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We work very hard and focus on providing you incredible products and experience to make your wedding, event, gift and/or general daily use of our products a success! Below are our general policies, terms and conditions, some of which address various scenarios or issues that may become pertinent to your order. Even though things can possibly happen, our reviews indicate how solid our product quality, customer service, and customer satisfaction is!

These are our general policies, terms & conditions. In the event a policy, term or condition found on a product listing is not consistent with these policies, terms, or conditions and both cannot co-exist at the same time, then the policy, term and/or condition found on the individual product listing will supersede to the narrowest extent required the particular policy, term, or condition to which it pertains found on this page, but it will not supersede any other policy, term, or condition on this page. All remaining policies, terms, and conditions on this page remain in full effect.


We only provide you with the most premium product and we fully stand behind our product. We ship out the highest quality product on our end but because our products are perishable, susceptible to environmental conditions (e.g., extreme temperatures, humidity, etc.), and/or requires immediate care upon delivery, we require that you also take prompt and appropriate care with the product upon arrival and during its expected vase life. Thus, we have outlined below when the Guarantee does and does not apply. Please message us with any questions!

• 100% QUALITY GUARANTEE = We ship out premium product and fully stand behind our product.
• Any concerns or issues with the product you received? -- Please contact us IMMEDIATELY within two hours of delivery in writing (by Etsy message), detailing any questions or concerns and providing images of any concerns.


• FRESH PRODUCTS - OVERNIGHT SHIPPING REQUIRED: Product must ship by Overnight shipping service. Some products come with overnight shipping already included in the pricing. If overnight shipping is not already included in the pricing, then for the Guarantee to apply, you must select and purchase the overnight shipping upgrade at checkout. [Please note: On several fresh products, the standard shipping speed is not overnight shipping. We offer slower shipping speeds, 2-day and 3-day shipping, because it provides our customers with more economical pricing points and the product can usually ship by this speed and arrive in nice condition. Sometimes, but rarely, there are issues with product that ships at these slower shipping speeds, and so that is why we allow it is as a permissible shipping speed, although we are not able to guarantee the continued freshness and/or what happens to the products once the product is shipped out and has left our control. If you are shipping fresh product to an area outside California that is HOT (warmer than 75 degrees), then you must select Overnight shipping.]

• SIGNATURE REQUIRED UPON DELIVERY: We require that you ship the product to an address that someone will be present during day time hours to receive (often customers will ship product to a work address or a daytime address). If no one is present at time of delivery, the shipping carrier will generally leave the package for you or will provide details on how to get the package at the local shipping station.

If there is any question or concern regarding any delivered (or missing) product, we require that you message us in writing (by Etsy message) immediately within two hours of delivery time, and include a description of your question or concern as well as any images of your concern. "Delivery time" is the FIRST ATTEMPTED / FIRST SCHEDULED delivery time by the shipping carrier (and does not include a re-attempted delivery time, rescheduled delivery time, or pick-up time later than originally scheduled delivery time). We have a strict time frame for providing us with your concerns due to the nature of the product.


• Concern is raised after the two-hour after delivery time frame. However, we may permit a claim made after this time-frame, on a case-by-case basis.
• No signature upon delivery; No signature voids guarantee.
• Product is not appropriate cared for upon delivery or during its expected vase life.
• Fresh Products: Overnight delivery is not included in product pricing or is not purchased as a shipping upgrade at checkout.
• Once your package is transferred to the third party shipping carrier, we are not responsible for delays caused by the carrier, lost or damaged packages, and/or agricultural holds. These problems rarely occur, but if and when they do, we will provide contact information and claim information to make a claim for your package with the third party shipping carrier. A requested delivery date 2-3 days prior to your event will help minimize any shipping problem should one occur during shipment.


1. What is the difference between USPS shipping and FedEx shipping?

• Guaranteed delivery date
• Insured package
• Shipping Speeds Available: Overnight, 2-Day, and 3-Day
• No delivery to POBs, APO/UPOs
• Delivery to USA (all 50 states). International delivery may be available for additional costs.

• Estimated (not guaranteed) delivery date
• May or may not be insured (Priority Mail is insured; First Class Mail is not insured)
• Shipping Speeds Available: Priority Mail (estimated 1 to 3 business days), First Class Mail (estimated 1 to 5 business days)
• No delivery to APO/UPOs
• Delivery to USA (all 50 states). International delivery may be available for additional costs.

2. Can I ship my fresh bunches by USPS Priority Mail? Or do I need to use FedEx Overnight?

• We always recommend FedEx Overnight shipping for any fresh product.
• BUT we do provide you with the option to ship using SLOWER shipping methods (USPS Priority Mail, FedEx 2-Day, or FedEx 1-Day) because, (1) overnight shipping is expensive, so these slower shipping methods keeps our costs and your prices down, and (2) these slower shipping methods, when offered, typically work well for the customer (by providing customers with a fresh enough product at a lower price for the customer's particular purposes).
• **NOTE**: The fresh bunches are shipped fresh - BUT when the bunches ship by the slower, more economical shipping methods, the bunches will arrive either still very fresh looking or may arrive partly-fresh-partly-dried and/or some stems may need to be clipped off upon arrival. If you are looking for super fresh product or if the fresh product is for your wedding or an event, then we recommend using FedEx Overnight shipping, because the fresh bunches are shipped overnight to you using FedEx Overnight (or comparable shipping service) and arrive to you in the best condition. The slower shipping options provide a more economical way to enjoy fresh flowers/greenery and to have it delivered to your door.
• Please message us if you have any questions!

• These are natural products, perishable products, products susceptible to environmental conditions and proper care and/or products of Mother Nature. Naturally, each product and each component within the entire product will vary. All product details are average product details or expected product details of our products. We provide the product details to give you an idea of the quality of our product and approximately what you should expect to get when purchasing the product.
• All product details assume proper care and handling by the recipient.
• For product count and product height - we give an approximation of the number of stems or blooms per stem, and we also give an approximation of product height. We may also include an abbreviated stem count or product description on the page due to spacing issues or due to purposes of ease (for example, we may include "10 stems" under the purchase product drop-down, although actual stem count is 8 to 10 stems; the Product Description will include the full product details, subject to our Policies, Terms and Conditions found on this page.

• Due to the custom, perishable and/or advance order requirements from the farms, our general policy is that we do not accept cancellation requests. We can generally accept order modifications, if you would like to add to your order, but this will be based upon product availability at the time of modification request and current pricing will apply.
• That said, we do try to work with our customers to come up with a solution when possible, and we will consider any cancellation and/or modification requests on a case-by-case basis.
• Any cancellations or modifications may incur a cancellation or modification fee of up to 75% of your order total cost.
• We do reserve the right to refuse any cancellation and/or modification requests with or without reason.

• Most products are available year-round, although products may require advance ordering (lead time) for processing, availability, and/or during peak season times or high demand ordering times.

• These are natural products dependent on Mother Nature and numerous other factors, and so occasionally a product substitution may be necessary. Product substitutions rarely occur, but we reserve the right to make a product substitution and your purchase authorizes us to make a substitution should the occasion arise.
• In the event that we may have to make a product substitution, we take the utmost care to send out product similar to your originally ordered product as possible. If timing or schedule permits, we will try to contact you regarding product substitution. However, in order to keep the production and/or shipping on schedule, we may not be able to contact you and/or there may not be sufficient time to contact you prior to shipping out substituted product.
• When a substitution is made, we will always use either the most similar product available and/or product of equal or higher value (regular pricing).

Product shapes, sizes, fragrance, and/or coloring may vary slightly depending upon the time of the year.

• We require that you include the full and correct delivery details on your package at the time of order.
• We will include the full delivery details to the shipping carrier (Full Name, Company Name, First Address Line, Second Address Line, City State and Zip Code). If additional delivery information is included, we may or may not be able to include this information, so please make sure all necessary information is included in the details we can definitely provide to the shipping carrier.
• Address change requests -
- We will try to accommodate address change requests whenever possible but we do not guarantee being able to make an address change.
- An address change may result in shipping and/or delivery delay. This delay will be your responsibility.
- Address changes may also incur an additional fee.
- Shipping carriers may also delay the delivery of the package due to an address change correction, and we do not recommend this delivery delay due to the perishable nature, and so you are fully responsible for any shipping or delivery delay due to an address change request.
- We reserve the right to make the address change request or not. Any additional fees incurred due to the address change request are your responsibility and must be paid prior to the address change request being made.
- No refunds or replacements will be provided due to incorrect delivery details.
- If shipping to a business or apartment complex or multi-office or multi-residential complex, the shipping carrier may deliver it to the front desk or reception or to a primary delivery location for that address. We and/or the shipping carrier is not responsible for any losses or damage caused to the package once the shipping carrier has delivered it to a primary point of delivery for the address provided.

• Once your package is transferred to the third party shipping carrier, we are not responsible for delays caused by the carrier, lost or damaged packages, and/or agricultural holds.
• A requested delivery date 2-3 days prior to your event will help minimize any shipping problem should one occur during shipment.
• When you are provided with your tracking number, we ask that you track and monitor your package closely. If there is any indication that there is a problem with the transit or delivery of your package, we ask that you contact us as soon as you are aware so that we can minimize any delivery issue and/or make any alternative arrangements to make sure that you have your package in time for your need. Alternative arrangements may require additional fees.
• These problems rarely occur, but if and when they do, we will provide contact information and claim information to make a claim for your package with the third party shipping carrier.
• We can also assist you in making a claim with the third party shipping carrier. As an administrative fee, for the significant effort and time required to make these claims, we will retain 25% or $25, whichever is greater, of the amount recovered, and the remainder of the amount recovered will be returned to you. If no amount is recovered, then no refund for your purchase will be provided. Upon request, we will provide you the information we have to make a claim; however, we hold the discretion whether to assist in claim recovery and/or make the claim for you. We try to help as much as we can but sometimes a claim can require significant follow-up time or effort that will require more staffing time than we have available. These claims can take up to 2 months, possibly longer, for processing by the shipping carrier and by us.

• Weather delays may occur at any time of the year, but they appear to be most prevalent during extreme winter temperatures/conditions and extreme summer temperatures/conditions.
• We are not responsible for any delays due to weather and/or natural forces of Mother Nature. The shipping carriers also are not liable for these delays and they will not accept claims based on these reasons.
• We are also not responsible for any damage caused to the product due to weather and/or natural forces of Mother Nature.
• We do try to keep ourselves updated with any major weather issues affecting large parts of the country. We do not hold the duty to keep updated or to have knowledge of weather conditions or patterns. We are not required to delay shipment of packages due to any known or unknown weather or Mother Nature conditions; however, we reserve the right to delay shipment of the package if we feel it may be wise.
• It is your responsibility to timely inform us if you believe your package may have an issue with transit. It is important to keep in mind that shipping carriers do not necessarily transport your package in a direct line from our location to your address; shipping carriers will often ship the packages through any of their main hubs across the country or other delivery cities before routing the package to your delivery address.

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Bloomingful Flowers

Bloomingful Flowers

This seller usually responds within 24 hours.

The processing time for a particular product can be found on the product page, but generally: (Rush or expedited orders are often available, but must be specifically requested and may incur an additional charge)

Eucalyptus & Greenery: 1-2 business days
Hand-Made Custom Garlands: Up to 15 business days
Roses (bulk, specific color but no specific variety): 1-2 business days
Roses (bulk, specific color & variety): Up to 7 business days
Roses (tinted): Up to 7 business days
Roses (preserved): Up to 15 business days
The shipping time & service vary per product and can be found on the product page, but generally: (Faster shipping & Saturday delivery is available but must be specifically requested and will incur an additional charge)

Eucalyptus & Greenery: Express Shipping (1-3 business days)
Hand-Made Custom Garlands: Overnight
Roses (bulk, specific color but no specific variety): Overnight
Roses (bulk, specific color & variety): Overnight
Roses (tinted): Overnight
Roses (preserved): Express or Ground Shipping, up to 5 business days
Yes, Saturday delivery is available. To get Saturday delivery, please:

1. Let us know that you would like Saturday delivery for your product when you order.

2. Purchase the Saturday Delivery Fee Product from our listings, in addition to the actual product itself. If this is not purchased, then product will ship out on its otherwise scheduled business day.
Caring for Your Eucalyptus:

1. Cut 1/2 inch to 1 inch off bottom of stems.
2. Place in room temperature water.
3. Until you are ready to use your eucalyptus, keep eucalyptus (still in water) in a cool, dark place away from air flow (for example, air conditioner, heater, windy or breezy area, etc.). OR, if you have space in your refrigerator (or outdoor, if the outdoor temperature is similar to refrigerator temperature and good outside weather conditions), then keep your eucalyptus (still in water) in the fridge or outdoors until you are ready to use.
4. Replace water every 2-3 days.

Keep eucalyptus away from direct sunlight, extreme (cold or hot) temperatures, and areas with significant air flow or breeze.
Due to the nature of the product, our default rule for order modifications or order cancellations is: we do NOT allow for order modifications or order cancellations.

BUT... upon request by Etsy message, we MAY be able to make an exception and accommodate a request to modify your order or to cancel your order, on a case by case basis, with or without a stated reason. If we allow a modification or cancellation to your order, we will respond to you by Etsy message indicating that we have accepted your request for modification or cancellation.


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