TINY (.55 x .9) Swedish Wrap KIT for all Dime-sized to Quarter-sized Coins for the Smallest Coin Rings, Charms, Pendants and Beads

TINY (.55 x .9) Swedish Wrap KIT for all Dime-sized to Quarter-sized Coins for the Smallest Coin Rings, Charms, Pendants and Beads


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Hardened Stainless Steel, High Quality Brass

This is the newest *tiny* Swedish Wrap die to compliment my original 3 Swedish Wrap Die Set combo that I personally designed in mid-2016.

Use this newest die to compress any fully folded-over US quarter, nickel, penny, and dime-sized coins, or to make the smallest coin rings, pendants, beads and charms from the larger coins!

Comes with:

1.) ONE 1.5” tall ”Swedish Wrap” Die (with .900” diameter opening x .550” diameter exit) made of high quality hardened stainless steel.

2.) THREE high quality Brass Push Rod Plungers that are each machined with DOUBLE-SIDED ends (for a total of SIX different outer diameter-sized push rod ends) to compress (and fully extrude if you want) your coin ring through the *TINY* Swedish Wrap Die. More brass push rod plunger sizes = more options and time savings by reducing the number of times that you have to shrink the reeded-end of your coin ring in the universal reduction dies to make it better fit the push rod plunger! ;-)

3.) TWO rolls of teflon pipe thread seal tape.

This die has the SMALLEST inner diameter exit opening for coins to pass through on the market today, allowing you to make the smallest “bead-sized” coin rings from the larger Challenge Coins, American Silver Eagles, Morgan Dollars, and Half Dollar-sized coin rings!

This *tiny* Swedish Wrap Die Kit is best used in conjunction with my original Swedish Wrap Die Set for all Half Dollar, Dollar and Silver Eagle-Sized Coin Rings, which can be found below:


This new technique has revolutionized the way that larger coins are made into smaller-sized coin rings; all the while protecting the full detail of each coin.


After folding your coin ring (using the regular Universal Folding/Reduction dies), find the correct diameter brass push rod that covers the majority of the reeded-end of your coin. After annealing and wrapping the coin in Teflon thread tape, you place your folded-over coin ring into the appropriate sized die that it fits in, with the reeded edge facing UP.

Begin to compress (extrude) the coin down the die, pulling the coin out often to both re-anneal and to re-wrap the coin in pipe thread tape, and when necessary; flipping the brass push rod over to the next smaller diameter size to continue compressing the coin down the die. Continue to compress the coin ring further down the Swedish Wrap dies until you reach the size needed for further reduction.

To achieve the “straight-walled” look, I like to compress the coin ring using the Swedish Wrap dies and then expanding the coin ring on the ring stretcher until I get to 3 sizes ABOVE my final desired target ring size. Then, using my deburring tool, I will remove the appropriate amount of material from the INSIDE of the thicker reeded part of the coin to achieve more of a "comfort fit". Next, using the 17-degree dies, I will reduce the sides of my coin ring until I have reached my final target size.

For those wanting a rounded-look to their coin rings, you can first compress the coin using the Swedish Wrap dies and then expand it on your ring stretcher to 3 sizes ABOVE your final target size. You would then use the appropriate-sized Universal 17° die to first reduce the coin ring to get it close to your final target size, and then finish the coin ring off by using the 25° die to “tuck in” the sides more to achieve a more rounded “Fat Tire” look.


1.) TAKE YOUR TIME, especially when first starting out. I recommend Swedish Wrapping' a few rings out of clad coins to get familiar with the process.

2.) Make sure that you anneal your coin OFTEN, ideally after every press or two. Doing so will make the process easier.

3.) Use a LOT of pipe thread tape, and make sure to both re-anneal and re-wrap your coin ring often throughout the process. A 10-pack of the pipe thread tape can be purchased at HarborFreight.com for 2 dollars.

4.) Make sure that you firmly press the teflon-wrapped coin ring to make sure that it is seated evenly into the Swedish Wrap die before compressing with the brass push rod plungers.

5.) Press SLOW and make sure that the brass push rod covers the majority of the reeded portion of the coin. If it doesn’t cover enough of the reeds, the push rod could slip as you’re compressing it, possibly ruining the coin ring. You can fix this issue by placing the coin ring, (reeded side DOWN) into either your Universal 17°, 20°, or 25° reduction die to slightly shrink the outer diameter of the reeded side until the brass push rod better covers the reeds. * Be sure not to reduce TOO MUCH here, do just enough so that there's more coverage needed for the brass push rod.

6.) Make sure that you don't over press the brass push rods down the Swedish Wrap dies, especially when using a hydraulic press or an arbor press. At first, it's best to place the brass push rods into the dies WITHOUT the coin ring underneath. That way, you can get an idea of where the push rod "bottoms out" before actually compressing your coin. After some practice, you’ll be able to feel the resistance of when each push rod bottoms out in the dies.

The tiny-sized coin rings can be incorporated into charms on necklaces, beads, pendants, bracelet charms, or even earrings. The possibilities are many!

(Coin rings pictured are not included and are used for reference only.)

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2.) The level of quality of my tools is simply not duplicated elsewhere; as I use the highest quality Hardened Stainless Steel that is precision CNC-machined to the finest standards by expert machinists and hand polished to a smooth finish; unlike most other competitors' dies that have rough finishes to the inner die faces.

3.) Each die has also been precision engraved with the corresponding size opening for easy identification.

4.) My customers always come first! I can always be reached through Etsy, by e-mail directly, or by leaving me a comment on my blog site.

5.) I have a passion for both making coin rings as well as creating the highest quality coin ring-making tools on the market today. That's why I've created a platform where people can go to get their questions answered about all things coin rings; as well as ask questions and even leave suggestions. Please visit my new blog site at: CoinRingBlog.com for coin ring making tips, tricks, and tool updates.

6.) All of my coin ring-making tools are 100% guaranteed

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Thanks, and here's to your coin ring-making success!

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