The “Re-REEDer” STAMPING Die to Apply Double-Sided Reeds on Coin Ring Edges for a Unique Look!

The “Re-REEDer” STAMPING Die to Apply Double-Sided Reeds on Coin Ring Edges for a Unique Look!



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Hardened Tool Steel, Impact Resistant Urethane


The CoinRingUSA® “Re-REEDer” Coin Ring Edge STAMPING Die!

With this latest tool that CoinRingUSA® has developed, you can now make your finished coin rings stand out even more by having "reeded" edges on BOTH sides of your coin ring instead of just one; a look not seen on any coin rings, until now... ;-)


* Each "Re-REEDer" comes with a 1-page sheet of easy-to-follow directions that you can keep handy at your work space!

This tool is truly unique and now you can turn your coin rings into real masterpieces!


1. Place your coin rings’ un-reeded (punched) edge onto the “Re-REEDER” die after annealing (and quenching) the coin's edge.

2. Using the hole in the middle of the “Re-REEDer” die as a point of reference, center your coin ring onto the grooves.

3. Next, place the piece of high-impact urethane pad (provided with this tool) over the Mint-reeded side and then put a compression press plate or coin ring Repair Die on top of the urethane pad. This will serve to protect the existing reeds from damage.

4. Line everything up under your hydraulic presses' ram head, and bring the press ram head down onto the top of the press plate/Repair Die until you begin to feel some resistance. Finally, complete 1-3 full downward strokes with your hydraulic press (depending on your press' tonnage rating and personal preference) to imprint the reeded pattern onto the coin ring’s edge.

The result will be a completely uniform pressed-on set of reeds. This tool that I developed is the best and most efficient way of accomplishing this new task in the shortest amount of time with the greatest amount of consistency.

Each “Re-REEDer” die is made from a solid piece of the highest quality tool steel that’s been meticulously machined and then carefully hardened for maximum efficiency.

The “Re-REEDer” die can also be used to re-apply reeds to any coin that have been either damaged, worn, or knicked. Simply file or sand the old reeds off and re-apply using the same techniques as mentioned above. (Removing the old reeds is best accomplished using a set of Rounding, Finishing and Polishing mandrels).

* Watch below as I apply a new set of reeds using the "Re-REEDer" die on a Morgan Dollar coin rings' punched edge:

(Coin rings pictured in listings above are not included and are for reference only.)

Here are just some of the testimonials that I have received regarding this new tool:

--- "The Re-Reeder is definitely a great addition. Yes it takes some practice but the small punch out slugs from previous coins can be a great way to practice. I had to swage the coin again in the SW die due to minor bulging but it was easily smoothed out. Great product and ingenious idea. Thank you!!"
Gordon on Mar 1, 2019
5 out of 5 stars

--- "Love, Love Love this Re-REEDer. Just brings sooooo much more class to your coin rings. Easy to use, easy instructions, AWESOME quality."
tim0457 on Oct 4, 2018
5 out of 5 stars

--- "Love the Re-REEDer by the way. Really adds that "something extra" to my coin rings. Love seeing the puzzled faces of my clients the first time they see the 2nd reed and wonder how the hell I pulled that off! Thanks, Sandy." March 14, 2018

--- "This is a great tool I absolutely love it giving rings a cool new look easy to use following directions thank you for making this awesome tool."
jeremywilson987 on Aug 22, 2017
5 out of 5 stars

--- "Martin, I own every tool you sell, and I love them all. They are all great, and I use them every chance I get. Keep coming up with new tools to make my passion a little easier to do, thanks!"
Email from Phil L. on May 11, 2017

--- "This Re-reeder is the bees knees. It works so AWESOME. I suggest that everyone purchase this great piece of GREATNESS."
Jody Pettit on Mar 31, 2017
5 out of 5 stars

--- "Cool little tool. Has a bit of a learning curve, but came with good instructions."
jet18357 on Mar 5, 2017
5 out of 5 stars

--- "This tool is very easy to use, coin edge prep is vital for the final look of your product. Martin this is another "Cool Tool" Great Job!!!! Thanks Again, Mike"
undertowproducts on Feb 26, 2017
5 out of 5 stars


* * * TIPS FOR USE: * * *

1.) Start by practicing on clad (non-silver) coins to get a feel for how many presses (and force) is required by your particular hydraulic press to imprint the new reeds. Factors such as coin thickness, whether or not you’ve annealed your coin, and the tonnage rating of your hydraulic press are all factors that will determine the outcome of your newly-reeded coin ring edge.

2.) Make sure that the edge you want to Re-REED is as level and smooth as possible. Edge prep is crucial to the final look of the reed pattern that you put on. This is best achieved by lightly sanding the edge using circular motions on a piece of sandpaper, sanding sponge, or a belt sander. It's also helpful if you bevel the inner and the outer edges of the side of the coin you are wanting to Re-REED.

3.) Make sure to anneal the edge of your coin ring to be reeded just prior to pressing the reeds on. This puts the metal in a softer, more workable state and will make it easier to imprint the pattern.

4.) Make sure to use the piece of the impact-resistant urethane pad (included with the “Re-REEDer”) in between your Repair Die / compression press plate and the existing reeded-side to protect its' detail.

5.) I like to press the new reeds on when the coin ring is still cone-shaped, immediately after the folding process and prior to final sizing and finishing. This allows you to easily correct any distortion that may occur to the coin rings’ side walls from over-pressing the new reeds on. Should distortion occur, you simply re-anneal your coin ring and put it back into the proper-sized universal folding/reduction die and using the proper-sized folding cone; fold the coin ring back down until the original shape is achieved.

For the Half Dollar, Dollar-sized and larger coins, you can first begin by reducing the coin ring using the "Swedish Wrap Method" technique AFTER the initial folding process and just PRIOR to applying the new reeds. This way, the new reeds are applied while the coin ring still has a cone shape to it.

TIP: The spacing of the reed pattern is tighter (closer together) the closer you get to the center of the Re-REEDer die. If you want reeds on your finished coin ring that are closer together on larger-sized coin rings, applying the reeds while the thinner punched edge of your coin ring is much smaller in diameter than the thicker Mint-Reeded side will result in a tighter (closer) pressed-on reed pattern.

6.) If you choose to put reeds onto an already completed coin ring, carefully watch the side walls of your coin ring as you apply pressure with your hydraulic press. A Morgan Dollar will have more tolerance to the downward pressure than a Washington Quarter will, for example. Any bulging that may occur to the finished coin rings’ side walls can be easily fixed by re-annealing your coin ring; expanding it back out on your ring stretcher, and then followed by reducing it in your universal folding and reduction dies to achieve your desired final shape and size.

7.) If you plan on leaving your coin ring polished, greater contrast can be achieved by applying an oxidizing solution with a Q-tip® to the newly-reeded edge such as "Black Max®" or Liver of Sulfur solutions and then buffed out.

8.) I recommend using either a deburring tool, sanding or filing the top inside and the outside edges of the side you just put the reeds on to give it a more uniform and rounded look.

9.) If you find that you didn't press down onto your coin ring enough to leave uniform reeds, simply sand down the reeds and re-apply them.

*** NOTE ***

1.) A hydraulic press is required in order to use this tool. The “Re-REEDer” die will NOT work with any ring sizer machine or arbor press. I use a 6-ton hydraulic press that can be purchased from Harbor Freight.

2.) You will need to use a tool such as the Coin Ring Repair Die / Compression Press Plate to place underneath the ram head of the hydraulic press and the top of the coin ring prior to pressing on the reeds. If you don’t already have one, you can find it here:

3.) Make sure to keep your “Re-REEDer” lightly oiled when not in use. (WD-40 or a silicone spray works best).

*** Here are some reasons to purchase your coin ring-making tools from the CoinRingUSA® Shop:

1.) I don't believe in cutting corners; so my up-front costs are higher than anyone else's in order to be able to bring you the best quality material and craftsmanship available in coin ring-making tools.

2.) The level of quality of my tools is simply not duplicated elsewhere.

3.) My customers always come first! I can always be reached through Etsy, by e-mail directly, or by leaving me a comment on my blog site.

4.) I have a passion for both making coin rings as well as creating the highest quality coin ring-making tools on the market today. That's why I've created a platform where people can go to get their questions answered about all things coin rings; as well as ask questions and even leave suggestions. Please visit my new blog site at: for coin ring making tips, techniques, and tool updates.

5.) All of my coin ring-making tools are 100% guaranteed

6.) Don’t settle for buying inferior coin ring tools. Buy from CoinRingUSA® and get the highest quality tools!


1.) Always wear safety glasses.

2.) Keep hair, loose clothing and jewelry away from pinch points and when working around open flame.

Be sure to Subscribe to my YouTube channel located under "CoinRingUSA" for coin ring updates, or click on the following link to go directly there:

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Thanks, and here's to your coin ring-making success!

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Item was as described and works as advertised. Shipping was fast and communication was good. I highly recommend.

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Well made quality product that does what it says. Plus it’s added a little something extra to make my rings just a little more fancy.

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