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Eucalyptus, Fresh Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus Shower, Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, Baby Blue Spiral Eucalyptus, Asthma, Congestion, Bath Bouquet, Dried Eucalyptus, Dried Greenery, Preserved Eucalyptus

Choose from FRESH, PRESERVED, or DRIED of our fragrant blue-silver-green baby blue spiral eucalyptus!
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Chic, textural, and eco-friendly interior decor - decorate your home or office with these gorgeous eucalyptus stems. Or surprise your friends and family with this unique, lovable, and useful gift!

Very popularly used in wedding and event flower and greenery arrangements. Adds a beautiful blue-green-silver color, texture, and volume! Include in your flower or greenery arrangement, or simply alone in a vase.

Our fresh bunches are very commonly also used in the shower for the eucalyptus's aromatherapeutic benefits.

Bunches are cut-to-order and made-to-order. 100% Quality Guarantee*, full details below.

Available in: Farm-Fresh, Dried, or Preserved (Descriptions below)

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For any orders being shipped to CA, NV, AZ, OR, WA, ID, UT, NM, we offer special pricing plus free overnight/2-day shipping. (Select standard shipping at checkout for $0.00 and we will upgrade shipping free of charge.) Some delivery zip codes may not apply.


🌿 XL Bunch = about 24 to 30" in height
🌿 Regular Bunch = approx. half of an XL bunch

(for reference, pictured = a little less than one regular bunch)


🌿 First Picture = Preserved Bunches
🌿 VASE LIFE: Several months to one year, with proper care and handling
🌿 COLORING: Generally slightly darker color than fresh eucalyptus
🌿 FRAGRANCE: Preserved bunches may have fragrance.
🌿 AVAILABILITY & PRODUCT VARIATION: Year-round availability. Slight seasonal variations may occur.
🌿 Preserved bunches are also flexible, and easy to work with, decorate, or arrange, similar to fresh bunches. Wonderful for long-lasting and versatile home and office decor!
🌿 RECOMMENDED USES: Home or Office Decor, Weddings, Events, Gifts, Shower (although fresh bunches preferable for shower)
🌿 Processing Time: Please note that our preserved bunches may take up to 1 month for processing/preserving. Our bunches are preserved upon ordering and our preservation methods use natural plant functions that we cannot easily "speed up". If you require your preserved bunches immediately, please let us know.


🌿 Dried Bunches - picture coming soon
🌿 VASE LIFE: Several months to one year, with proper care and handling
🌿 COLORING: Similar coloring to fresh eucalyptus but color may be a bit lighter.
🌿 FRAGRANCE: Dried bunches may have fragrance.
🌿 AVAILABILITY & PRODUCT VARIATION: Year-round availability. Slight seasonal variations may occur.
🌿 Dried bunches are a little flexible for decorating or arranging, but they are fairly fairly brittle.
🌿 RECOMMENDED USES: Home or Office Decor, Weddings and Events (if you are familiar with working with dried flowers and greenery), Gifts, Shower (although fresh bunches preferable for shower)


🌿 Shower Picture = Fresh Bunch
🌿 Farm-Fresh, Cut-To-Order
🌿 VASE LIFE – Fresh Flower Arrangements: 5 to 7+ days, with proper care and handling
🌿 VASE LIFE – Shower: about 1.5 to 3 weeks, but the potency/strength will naturally fade as time passes and the oils are used! (NOTE: Bunch will still dry as it approaches end of fresh vase life, about 5-7 days from shipment, and then bunch should continue to be used in shower when its leaves have dried.)
🌿 FRAGRANCE: Seasonal fragrance. Most fragrance (August to September), Medium fragrance (March to July), Least/No Fragrance (October to February). Oils are in leaves year-round for therapeutic benefits, whether fragrance is present or not.
🌿 AVAILABILITY & PRODUCT VARIATION: Year-round availability. Seasonal variations may occur.
🌿 Fresh bunches have flexible stems and are easy to work with, decorate, or arrange.
🌿 RECOMMENDED USES: Shower, Home or Office Decor, Weddings, Events, Gifts
🌿 OVERNIGHT Shipping: FedEx Overnight Shipping service (or comparable service) included in pricing for fresh bunches. Standard processing time prior to shipping still applies. Please let us know if you require it immediately.


🌿 Eucalyptus for your Shower:
🌿 All Eucalyptus (Fresh and Dried):
🌿 Greenery:
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📆 EARLIEST DELIVERY DATE: Next-day delivery available when order placed by 6am PST (based upon availability). If after 6am, please message us to see if we can still it out to you for next-day.
📆 ADVANCE ORDERING & PRE-ORDERS: We encourage pre-orders (advance ordering) whenever possible to ensure product availability for your wedding or event date and it also allows you to check it off your list! Pre-ordering is when you order now and request a future delivery date. We accept advance order up to 12 months in future. Please include your requested future delivery date in the Notes to Seller box during checkout.

📆 Delivered direct to you, on date you request. Upon shipping, you will be sent a tracking number with real-time tracking information.
📆 DELIVERY DAYS: Tuesday through Saturday, excluding holidays. Saturday delivery may require an additional fee.
📆 RECOMMENDED DELIVERY DATE: 2 business days prior to your wedding, event, or when you will use product
📆 RECOMMENDED DELIVERY ADDRESS: We recommend delivering it to your daytime address (usually a work address) so that you (or someone) is available to receive the package at delivery time. Please make sure to include company name and suite number.
📆 PROCESSING TIME: We usually process next business day but please allow up to 5 full business days processing time before shipping. Dried bunches may require up to 10 business days for processing. Preserved bunches may require up to 1 month for processing.
📆 EXPEDITED PROCESSING: If you require expedited processing, please message us to see if we have the product available for expedited processing. An expedited processing fee and/or shipping fee may apply.
📆 SHIPPING SPEED: Express shipping (1 to 3 business days) is our standard shipping for this product. Shipping upgrades (to 2-day and 1-day) are available during checkout. Dried orders may also be shipped by FedEx Ground or comparable shipping service.
🚚 SHIPPING CARRIERS: FedEx Express or comparable shipping service used

(Please note that due to the perishable nature of the product, we generally do not ship over the weekends in order to minimize actual time spent in transit. Any processing or shipping of orders that would result in over-the-weekend transit are postponed for shipping until generally the following Tuesday.)


🌿 We encourage pre-ordering whenever possible! Many customers pre-order or place their order in advance to reserve availability and to check it off their list. Important -- Many of our products sell out several weeks or months in advance, especially for wedding season and holidays.
1. You place your order now and request a future delivery date up to twelve months in advance.
2. Please include your future delivery date request on the order notes when you are completing checkout (if in doubt, send us a message with the requested delivery date).
3. Regardless of when you place your order, we will always ship out fresh product to you for your required delivery date.


🌿 100% QUALITY GUARANTEE = We ship out super fresh premium product and fully stand behind our product.
🌿 Our 100% Quality Guarantee only applies to orders wherein Overnight Shipping is selected and/or product listing indicates Overnight shipping is included. We rarely have any quality issues with products shipped by 2 or 3-day service (extreme temperature periods excluded) and so that is why we provide 2-day and 3-day shipping options as a more economical option but we are not able to guarantee the continued freshness and/or what happens to the products once the product is shipped out and has left our control. So we do not apply our Quality Guarantee to orders that use extended shipping time beyond overnight.)
🌿 Signature required upon delivery; no signature will void Quality Guarantee. If no one is present at time of delivery, shipping carrier will generally leave the package for you or will provide details on how to get the package at the local shipping station.
🌿 Due to the perishable nature of the product, product must be appropriately cared for upon delivery. If there are any product concerns upon delivery, please contact us in writing (by Etsy message) within TWO HOURS of the delivery detailing any concerns and providing images of the concerns.
🌿 Once your package is transferred to the third party shipping carrier, we are not responsible for delays caused by the carrier, lost or damaged packages, and/or agricultural holds. These problems rarely occur, but if and when they do, we will provide contact information and claim information to make a claim for your package with the third party shipping carrier. A requested delivery date 2-3 days prior to your event will help minimize any shipping problem should one occur during shipment.
🌿 Extended terms & conditions can be viewed on

This eucalyptus generally and seasonally has a strong fragrance and is often used for aromatherapy. BUT please note that while this type of eucalyptus is generally very fragrant and we make a conscientious effort to send fragrant bunches, we do not guarantee that each bunch will be fragrant or the strength of the fragrance of each bunch. This is because eucalyptus is a natural product and each plant/stem varies, also because each person perceives smell and fragrance differently, and we cannot verify fragrance electronically and so we unfortunately cannot honor any refund, return, or exchange a bunch for fragrance concerns. We also do not guarantee the extent of aromatherapeutic effects/results or any medical results and we will not refund or replace the product if product does not provide the extent of aromatherapeutic effects/results or medical results for which you purchased product.

** These effects have not been evaluated by the FDA and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. Aromatherapy and fragrance benefits in fragrant bunches. Additionally, each individual may respond or benefit differently, or not respond or benefit at all, to the beneficial properties of eucalyptus.


🌿 We have been providing industry leading flowers and greenery/foliage for years for weddings, events, special occasions, DIY projects, gifts, or for personal use.
🌿 Our flowers, fillers, greenery and foliage come super fresh direct from our award-winning farms with accolades for premium quality, freshness, and consistency.
🌿 Feel confident and relaxed that your flowers and fillers will be of top quality for your wedding, special occasion, gifts, or yourself!
🌿 All orders are made-to-order.
🌿 If you are looking for additional floral, greenery, or bridal products that you do not see listed up on our site, please contact us. We have many more beautiful products that we are working on listing up here!

We know this is a lot of reading but we hope it is helpful! Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions you might have!

And a BIG THANK YOU for all your support and we hope you LOVE your flowers and greenery!!

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Eucalyptus & Greenery: 1-2 business days
Hand-Made Custom Garlands: Up to 15 business days
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2. Purchase the Saturday Delivery Fee Product from our listings, in addition to the actual product itself. If this is not purchased, then product will ship out on its otherwise scheduled business day.
Caring for Your Eucalyptus:

1. Cut 1/2 inch to 1 inch off bottom of stems.
2. Place in room temperature water.
3. Until you are ready to use your eucalyptus, keep eucalyptus (still in water) in a cool, dark place away from air flow (for example, air conditioner, heater, windy or breezy area, etc.). OR, if you have space in your refrigerator (or outdoor, if the outdoor temperature is similar to refrigerator temperature and good outside weather conditions), then keep your eucalyptus (still in water) in the fridge or outdoors until you are ready to use.
4. Replace water every 2-3 days.

Keep eucalyptus away from direct sunlight, extreme (cold or hot) temperatures, and areas with significant air flow or breeze.
Due to the nature of the product, our default rule for order modifications or order cancellations is: we do NOT allow for order modifications or order cancellations.

BUT... upon request by Etsy message, we MAY be able to make an exception and accommodate a request to modify your order or to cancel your order, on a case by case basis, with or without a stated reason. If we allow a modification or cancellation to your order, we will respond to you by Etsy message indicating that we have accepted your request for modification or cancellation.