial qualities.

Shungite products have proven to:
· Be an effective shield from EMF so widespread today due to electronic devices
· Activate internal self-regulation mechanisms of the human body
· Relieve stress and tension of a person
· Relieve the sense of fatigue
· Relieve headaches
· Ensure psychological rehabilitation of the person
· Restore the metabolism functions
· Improve the condition of people with hypertensive disorders and emotionally labile impairments
· Normalize blood pressure and cardiovascular system
· Improve sleep
· Relieve anxiety and hyper excitability, as well as stops unusual emotional reactions
· Increase overall tonus and body resistance rise
· Be an effective additional therapy of diseases of the respiratory system and gastrointestinal tract
· Help to cope with mood swings, depression, anxiety and stress

Look for further information about shungite on the pages of our store. Do not hesitate to ask your questions. We are here to help you choose the best products for you.

Please beware of other stones being sold as if they were shungite. Buy directly from The Republic of Karelia where the only one deposit of genuine shungite is located.
All the parcels are properly packed ensuring safety of your product.
Please feel free to contact us if needed, we are here to help you with your purchase and to answer your questions!

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Shungite is a Precambrian carbonaceous natural mineral of organic origin that can be found in its raw form only in the Zazhoginsky deposit, the Republic of Karelia, the Russian Federation.
Shungite has a unique structure consisting of fullerenes, which is a crystalline modification of carbon. Fullerenes are considered as one of the most powerful antioxidants that protects cells of a human body from the damaging effects of free radicals and spherical fullerene molecules contained in the shungite carbon make it extremely useful for a person using shungite.
The authenticity of shungite pieces can be proved with a simple test: you can take a battery, bulb and two wires and make streamline of electricity coming from battery to bulb with one of the wires being connected to battery and another to bulb with a shungite stone between them. If shungite is authentic you will see that the shungite conducts electricity and bulb lightens due to the high carbon content in shungite.
Shungite stones can be divided into three types depending on the content of carbon in it. Type III and type II shungite is usually called regular shungite stone and they contain from 30 to 50 per cent of carbon and from 50 to 90 per cent of carbon respectively. All the shaped products on the market like pyramids, spheres, bracelets, etc. are made of regular shungite since it amounts for the major part of shungite found in Karelia and can be easily shaped and polished. Type I shungite is called noble or elite shungite and it contains from 90 to 98 per cent of organic carbon in it. Elite shungite nuggets have shiny silvery surfaces and have a high energetic potential due to the high percentage of carbon.
We can send you the pictures of the item before you receive it or even order it. For example, when it comes to unique shapes of elite stone nuggets we can send you the pictures of the stones available so that you can choose one of them for you.
There are variations made in the listings that can be customized according to your preferences, but if you want something special that is not in variations or want to customize the size of jewelry, please, contact us.
We provide wholesale and we would be happy to cooperate with you, so please contact us to discuss the details.
We provide a gift-wrapping service, so please contact us to discuss the details.


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