Witchcraft, Wicca, Pagan, Spells, Witches, Magic, Occult, Salem - 212 Rare Old Books

Witchcraft, Wicca, Pagan, Spells, Witches, Magic, Occult, Salem - 212 Rare Old Books

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Collected Together for the first time in this unique collection, 212 hugely interesting books about WITCHCRAFT, WICCA, SPELLS, PAGANISM, THE OCCULT, SALEM WITCHES, ideal for anyone with an interest in such things or for someone who wishes to learn more about the subject. These two-hundred-and-twelve volumes are timeless with many rare volumes and undiscovered gems.

These vintage e-books range from the 1500's up to the early 1900's, and have a unique and timeless quality about them. Most books are scanned from the original books, others are exact facsimiles of the text. These books are electronic versions of the originals. Files included are pdf format. This will require you to have adobe reader for your pc or tablet - this is a free download and can be obtained from adobe.com. So, you will be able to enjoy the books as they were originally intended.

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All About Devils (1890)

Alchemy, Ancient And Modern(1922)

Ancient Pagan And Modern Christian Symbolism(1922)

Alchemy Rediscovered And Restored (1941)

Anima Astrologiae (1676)

Apikorsus - An Essay On The Diverse Practices Of Chaos Magick(1986)

Aradia, Or, The Gospel Of The Witches(1899)

Architecture Mysticism And Myth(1892)

Astral Worship (1895)

Astrology, Its Technics And Ethics(1917)

The Aurora of the Philosophers

Bi Literal Cypher of Francis Bacon(1561 – 1624)

The Black Pullet - Science of Magical Talismans

Book Of Aquarius (2011)

Book Of Black Magic(1910)

Book Of Ceremonial Magic(1913)

The Book Of Hallowe'en(1919)

Book Of Talismans Amulets And Zodiacal Gems (1922)

Bygone Beliefs, Being A Series Of Excursions In The Byways Of Thought(1920)

The Chymical Wedding

The Cloud Upon the Sanctuary

Coelum Philosophorum(1596)

Collectanea Chemica; Being Certain Select Treatises On Alchemy And Hermetic Medicine(1893)

Comte De Gabalis(1913)

Comte De SaintGermain(1912)

Cotton Mather And Salem Witchcraft(1869)

Cultus Arborum A Descriptive Account Of Phallic Tree Worship(1890)

Daemonologie (1597)


Demonology and Devil-lore(1879)

The History Of The Devils Of Loudun(1887)

Divine Pymander(1650)

Dogma Et Rituel De La Haute Magie(1896)

The Druid Path(1917)

Eanthe A Tale Of The Druids And Other Poems

Encyclopedia Of Ancient And Forbidden Secrets

The Evil Eye. An Account Of This Ancient And Wide Spread Superstition(1895)

Fortune Telling By Cards (1915)

Francis Bacon's Cryptic Rhymes And The Truth They Reveal(1906)

Gardnerian Book Of Shadows

General Book of the Tarot(1930)

Gleanings of a Mystic - A Series of Essays on Practical Mysticism(1922)

The Golden Chain of Homer

The Great Secret (1922)

The Guide To Astrology - Containing A Complete System Of Genethliacal Astrology

Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune Telling - Illustrated by Numerous Incantations(1891)

The Hermetic Arcanum

The Hermetic Museum(1893)

Hieroglyphic Monad(1564)

The History Of The Devil, As Well Ancient As Modern - In Two Parts

The Pictorial Key to the Tarot(1910)

Irish Witchcraft And Demonology(1913)

The Greater Key Of Solomon

Kybalion a Study Of The Hermetic Philosophy

Letters On Demonology And Witchcraft

Lives of Alchemystical Philosophers

Lives Of The Necromancers(1834)

Magical Ritual Of The Sanctum Regnum(1896)

Magic And Fetishism(1906)

Magic And Religion (1901)

Magic White And Black Or The Science Of Finate And Infinite Life(1900)

Magus A Complete System Of Occult Philosophy(1801)

Malleus Maleficarum (1486)

Manual Of Occultism (1914)

The Mirror Of Alchimy(1597)

The Most Holy Trinosophia - Comte De St. Germain

The Mythology And Rites Of The British Druids - Ascertained By National

Numbers-Their-Occult-Power-And-Mystic-Virtues (1911)

Occult Principles of Health and Healing

The Occult Sciences - A Compendium Of Transcendental Doctrine And Experiment

Ophiolatreia-Or-Serpent-Worship (1889)

The Origin Of Pagan Idolatry Ascertained From Historical Testimony And Circumstantial Evidence(1816)

Pagan & Christian Creeds - Their Origin And Meaning(1921)

Pagan Prayers(1913)

Poems Of Paganism; Or, Songs Of Life And Love(1895)

Realness of Witchcraft in America

Records Of Salem Witchcraft, Copied From The Original Documents(1864)

Remains Of Pagan Saxondom(1852)


Stonehenge-To-Day-And-Yesterday (1916)

The Veil Of Isis, Or, Mysteries Of The Druids(1875)

Witchcraft in Salem village in 1692(1971)

The Possibility And Reality Of Magick, Sorcery, And Witchcraft(1722)

An Encyclopaedia Of Occultism(1920)

An Historical, Physiological And Theological Treatise Of Spirits, Apparitions, Witchcrafts, And Other Magical Practices(1705)

An History Of Magic, Witchcraft, And Animal Magnetism(1851)

Annals Of Witchcraft In New England(1869)

Ars Notoria - The Notory Art of Solomon(1656)

Babylonian Magic And Sorcery(1896)

Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft

Clothed With The Sun; Being The Book Of The Illuminations Of Anna Kingsford(1889)

Die Elemente der Kabbalah(1913)

Dictionnaire Des Sciences Occultes(1846)

De Occulta Philosophia(1533)

Fragments of Truth(1921)

Henry Cornelius Agrippa's Fourth Book Of Occult Philosophy, And Geomancy(1655)

Hours With The Ghosts, Or, Nineteenth Century Witchcraft(1897)

Human Animals(1915)

Hypnotism, Mesmerism And The New Witchcraft(1896)

Initiation, Human And Solar(1922)

King Philip's War, And Witchcraft In New England(1890)

Letters From The Teacher (of The Order Of The 15)(1909)

Liber Null And The Psychonaut

Magic And Mystery - A Popular History(1894)

Magic and Witchcraft(1852)

Modern Magic(1873)

Mysteries Unveiled - The Hoary Past Comes Forward With Astonishing Messages For The Prophetic Future(1896)

Naos - A Practical Guide to Modern Magick

Narratives Of Sorcery And Magic, From The Most Authentic Sources(1852)

Narratives Of The Witchcraft Cases, 1648-1706(1914)

New Light From The Great Pyramid(1893)

The Literature Of Witchcraft In New England(1896)

Occult Phenomena In The Light Of Theology(1957)

Occult Science In India And Among The Ancients(1908)

Practical Occultism(1939)

Some Philosophy Of The Hermetics(1898)

Strange Phenomena Of New England(1846)

The Amber Witch The Most Interesting Trial For Witchcraft Ever Known(1844)

The Astrologer Of The Nineteenth Century(1825)

The Asuri-kalpa - A Witchcraft Practice Of The Atharva-veda(1889)

The Book of Forbidden Knowledge

The Book Of The Goetia Of Solomon The King(1904)

The Canon - An Exposition Of The Pagan Mystery Perpetuated In The Cabala As The Rule Of All The Arts(1897)

The Consciousness Of The Atom(1922)

The Cradle Of The Twin Giants, Science And History(1849)

The Discoverie Of Witchcraft(1886)

The Doctrine And Literature Of The Kabalah(1902)

The Gates Of Knowledge - With An Additional Chapter Entitled Philosophy And Theosophy(1912)

The Key of Solomon(1916)

The History Of Magic(1851)

The Kabbala - The True Science Of Light(1877)

The Kabbalah - Its Doctrines, Development, And Literature(1920)

The Mysteries Of Astrology, And The Wonders Of Magic(1854)

The Other World; Or, Glimpses Of The Supernatural(1875)

The Philosophy Of Fire(1920)

The Philosophy Of Witchcraft(1839)

The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage(1900)

The Secret Book Of The Black Arts(1878)

The Secret Doctrine In Israel; A Study Of The Zohar And Its Connections

The Secrets Of Black Arts! - A Key Note To Witchcraft

The Sixth And Seventh Books Of Moses(1910)

The Superstitions Of Witchcraft(1865)

The Witch-Cult In Western Europe - A Study In Anthropology(1921)

Three Books Of Occult Philosophy Or Magic(1898)

Witch Hill - A History Of Salem Witchcraft(1870)

Witchcraft And Superstitious Record(1911)

Witchcraft in North Carolina(1919)

Witchcraft Of New England Explained By Modern Spiritualism(1881)

Within The Temple Of Isis

Witchcraft - Or The Art Of Fortune-telling Unveiled(1805)

The Tarot Of The Bohemians(1892)

A Suggestive Inquiry Into The Hermetic Mystery(1850)

A Short History Of The Salem Village Witchcraft Trials(1911)

A Manual Of Occultism (1914)

A Manual Of Cartomancy, Fortune-telling And Occult Divination(1909)

A History of Witchcraft in England from 1558 to 1718(1911)

A History Of Magic And Experimental Science(1923)

A Dweller On Two Planets Or, The Dividing Of The Way By Phylos The Thibetan(1905)

A Dissertation Upon The Druids(1886)

A Confirmation And Discovery Of Witchcraft(1973)

A Compleat System Of Magick Or, The History Of The Black-art(1729)

A Collection Of Rare And Curious Tracts On Witchcraft And The Second Sight(1820)

Thesaurus Incantatus (1888)

Theosophy And Occultism (1892)

The Political History Of The Devil (1726)

The Phantom World - Or, The Philosophy Of Spirits, Apparitions (1850)

The Occultism In The Shakespeare Plays (1909)

The Occult World (1885)

The Occult Sciences - The Philosophy Of Magic, Prodigies And Apparent Miracles (1846)

The Light Of Truth, And Pleasure Of Light. In Four Books. Great Is Truth, And It Shall Prevail (1827)

The History Of The Devil And The Idea Of Evil; From The Earliest Times To The Present Day (1899)

The Great Secret And Its Unfoldment In Occultism - A Record Of Forty Years' Experience In The Modern Mystery (1896)

The Great Book Of Magical Art, Hindu Magic And East Indian Occultism, Now Combined With The Book(1915)

The Existence Of Evil Spirits Proved; And Their Agency, Particularly In Relation To The Human Race, Explained And Illustrated(1843)

The Divine Mystery (1910)

The Demonism Of The Ages - Spirit Obsessions So Common In Spiritism, Oriental And Occidental Occultism (1904)

The Certainty Of The Worlds Of Spirits (1691)

The Ban Of The Bori - Demons And Demon-dancing In West And North Africa (1914)

Spiritualism Identical With Ancient Sorcery, New Testament Demonology, And Modern Witchcraft - With The Testimony Of God And Man Against It (1866)

Scientific Occultism, A Hypothetical Basis Of Life (1905)

Satanic Pagan Calendars

Practical Occultism - A Course Of Lectures Through The Trance Mediumship Of J.J. Morse (1888)

Occultism, Spiritism, Materialism (1879)

Occultism - Two Lectures Delivered In The Royal Institution On May 17 And 24, 1921 (1922)

Occult Science In Medicine (1893)

Modern Necromancy - A Sermon Preached In Trinity Church, Washington City, April 23, 1854 (1854)

Magic,black And White; Charms And Counter Charms. Divination And Demonology (1910)

Letters On Demonology And Witchcraft (1840)

Irish Witchcraft And Demonology (1913)

Hypnotism - Including A Study Of The Chief Points Of Psycho-therapeutics And Occultism (1913)

Hints To Young Students Of Occultism (1915)

Ghost Land, Or, Researches Into The Mysteries Of Occultism - Illustrated In A Series Of Autobiographical Sketches (1876)

From Incarnation To Re-incarnation (1908)

Fourteen Lessons In Yogi Philosophy And Oriental Occultism (1904)

Essays In Occultism, Spiritism, And Demonology (1919)

Encyclopaedia Of Occultism - A Compendium Of Information On The Occult Sciences, Occult Personalities, Psychic Science, Magic, Demonology, Spiritism, (1960)

Diabolology - The Person And Kingdom Of Satan (1890)

Demonology And Witchcraft (1835)

Demonology And Witchcraft - With Especial Reference To Modern Spiritualism, So-called, And The Doctrines Of Demons (1889)

Demonology And Devil-lore (1879)

Demonism Verified And Analyzed (1922)

Demonic Possession In The New Testament - Its Relations Historical, Medical, And Theological (1902)

Deamoniacs - An Enquiry Into The Heathen And The Scripture Doctrine Of Daemons ; In Which The Hypotheses Of The Rev. Mr. Farmer,
Daimonologia, Or, A Treatise Of Spirits (1723)


Daemonologia Sacra; Or, A Treatise Of Satan's Temptations (1867)

Critical Studies In St. Luke's Gospel - Its Demonology And Ebionitism (1891)

Correspondence Class Course in Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism (1903)

Christian Science, Medicine, And Occultism (1902)

Bodin Demonomanie (1587)

An Impartial Enquiry Into The Case Of The Gospel Demoniacks - With An Appendix, Consisting Of An Essay On Scripture Demonology (1777)

An Essay On Evil Spirits (1827)

An Essay On Demonology, Ghosts And Apparitions, And Popular Superstitions (1831)


These books are electronic versions of the originals. Expertly scanned and converted to pdf format. These books can be instantly downloaded and read on a pc, laptop or tablet. This will require you to have adobe reader for your pc or tablet - this is a free download and can be obtained from adobe.com. So, you will be able to enjoy the books as they were originally intended.

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Donna Jun 5, 2020

5 out of 5 stars

Omg I’ve always been interested in Wicca/witchcraft it has always fascinated me and I’m finally getting in to it and the books and informations given for such an affordable price is amazing I love the information I have received

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This was a gem. Such a trip to see some of these books. I had a little trouble downloading, and the seller did an amazing job getting back to me as soon as possible to help. (It was user error if you want to know. )The PDFs are scanned very well and are very easy to read. Some of the books have annotations that add to the character of the pages. Highly recommend these books and have already done so to a few of my friends.

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SOOOO much information/history/witchy stuff!! I absolutely love it!! Thank you!! 😊

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