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A Ram Totem embodies strength and power. An ancient symbol of magical energy, Ram is associated with the Spring and new beginnings. It is the zodiac sign of Aries – the constellation of the Vernal Equinox. With immense horns growing in a spiral, Ram also symbolizes creativity and great mental activity. This Ram Totem talisman contains exceptional gemstones of Solar Quartz, Charoite, Blue Aventurine, Red Zircon, and Blue Labradorite, along with an antique striped Chevron Trade Bead and Copper to carry Ram’s energies.

Commonly shown in spectacular head-butting crashes, the Ram is a symbol of great force and power. Ram is a legendary animal in myths and religious teachings - Moses initiated Passover with a Ram offering. In Greek mythology, Ram saved Zeus’s children and its Golden Fleece became a revered symbol of the gods. Ram was the symbol of Egyptian pharaoh Ammon Ra, pulled Thor’s chariot, and also serves as the Hindu symbol for Parabrahan - the supreme reality, the undifferentiated whole of existence.

Ram is also closely associated with the creative impulse and spirit at the moment of inception – the original cause, the thunderbolt issued from Akasha (primordial waters). Horns symbolize great mental activity, imagination, inspiration, and energy to act on one’s ideas. In Egyptian hieroglyphics, Horns represent “what is above the head”, opening a path for oneself. The symbolism of Horns are masculine – battering, penetrating – and feminine, a receptacle. Powerful horns growing in a spiral shape symbolize strength over time, and one’s personal journey. Horns are a form of defense and self protection, and also a status symbol of age and wisdom as they grow during the animal’s entire life.

Ram is an ancient symbol of Aries, the Spring, the time of new beginnings. Aries is related to dawn, the Season of Spring, and the beginning of life. The Aries constellation at one time appeared during the Vernal (Spring) Equinox – though this is no longer the case, due to changes of the earth's axis over time, Aries is still regarded as the first constellation in the zodiac.

In Chinese astrology, Ram people are described as stoic, highly sensitive, with great perseverance, while they do not speak their minds directly, and can be impractical. Just as the Bighorn Sheep’s small feet can find solid footing on a two-inch patch, Ram helps one with agility, balance and finding stability while moving along one’s path. This totem teaches one about using small openings or spaces to your advantage, to find your footing and provide security for oneself, and about the ability to land on one’s feet. Ram helps one seek out new heights, generates new opportunities and adventures as well as the will to act on them boldly and without hesitation. This totem inspires development of creativity, curiosity, the powers of the mind and imagination. Ram’s appearance is a powerful portent of changes and new beginnings.

Aries is a Fire element symbol, reflected in this talisman with Red Zircon. Because of the importance of Ram’s horns in working with mental powers and change, I have also chosen to include several powerful blue and violet crystals, associated with stimulating the Third Eye, Crown, and Higher Self.

BLUE AVENTURINE (Water, Wind) - Aventurine is for people who long for a change. The name Aventurine derives from the Italian "a ventura" meaning "by chance". The shimmering, translucent effect is due to inclusions of fuchsite, and is called aventurescence. People often report feeling very happy when using this stone. Said to be very rare, holding this soothing, calming stone is like gazing into a deep blue pool - fear and anxiety are released, feelings of balance and happiness flow. Cools fiery energies; at the same time, physical strength and vitality are increased. Blue Aventurine helps one resist negative energy. Shows one how actions affect experiences, helps one see the potential and alternatives in any situation, to accept responsibility and recover personal power. This in turn generates a positive outlook, courage and inner strength, enhances mental focus. This important gem has been said to enhance male energy in both males and females, and increases libido. A superb stone for meditation opens the Third Eye, assists in Shamanic journeying, vision quests, attunement to angels and spirit guides, tuning into Akashic records. Helps balance the Yin/ Yang energies; may be useful in vision and blood disorders, headaches, insomnia. Works slowly.

CHAROITE [Air/Wind Element] - A precious, rare, expensive magical stone discovered in 1978 Eastern Siberia, often called a Stone of Transformation. Charoite is also a stone of power and protection. Mongols boil the stone in tea on special feast days – which is consumed by all family members to strengthen family ties and protect all from evil. Distinctive colorful swirls of indigo, purple, gold, violet and lavender make Charoite almost too beautiful to be true. The golden swirls come from the rare mineral Tinaksite, which includes titanium, potassium, sodium and silicon. Titanium projects strength, mental acuity, and physical power. A stone of legendary strength obscured behind an opaque mask, Charoite’s parallelogram structure protects the holder in physical and spiritual worlds. Spiritually, this stone guards one’s ideals and beliefs against doubts. Synthesizes the heart and crown chakra, helping one walk a spiritual path with awareness, and manifest the soul's wisdom and light in daily life. Calcite inclusions help overcome resistance to necessary change, while dissolving blocks about assuming one’s power and spiritual path. Charoite is a powerful mirror that facilitates identifying one’s own personal, healing, and inner issues, and work through them to help manifest one’s spiritual work on the Earth path. Aids the healer in maintaining personal objectivity, energy boundaries, and accurately interpreting the client’s energy and issues. Transforms negative emotions such as anger and fear into positive feelings, assists in releasing negative emotions, for change and moving forward. Harmonizing and balancing energies smooth a path through difficulties, and promote harmony in relationships. Indigo and Violet color rays are the colors of imagination, wisdom, and truth.

BLUE LABRADORITE – [Air/Wind; aka Spectrolite] Considered by mystics to be a stone of transformation, this rare, magical flashing deep blue stone is said to unleash the power of imagination and the mind. Assists one in using the powers of mind to affect the physical world. Helps one understand their chosen destiny, brings strength and perseverance during challenging times, andassists with understanding when the time is right to move forward. The flashes of color (Called “labradorescence”) have been compared to tropical butterfly wings. Like "a flash of light in the darkness", the FLASH reminds one of this stone’s purpose - helping focus and amplify efforts to keep undesirable elements out of our lives and bringing clarity to one’s visions. This stone helps strengthen feelings of inner worth about one’s own abilities, while relieving insecurity and apprehension about one’s value as a spiritual being. Legend says Labradorite represents the “Temple of the Stars”, assisting one see the positive during times of change and sustain strength and perseverance during difficult times. Spectrolite activates the Rainbow Body, facilitating awareness of higher levels of consciousness. During meditation, this tremendously spiritual stone helps one enter the meditative state; clears, balances and protects the aura; aids in communicating with Spirit, our highest self and with the Infinite Intelligence; brings clarity to thoughts and inner visions; and helps reveal one’s spiritual destiny. Associated with the solar plexus and brow chakras, this stone reduces stress and anxiety; can help with patience and to understand when the time is right to move forward. Helps the user with discernment, maintaining a positive attitude and appreciating the good bounty of life – to “see the glass half-full”, seeing the positive in people and situations. Excellent for dream recall and in learning new ways to use dreams in daily life. Legendary healing stone used for stress-related illness and helping with problems associated with the brain.

SOLAR QUARTZ – [Earth] This natural colorless, white or gray agatized quartz is cut from stalactites that grow caves. Called “Solar” because the radiating, concentric circles and inner patterns are reminiscent of planetary orbits and galaxies. Quartz accesses ancient wisdom and brings it to the present. Quartz is known as the "Stone of Power", amplifying any energy or intention. Protects against negativity, attune to your higher self, and relieve pain. Has all the qualities of quartz – the ability to structure, store, amplify, focus, transmit and transform energy – including matter, thought, emotion and information. Gazing into Solar Quartz is transporting, like gazing into the broad reaches of the universe, allowing your spirit to radiate outwards, or perhaps like submerging into deep water and flowing with the powerful currents. This is an excellent stone for shamanic journeying; it brings a special uplifting frequency that swiftly raises your vibration to exceptionally high levels. Protective, shields against negative energy. Stimulates the body’s natural crystals in tissues and fluids with powerful healing energy. Fragile, handle with care.

RED ZIRCON – (Fire, Earth) Sparkly rare, natural Zircon is the oldest mineral found on Earth (dated to 4.6 billion years ago). Zircon attracts one’s attention, reflecting light and catching the eye – one can’t resist reaching for it… This magical quality makes Zircon a desirable, valuable stone in one’s efforts to attract something or someone to one’s vibration. Resembling diamonds in luster and fire, Zircon’s potent, focused energy works like a magnet to attract what one is seeking. The crystal structure attracts someone or something to you, boosting one’s efforts to connect the energy of others to help accomplish intentions and goals. A mineral (zirconium silicate) that bears no resemblance to the lab-produced cubic zirconia, natural Red Zircon (also called Hyacinth) is the most precious and scarce of all varieties, developing after hundreds of millions of years from trace elements. Red zircon assists with purification, strength, decisiveness - it is an Aries gemstone. Generates vitality, especially during stressful times. This is a stone of high intensity; helps one merge idealistic visions with the reality of life. Helps one maintain contact with spiritual consciousness while going about daily life. Zircons help attract someone or something to you, to actually seek you out. Zircon strengthens the energies of other stones on the talisman to bring about desired new, positive changes. In meditation, Zircon helps with intuition and connection with "All That Is. “Assists in detachment from the material aspects, supporting reflection on the meaning of life NOTE: May cause dizziness in those with epilepsy or pacemakers

HORN – Ancient symbol of great mental activity and increasing strength over time - Ram’s horns grow longer and stronger every year. Horns are powerful weapons of defense and self protection. Ram horns eventually form a spiral – an ancient symbol of great creativity. Said to help with blood diseases
ANTIQUE STRIPED CHEVRON TRADE BEAD – Rare 4 layer Venetian bead from the 1800s Fur Trade era. Originally carried by Catholic priest Father DeSmet while working with the Plains and Northwest Indian tribes. Beads had sacred meaning to Native American tribes. Worn on everyday or ceremonial dress, they reminded the wearer that sacred support was always present. The beads carried medicine that could appear in dreams with a message; were given as a special gifts, and used for trade and in ceremonies.
COPPER- Copper carries gemstone healing energy, thoughts and emotions in the same way it carries electricity. Used for at least 10,000 years, Copper is the mineral of energy and mental agility. Enhances, transmits thoughts, even over long distances. Copper teaches ancient lessons of walking in balance with the Earth and its inhabitants; promotes spirit communication. Many healers believe that Copper is the most powerful metal for balancing, strengthening all body systems. Said to help activate ancient cellular genetic knowledge to stabilize metabolism and reinforce the immune system; especially helpful in oxygenating blood and respiratory functions, strengthening/repairing tissues after accident, injury, surgery.
RAM CHARM – Pewter, artisan cast, exceptional detail (zoom in picture#1)
SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL - considered among the finest in the world; carries many of the same qualities as Quartz Crystal, amplifies qualities of other stones it is worn with, and attunes them even more to your particular energy. Quartz acts as a purifier, creating harmony and helping to balance all stimuli, positive and negative. (includes vintage Ruby headpin)

All Change Charms include a beautiful, fragrant handmade smudge plus the talisman. The Change Charm talisman continues to enhance and brighten your environment after the smudge is used up. Simply keep the talisman in a special place so the powerful energy continues to attract balance, clarity and peace to your journey. I use high quality gemstones and the purest metals in my pieces. Each piece is carefully crafted to blend scientific knowledge of the mineral, crystal or gemstone’s structure, chemical purpose and the Life Force within, along with known healing lore, to meet the purpose and need.

The item in the photos is the actual item you will receive (minus photo design props). Smudge stick is "petite size" - approximately 5 inches long, tightly wrapped, HUGE in fragrance and color.

Copyright 2011 Sagehealercreations All images, wording and designs are the intellectual property of sagehealercreations. All rights reserved. I work hard on my research. Please do not publish or copy except for personal use.

Ram (Big Horn Sheep) Totem - Imagination, Power, Energy, Creativity, New Path OOAK Talisman Handmade by Sagehealer on Etsy


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: pewter ram charm, charoite, solar quartz, blue aventurine, blue labradorite spectrolite, red zircon, copper, antique chevron bead, white sage, black sage, lavender, bay leaf, dried herbs and flowers
  • Ships worldwide from United States
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