ORIGINAL Swedish Wrap Die Set for all Half Dollar, Dollar and Silver Eagle-Sized Coin Rings; BONUS items Included!

ORIGINAL Swedish Wrap Die Set for all Half Dollar, Dollar and Silver Eagle-Sized Coin Rings; BONUS items Included!



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Hardened and Wear Resistant Stainless Steel, Solid Brass


At CoinRingUSA®, we uphold the highest standards by sourcing only the best quality material and highly skilled craftsmanship when making our coin ring tools.

That’s why all CoinRingUSA® brand of Swedish Wrap Method extrusion dies are precision-smoothed, buffed, and then hand-polished to a superior finish on the inside die walls using a multi-step process that results in the most consistent and effective reduction and extrusion of any coin to make into a coin ring on the market.

*** Sometimes imitated but never duplicated, this is the ORIGINAL 3 Swedish Wrap Die Set combo that I personally designed in mid-2016. Other inexperienced sellers offering similar 3 Swedish Wrap Die sets do not match up to the QUALITY of these dies and pushrods. For example, we manufacture our pushrods from top quality brass, and not out of less expensive and weaker aluminum or plastic, which doesn't hold up over time.

This new technique has revolutionized the way that larger coins are made into smaller-sized coin rings; all the while protecting the full detail of each coin.

These Swedish Wrap dies are also great to use to remove the "wobble" that can occur when making coin rings.

This “Swedish Wrap" Die Set for all Half Dollar, Dollar and Silver Eagle-Sized Coin Rings comes complete with the following:

-- THREE 1.5” tall ”Swedish Wrap” Dies made of hardened stainless steel.

-- 4 Brass Push Rod Plungers that are each machined with dual-sided ends (for a total of EIGHT different outer diameter-sized push rod ends) to compress your coin ring through the Swedish Wrap Dies. (Brass was chosen as the material for the push rod plungers over plastic, nylon, and even softer metals like aluminum due to the deforming and galling that can occur with those softer materials from the pressure that's involved when compressing.)

More sizes = more options by reducing the number of times that you have to shrink the reeded-end of your coin ring in the universal reduction dies to make it better fit the push rod plunger! ;-)

*** BONUSES ***
-- 2 rolls of Teflon pipe thread seal tape,
-- A piece of tough impact-resistant urethane pad that you can use on the ends of the push rods to both protect the reeded-end of the coin, and the brass push rod end. (You simply take a pen and trace each of the 8 outer diameter push rod ends onto the urethane pad and then cut them out to end up with 8 different-sized urethane "discs").

--- Below are some reviews and emails that I have received from folks regarding my tools:

* April 26, 2018: "Hi, I received your die set today and could not wait to try it out. Attached is a pic of the Eisenhower Dollar ring I made for my first try. I plan to practice on several of these before trying a Morgan. I just started this hobby a month ago. I owe people like you a world of thanks for the You Tube instructional videos that allow us to learn a new skill/hobby.

I am very pleased with your products. Keep 'em coming."


* "Great set of dies. Silky smooth and work beautifully, can't see how they could be any better. Great addition to my tools. Thanks much!"
butch0011 on May 20, 2017
5 out of 5 stars

* "Excellent quality! As I've said before I wouldn't buy these tools from anyone else in the future."
Davostrange on May 4, 2017
5 out of 5 stars

* "A galaxy of stars wouldn't be enough to select from to reflect in how pleased I am with these new tools. Precision dies and cones and mandrel's epic quality and speedy shipping. I will continue to buy for sure."
Eric Guthrie on Apr 11, 2017
5 out of 5 stars

* "This is the coolest thing I've ever worked with. Super easy and amazing results. Thank you Martin for the superior tools and all the help. If you are serious about making coin rings, the swedish dies are a must!"
gsmcgee12 on Nov 16, 2016
5 out of 5 stars

* Love these dies. Butter smooth. Like having three shallow dies because I can see in them and not have to worry about any issues. All of my dies are from Martins shop. He makes top quality tools! Thanks Martin"
B Conn on Oct 5, 2016
5 out of 5 stars

* "Hickory Dickory Dock, This Etsy Seller Rocks... Great Tools!!!!! Thanks For The Bonus It Works Great!!!!"
undertowproducts on Aug 17, 2016
5 out of 5 stars

* "Hi, just a quick note of thanks for your latest tool offering... these Swedish Wrap Dies are awesome! I had a chance to try some of the Swede Dies that a friend of mine bought that are 2" tall, and what I didn't like about them was the fact that I couldn't always see my coin while I was forming it; but your die set solves that problem and then some. Thanks again buddy, can't wait to see what you come up with next!" --- Terry H. of Sunset City Coin Rings

After having prototyped and tested several combinations of die heights and inner wall pitches, (tapers); I went with this particular Swedish Wrap combination because it really achieves the "sweet spot" between both die height and inner wall pitch: not too short, not too tall... not too steep; and not too shallow. This particular combination produces some of the best and most consistent results, while allowing you to be in better control of your work by being able to see your coin ring easier throughout the "Swedish Wrap" process.

* A major benefit that this combination of die height and inner wall pitch offers is the option of bottoming out the coin ring in the first die, and then switching to the next smaller-sized Swedish Wrap die without having to extrude (push) the coin ring all the way out the bottom of the initial die. You can, however, extrude (push) the coin ring through the bottom of any of the three dies if you choose to without damaging the coin ring’s detail; as each die has been machined with a unique beveled relief at the bottom that allows for full extrusion of your coin ring without any damage to its' outer detail.

* Another major benefit to this Swedish Wrap Set is that you only have to use ONE brass push rod working through the die to bottom out your coin ring in any of the 3 dies in the set. This eliminates the extra step as well as the potential for slipping when stacking multiple push rod plungers on top of each other.

This complete 3-die Set offers a total of 4.5" inches of workable inner die wall to compress coin rings; and it gives you the full range for extruding coin rings all the way from nearly 1.450" in outer diameter, down to just .765" in outer diameter!


After folding your coin ring (using the regular Universal Reduction dies), find the correct diameter brass push rod that covers the majority of the reeded-end of your coin. After annealing and wrapping the coin in Teflon thread tape, you place your folded-over coin ring into the appropriate sized Swedish Wrap die that it fits in, with the reeded edge facing UP.

Next, place the appropriate-sized urethane "disc" (cut from the strip of urethane pad that comes with your kit) onto the top of the reeded side of the coin, and place your push rod on top of that. The urethane disc creates a protective barrier between the two metal surfaces and helps to preserve the detail of the reeds as well as the brass push rod end.

Begin to compress (extrude) the coin down the die, pulling the coin out often to both re-anneal and to re-wrap the coin in pipe thread tape, and when necessary; flipping the brass push rod over to the next smaller diameter size to continue compressing the coin down the die.

Starting with the LARGE (marked 1.4”) and followed by the MEDIUM (marked 1.2”) Swedish Wrap dies, I have been able to reduce American Silver Eagles, Morgan Dollars, and even Challenge Coins down to a size 9 while only BOTTOMING the coins out in the MEDIUM (1.2”) die.

The “SMALL” Swedish Wrap die in the Set (marked 1.1”) can be used to compress the Half Dollar-sized coins down to roughly a size 3.5 with full extrusion, and can also be used to further compress the larger-sized coins such as the American Silver Eagle, Morgan/Peace Dollars, Challenge Coins, etc., down to a tiny size 1 when fully extruding out through the bottom of this die!

You can then “tuck in” the edges of the coin ring using either the Universal 17°, or the 25° “Fat Tire” Folding and Reduction Dies also found at my Shop Page for a rounded-look while bringing those larger coin rings down to a size 00 – 000.

* The SMALL Swedish Wrap die (marked 1.1"), can even be used to compress US Quarter-sized coins down to a size 4 when fully extruded out the bottom of the die. Then using the smaller 0.7" x 0.8" Universal reduction die (that I also offer at my Shop Page), you can further reduce US Quarter-sized coins (down below a size 4) to your final desired size!

Depending on the size and look that you’re going for, you can now either:

1.) Expand the thinner punched-side of your coin ring to match the outer diameter of your coin ring on your ring sizer machine for a “straight-walled” look;

2.) After Step 1, you can then further reduce the ring size by “tucking in” the edges of the coin using either the Universal 17°, 20°, or the 25° “Fat Tire” Folding and Reduction Dies (also found at my Shop Page) for a rounded "Fat Tire" look; or,

3.) You can continue to compress the coin ring further down the Swedish Wrap dies to achieve an overall smaller size.

To achieve the “straight-walled” look, I like to compress the coin ring using the Swedish Wrap dies and then expanding the coin ring on the ring stretcher until I get to 3 sizes ABOVE my final desired target ring size. Then, using my deburring tool, I will remove the appropriate amount of material from the INSIDE of the thicker reeded part of the coin to achieve more of a "comfort fit". Next, using the 17-degree dies, I will reduce the sides of my coin ring until I have reached my final target size.

For those wanting a rounded-look to their coin rings, you can first compress the coin using the Swedish Wrap dies and then expand it on your ring stretcher to 3 sizes ABOVE your final target size. You would then use the appropriate-sized Universal 17° die to first reduce the coin ring to get it close to your final target size, and then finish the coin ring off by using the 25° die to “tuck in” the sides more to achieve a more rounded “Fat Tire” look.


1.) TAKE YOUR TIME, especially when first starting out. I recommend Swedish Wrapping' a few rings out of clad coins to get familiar with the process.

2.) Make sure that you anneal your coin OFTEN, ideally after every press or two. Doing so will make the process easier.

3.) Use a LOT of pipe thread tape, and make sure to both re-anneal and re-wrap your coin ring often throughout the process. A 10-pack of the pipe thread tape can be purchased at HarborFreight.com for 2 dollars.

4.) Make sure that you firmly press the teflon-wrapped coin ring to make sure that it is seated evenly into the Swedish Wrap die before compressing with the brass push rod plungers.

5.) Press SLOW and make sure that the brass push rod covers the majority of the reeded portion of the coin. If it doesn’t cover enough of the reeds, the push rod could slip as you’re compressing it, possibly ruining the coin ring. You can fix this issue by placing the coin ring, (reeded side DOWN) into either your Universal 17°, or 25° "fat tire" folding and reduction die to slightly shrink the outer diameter of the reeded side until the brass push rod better covers the reeds. * Be sure not to reduce TOO MUCH here, do just enough so that there's more coverage needed for the brass push rod.

6.) Make sure that you don't over press the brass push rods down the Swedish Wrap dies, especially when using a hydraulic press or an arbor press. At first, it's best to place the brass push rods into the dies WITHOUT the coin ring underneath. That way, you can get an idea of where the push rod "bottoms out" before actually compressing your coin. After some practice, you’ll be able to feel the resistance of when each push rod bottoms out in the dies.

The tiny-sized coin rings can be incorporated into charms on necklaces, (see the 3rd listing photo for reference), bracelet charms, or even earrings. The possibilities are nearly endless!

(Coins and coins rings pictured are not included and are used for reference only.)

*** Here's why you should purchase your coin ring-making tools from the CoinRingUSA® Shop:

1.) I don't believe in cutting corners; so my up-front costs are higher than anyone else's in order to be able to bring you the best quality material and craftsmanship available in coin ring-making tools.

2.) The level of quality of my tools is simply not duplicated elsewhere; as I use the highest quality Hardened Stainless Steel that is precision CNC-machined to the finest standards by expert machinists and hand polished to a smooth finish; unlike most other competitors' dies that have rough finishes to the inner die faces.

3.) Each die has also been precision engraved with the corresponding size opening for easy identification.

4.) My customers always come first! I can always be reached through Etsy, by e-mail directly, or by leaving me a comment on my blog site.

5.) I have a passion for both making coin rings as well as creating the highest quality coin ring-making tools on the market today. That's why I've created a platform where people can go to get their questions answered about all things coin rings; as well as ask questions and even leave suggestions. Please visit my new blog site at: CoinRingBlog.com for coin ring making tips, tricks, and tool updates.

6.) All of my coin ring-making tools are 100% guaranteed

7.) Why spend less or the same amount for inferior dies and coin ring tools elsewhere? Buy from CoinRingUSA® and get the best in quality tooling!

Be sure to Subscribe to my YouTube channel located under "CoinRingUSA" for updates, or click on the following link to go directly there: youtube.com/CoinRingUSA

To see the other coin ring-making tools available; be sure to visit: CoinRingUSA.com

Thanks, and here's to your coin ring-making success!

*** Shipping:

This set will be shipped by USPS Priority Mail with Signature Confirmation for U.S. residents.

Please Note for International orders: If you are ordering from outside the United States, your package may be delayed at Customs, depending on your particular country's policies for inbound U.S. shipments. You will need to inquire with your local Post Office or Mail Carrier Service for further delivery information. Customers ordering from outside of the United States are responsible for any duties, import taxes and/or brokerage fees that your country might impose upon delivery. These charges are not included in the cost of shipping and handling of your order.

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Brad Starr Apr 5, 2020

5 out of 5 stars
I have purchased every folding cone,Reduction die and finishing tool I own From CoinRingUSA,Martin Has mentored me over the last 4 years and answered questions, Has not only a vast amount of knowledge on the the tools needed but the coin ring industry as well and always swilling to share his knowledge. I just received my Original Sweede set of extrusion Dies and 2 stableizing reduction/folding dies and 2 dies that were stolen at a show.And all i can say is "as always Quality is perfection along with some replacement parts for my finishing mandrel.The sweede set is replaceing a set a family member had gotten me for a gift,and the dies are worlds apart from those of CoinRIngUSA which are superior in everyway.These tools are the best out there.And at a affordable price, All i can say is your wasting your money if you go elsewhere!
I have purchased every folding cone,Reduction die and finishing tool I own From CoinRingUSA,Martin Has mentored me over the last 4 years and answered questions, Has not only a vast amount of knowledge on the the tools needed but the coin ring industry as well and always swilling to share his knowledge. I just received my Original Sweede set of extrusion Dies and 2 stableizing reduction/folding dies and 2 dies that were stolen at a show.And all i can say is "as always Quality is perfection along with some replacement parts for my finishing mandrel.The sweede set is replaceing a...

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Douglas Feb 17, 2020

5 out of 5 stars
Fantastic items works as smooth as butter. Great price and shipped fast. Will definately buy from this shop again

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Calvin Martin Aug 5, 2019

5 out of 5 stars
Works great, exactly what I needed for reducing larger rings to smaller sizes. Arrived quickly with no hassle.

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