Evergreen Tree Metal Stamp / Christmas Tree 5mm - Beaducation Metal Stamping Punch Tools for Hand Stamped Jewelry Making (DS538)

Evergreen Tree Metal Stamp / Christmas Tree 5mm - Beaducation Metal Stamping Punch Tools for Hand Stamped Jewelry Making (DS538)


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Small Evergreen Tree 5mm Metal Design Stamp - Beaducation Original
- Design measures 5.5mm x 1.5mm.
- Made from 1/4" square heat-treated tool steel.
- Beaducation Original design. Made in the USA.
- Arrives coated in oil to prevent rusting. Wipe oil away with paper towel. Do not use water.
- Rated to use on all soft metals and stainless steel. Knives are hardened steel and none of our stamps should be used on knife blades.

Quick & Easy: How to Make a Custom Metal Stamped Necklace
Watch our 5 Minute Metal Stamping Tutorial here: https://beaducation.com/online_classes/183-5-minute-metal-stamping-tutorial

Step 1
Draw a straight line on your blank where you want the bottom of the letters to align, or use Straight Tape. Mark a dot at the center of the line or tape.

Step 2
Place your blank on a steel bench block. Start with the middle letter of your word and place the stamp at the center dot on your blank. Hold stamp perpendicular to the bench block. Strike stamp with one strong blow using a 1lb. brass mallet. Continue stamping letters out to the right and then back to the left.

Step 3
Darken the impressions using an oxidizing solution or permanent marker. Use a Pro Polish Pad or fine steel wool to buff the surface, leaving the impressions colored.

Step 4
Mark a dot on your blank for the jump ring hole. Punch the hole using a hole punch plier and add a jump ring. Viola! You have a beautiful hand stamped pendant!

For more metal stamping video tutorials, tips and more, please visit us here: https://beaducation.com/stamping

Tips on How to Stamp on Metal
Make sure you practice every new stamp on copper (or another cheap metal). They are all a bit different and you don’t want the learning curve to happen on an expensive metal.

Make sure you are using the proper tools:
• Use a heavy hammer weighing between 1 and 2 lbs. A brass head hammer work best but any heavy household hammer will work as well.
• Use a Steel Bench Block under your metal. You need the resistance of the hard block in order to successfully impress into your metal.

If you have both of those tools and you are still struggling, let’s problem solve a little further.

Problem Solving
Some design stamps are more difficult to stamp than others. Remember, you are not removing the metal, you are moving it so the more design to the stamp, the more metal needs to be moved evenly.

For example, the Loopy stamp is one curved line and is pretty easy to stamp. The Bird House stamp has a lot of detail so it will be tougher to stamp.

Are you comfortable with your hammer?
The more comfortable you are with your hammer, the more success you will have stamping. Don’t be scared…hit it hard! ☺ Make sure your work surface isn’t too soft.

Do you ever get a “shadowed” look when stamping a design stamp?
This may be because you are working on a surface that has a slight bounce. If you have anything between the bench block and your table (besides something hard like sandbag), it may be causing your stamp to bounce slightly and end up with a double stamp. Make sure you have nothing soft under your Bench Block, not even a thin piece of fabric. ALSO, make sure you are working on a very strong stable table. If you are working on something flimsy like a card table, the table will be absorbing some of the blow and will add to the problem.

Use a heavy hammer.
Ok, so your work surface is better now but you are still getting a light stamp……move to a heavier hammer. Are you using one of those “girlie” hammers? Head on down to the hardware store and get yourself a MANLY hammer, at least 16 ounces. I even have a 3 pound sledge hammer. It really gets the job done, and it impresses my friends!

“Tilt ‘n Tap” Method for Stamping with Design Stamps
Hold the stamp steady in your stabilizing hand, pressing it lightly into the metal.
Hit it once with your hammer.
Now without moving or shifting the stamp, tilt it slightly to the right and strike it again.
Now tilt it slightly to the right and towards yourself a bit, strike it again.

Continue in this manner, changing the angle of the tilt each time and moving in a circular motion until your last tilt is slightly away from you. You will be most successful with a total of 6-8 tilts and taps (strikes).

Print the PDF for Step-by-Step How to Metal Stamp + Tips here: https://www.beaducation.com/product_guides/6-tilt-n-tap-method-working-with-design-stamps

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