Obsidian Yoni Egg | Self-Control, Grounding, Ancestral Healing, Clearing Womb Space | Goddesses: Itzpapalatl, Pele

Obsidian Yoni Egg | Self-Control, Grounding, Ancestral Healing, Clearing Womb Space | Goddesses: Itzpapalatl, Pele


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crystal, velvet bag, organic, obsidian, lava

This listing is for one Obsidian Yoni Egg, storage bag, extra (optional) hemp string and link for the proper care and use of your egg, including empowering self-care and energy work exercises. Comes packaged in a discreet box, suitable for gift giving! (See photo for example)

What is a yoni egg?
Yoni is the Sanskrit word for "sacred space" and is often used in Eastern cultures as a euphemism for the vagina.

Because the vagina is a muscle, it will atrophy if it is not properly exercised. The best way to do this is through sexual activity, or kegels -- exercises intended to strengthen the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles.

The only problem with kegels, however, is that for the last few decades, women have been ill-advised in the proper technique! We've been taught to simply squeeze and release the perineum muscles, but this is tantamount to staring at your weights on the stand as you flex your arm muscles.

This is where the yoni egg comes in. Yoni eggs are a sacred tool of self-care! They have been used in Eastern cultures for centuries to tone and strengthen the vagina and enhance sexual performance. There are numerous benefits to using a yoni egg. It helps prevent incontinance, uterine prolapse, vaginal dryness. Also, using a yoni egg during perimenopause or menopause increases blood flow to the vagina, helping stave off vaginal atrophy.

This practice is imperative to maintain libido, sexual stamina and overall life force energy (qi). A strong vagina enhances everything about your overall quality of life including stronger, deeper orgasms.

About this Obsidian:

Obsidian grounds and neutralizes. It is perfect for clearing the womb of all manner of energetic debris, from everyday resentments that are stored here to memories of previous toxic relationships.

The stone is a powerful protector, shielding one from psychic attack. Obsidian helps one to release past trauma and heal ancestral wounds. It also helps one to (re)erect healthy boundaries and (re)discover healthy ego.

Obsidian is made from lava flow that comes from deep within the Earth, and working with this stone clears psychic debris from your aura, returning it to Mother Gaea for transmutation.

Goddess: Itzpapalotl, Pele, Sekhmet
Chakras: Root
Element: Earth, Fire
Planet: Pluto, Saturn
Zodiac: Scorpio, Sagitarrius
Mohs Scale: 5 - 6
Size: approx 40 mm * 35 mm (med)
Drilled for optional stringing

*If you are pregnant, postpartum or are experiencing any kind of sexual dysfunction, always check with your midwife, doula, wise woman mentor, doctor or other trusted adviser before using yoni eggs. The information listed here is not intended to diagnose or treat.

**Due to natural variations of stones, no two are exactly alike, and may look slightly different than what is pictured.

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