DIY papercraft dragon: Turn this printable PDF pattern into an impressive 3D paper mythical creature to decorate your kid's walls (Beginner)


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DIGITAL ITEM emailed to you within seconds, NO PHYSICAL ITEM will be shipped, COMPLETE printable 50 page PDF pattern, ILLUSTRATED STEP BY STEP instructions, GETTING STARTED tips and tricks, plus a FREE bonus model to train yourself, MOBILE USERS, please open the product description below

Dragon lover and fantasy fan, this printable PDF pattern turns into a 3D paper dragon that you will be soon displaying in your kid's room. Cool, eh?
Get ready to be the coolest parent ever! You will see a big smile on their face and twinkle in their eyes!

Surprisingly, this is a good choice for a first-timer: any adult or any teen from 12 can put this paper sculpture together. All you need is a healthy dose of time and patience. Team up with your teen and divide up tasks if you feel more like it!

After printing the files on your own A4/US Letter cardstock, cut where you are asked to cut, fold where you are asked to fold, glue where you are asked to glue. Simple as that! The angles will magically take shape, as you will see!

After a couple of minutes, you will get the hang of it. Soon you will see the head grow before your eyes, then the horns, then the neck, etc.
And after several hours of mindfulness, when you hang it on the wall, you will feel as proud as when you finish assembling a piece of furniture by a famous Swedish brand.

I will take you through the entire process with detailed tips and tricks and illustrated, step-by-step instructions.
But the pattern has been made so intuitive that you are likely to drop the instructions altogether and finish your sculpture without them.

This geometric dragon has removable wings that you can display in different postions.
It is majestic and impressive - not childish and yet, children and teens love it!

When the pattern is printed on A4/Letter, the dragon is already rather big:
Finished Height: 80 cm / 31.5 in
Finished Width: 111 cm / 43.7 in (or more, depending how you hang the wings!)
Finished Depth: 42 cm / 16.5 in

You will receive the files by email a few seconds after your order is processed.

If you check out as a guest, the files will be downloadable only from this email (check out your spam folder(s) too!)
If you have an Etsy account, or create one upon order, you will have lifetime access to the files from your purchase history.

After you download and unzip the files:
- print on your own A4/Letter sheets at 100%
- cut out the parts
- score and fold along the dotted lines, as explained in the instructions
- then glue the numbered twin edges together
- after it's finished, hang it on the wall using 3 mere push pins/ thumbtacks
- take a step back and drop the mic!

The process is very simple to understand: Each part is numbered in sequential order. No headache in sight, my goal being to make you feel relaxed.

The dragon has been beta tested by about 30 people and I took their suggestions into account to make the dragon easier to build.
A quarter of them were complete beginners and were proud with their results, as you will see in the Facebook group!
Brandon, a (crafty) 12-year boy was one of the first to finish his dragon (and even made another one, just for fun)

No doubt you will do a great job.

Chances are you will find it super easy to make.

Please note that this is a *DIGITAL* file. *NO PHYSICAL ITEM* will be shipped.

A few seconds after your purchase, Etsy will email you with download links to zip files containing:

✷ A complete 50-page digital template in PDF consisting of 4 separate files:
- - - - - 18 pages for the body (Print on the coloured carstock of your choosing)
- - - - - 4 sheets for the horns, eyes, claws and chest
- - - - - 18 sheets for the wings cartilage and wings backing pieces
- - - - - 10 sheets for the wings webbing
✷ Illustrated, step-by-step instructions
✷ Getting started & advanced tips for a flawless sculpture

A mini-cactus to train yourself or initiate your little one (7 yo and more) into papercraft while you are putting the dragon together.
You will have access to a small private Facebook group dedicated to Oxygami's customers (There are clickable links embedded in the files).

You can join when you need:
- to get inspiration from other members' colour schemes
- to sparkle the motivation to start
- to have your questions answered. I am quite responsive there.
The file of a tail for your dragon to download from the files section of the group

The pattern consists of 4 different files.
So you will know just by reading the file names:

- - - Colour1_Body_18pages_WingedDragon_byOxygami.pdf (blue in the first picture)
- - - Colour2_Horns+Eyes+Claws+Chest_4pages_WingedDragon_byOxygami.pdf (white in the first picture)
- - - Colour1or2_WingsWebbing_10pages_WingedDragon_byOxygami.pdf (white in the first picture)
- - - Colour2or1_WingsCartilage+Back_18pages_WingedDragon_byOxygami.pdf (blue in the first picture)

- this template
- printer
- 50 sheets of cardstock
- 10 sheets of regular office paper (for the instructions and tips)
- scissors
- scoring tool (dried-out pen, your nails, etc., be creative!)
- ruler
- white glue
- 3 push pins / thumbtacks / nails

Just print at 100% and you are good to go.

You can also print on A3 and scale it up to 141%, but this will be more difficult to make!

A4/Letter format in 160-210 gsm / 65 lbs cover

For all my prototypes, I personally use Iris Vivaldi® by Canson® in 185 gsm, which comes in 50-sheet reams. They have 30 colours to choose from.
Brands like Staples®, Recollections®, Astrobrights®, Clairefontaine®, to name a few, are also good options.

You can also go creative with patterned paper provided that it is thick enough.

For a cheaper alternative, go for Bristol paper, but it usually comes in white. You may then need to use spray paint to get a coloured sculpture.

Any wood glue or any craft glue will do.
Fast drying one is a plus, but it is optional.

I personally pour some wood glue into a metallic lid. Then I apply a few drops onto the tabs with a toothpick before I spread them out in a thin layer. You need very few glue!

This is of course optional if you already printed on coloured cardstock. But you can really get creative here:

- Print all the files on white cardstock then (spray) paint it (paint can conceal potential glue stains ;) )
- or Add scales
- or Use velun for the wing webbing
- or [Add you genius idea here]

"Very Proud to have finished my creation. We are doing a Harry Potter activity in the office and the Dragon is on our recognition wall with certificates. It makes a beautiful wall decoration."
Joelle, Canada

"Looks amazing on the wall. Friendly and helpful seller as well as access to the private Facebook group for support. This one does take some time but it was my first big papercraft and turned out great, just take your time."
Charlie, UK

My name is Stephane and I am an overthinking night owl who crafts paper to fight insomnia and reduce internal noise. I am based in Paris, France, but my sleep is so erratic that I am actually living in different time zones (which comes in handy to answer customers' questions from all over the world). I am both ENFP and INFP personality types, depending on the moon. I also don't eat meat nor fish by choice and I am an intermittent faster. But other than that, I feel normal.

OXYGAMI is my full-time job. I chose this name because OXYGAMI = Oxygene + Origami.

I design DIY paper sculptures for creative people who need a way to stop internal noise, at least temporarily. Building a paper sculpture switches off our brains as it requires focus. It also brings fun during the assembly and pride when the sculpture is finished. In a word: oxygene!

I try hard to design gorgeous, refined models to decorate your walls. And I try as hard to make the assembly as intuitive as possible, so that you can successfully make your own even if you never did anything with your hands.

These sculptures require time but they are so rewarding in the end! They attract compliments like magnets.

By purchasing and downloading this template, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions of use:

- - - Due to the digital nature of the item, I can offer refund only when none of the files have been downloaded. If you encounter any issue, please reach out and I will help you sort things through.
- - - The only file format I provide is (zipped) PDF. I don't provide PDO, SVG or DXF files as I believe cutting by hand is part of the relaxing process. Moreover, cutting by hand takes as much time, if not less, as cutting with a machine.
- - - The files are meant for personal use only, which prohibits any form of profit making activity.
- - - The design, templates, instructions, text, imagery and videos are protected by copyright. Copyright is OXYGAMI's property and is not transferable.
- - - The files and their derivatives (other digital formats and paper kits) can not be shared, transferred, published, swapped, copied, modified, sold or distributed.
Every illegal use of my work makes a dent in my faith in mankind. Please support the human being that designed this model for your personal pleasure! ❤️

I won't let you down - I am like your personal safety net.

Feel free to get in touch whenever you need support, right here:

- - - Private Facebook group (through clickable links embedded in the files)
- - - Etsy convo (click the "Message seller" button at the top of this page)
- - - Email: stephane[at]
- - - Website: (coming 2019)

OXYGAMI's 3D Papercraft models require patience (15 to 18 hours on average on this model, but as you will see, the process is so soothing and gratifying that you will loose track of time)
Build it over a weekend or bit by bit over several evenings if needed while half-watching the night show, for example. Or while listening to a podcast. Or music.

The process will put your intrusive thoughts on pause even without you realising it.

Not to mention the beautiful result!

Download the template and get in the zone!
(to reach the 'Add to cart' button, scroll up or click here: )

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Stephane Chesneau

Stephane Chesneau

Paris, France

This seller usually responds within a few hours.

Surprisingly, yes. If patience is one of your skills, then go for it!

Those sculptures may look impressive, but they are designed with *motivated* beginners in mind and have been tested by true beginners. The process of assembly has been made intuitive to relax your brain so that you won't have to figure out what step you should be taking next.

The enclosed illustrated instructions make things even easier as they suggest where to start to glue each piece.

That said, I wouldn't recommend the shark or the wings as a debut model.
I would rather say adults and teens above 13, just to be safe.
■ Printer or your local print shop
■ A4 Paper (160-220 gsm) or US Letter (65 lb cover or 110 lb index like this one for example:
■ Cutting tool
■ Scoring tool (the dull side of a craft knife, dried out ball pen, etc.)
■ Ruler
■ White glue
■ Pin or nail
■ And obviously, a wall.
Coloured or patterned A4 (160-220 g/m²) or US Letter (65 lb cover)

American friends, this kind of cardstock is fine (this is *not* an affiliate link):

■■■ GLUE
Quick drying white glue! (mundane quick drying wood glue, or Aileen's, or Elmer's, or Mod Podge, an so on).
I wouldn't recommend: glue sticks nor transparent liquid glues.

Don't worry, all these recommendations are reminded in the instructions along with extra advice on how to glue properly.
Go to your local copy store with a thumb drive. They usually have a wide range of paper colours, and if you are lucky, various weights. They will print your template for you for next to nothing.

Ask 180 gsm (65 lb cover) in priority, then 160 gsm (110 lb index) if they don't have 180. (The tutorial is to be printed on regular office paper, or not to be printed at all)
I do, as long as *none* of the files have been downloaded.
The smiling foxes: or
The bunny in a suit:
You don't have to buy the file several times, you can make several sculptures from the same file.

I'm just asking you not to share or publish the files though, and not to use them for profit of any kind, as my work is copyright protected.
The templates and instructions are for personal use only. However, you can sell your creations under strict conditions. Your first step is to ask for my permission and tell me where you intend to sell them.

Unauthorised commercial use of my work will be reported.


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