COPPER CANYON Necklace (Quartz, Lava Rock, Hematite, Marble)


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lava rock, quartz crystal, marble, copper, hematite

COPPER CANYON is comprised of chips of Quartz Crystal, Pink Marble and natural Hematite, and beads of natural Lava Rock, with coppered glass seed beads. It closes with an simple copper hook clasp. 18" long. It can be worn as a necklace or wrapped as a bracelet.


JASPER: Healing; Nurturing; Protection

Jasper is strongly connected with the energies of the earth, and helps its wearer find stability and balance. It boosts the immune system and assists in extracting pollutants and toxins from the body. It is said to provide protection against negativity and to align the chakras. Jasper is often used to soothe the stomach and nerves and as a general body tonic. It works slowly and is most effective when used over a long period of time. With patience, anyone using Jasper will feel a continuity of spirit and body that can vastly improve both work and play.

QUARTZ CRYSTAL: Clearing; cleansing; healing; magnification of ambient energies; memory enhancement

Quartz Crystal is a highly beneficial stone, amplifying and enhancing the qualities of other stones it is worn with and attuning them even more to your particular energy. Clear Quartz acts as a purifier, creating harmony and helping to balance all stimuli, positive and negative. Unlike most other stones, Clear Quartz can be “programmed” by one’s inner intention to assist in achieving virtually any goal. It is a stone of Light, bringing a heightened spiritual awareness to anyone who wears or carries it. Physically, Clear Quartz stimulates the nervous system and can assist in removing adhesions in the connective tissue.

MARBLE: Clarity; dream recall

Marble is a crystalline stone, created deep within the earth millions of years ago. Each piece of marble is like a snowflake: no two pieces are ever exactly the same. Marble is used in tantric activities and to help with clarity during meditative states. It’s also been used for recalling dreams. Marble is thought to help with serenity and mastery, and actualization of ones thoughts.

HEMATITE: Grounding; manifestation; healing

Hematite is a healing and protective stone that can help bolster low self-esteem. Its energies are grounding, and can help you to connect with the Earth and its beneficial properties. Hematite is said to be powerful in drawing illnesses from the body. It is a grounding and stabilizing stone, and helps to focus attention on the physical plane. It is said to be closely tied to the blood, probably due to its iron content, and can aid the kidney's blood cleansing function, speed tissue regeneration, and contribute to your overall health and energy levels. Hematite has historically been used as an aid to astral projection and meditation, and helps connect you to your true, spirit self.

LAVA ROCK: Energy, grounding

Lava rock is the physical embodiment of fire. It started as molten lava and formed into rock. It is an incredibly powerful stone for anyone born under a fire sign, or for anyone who needs more fire in their lives. Lava rock can be used to bring about swift action towards long-sought after goals. The energy of fire is direct, powerful, impassioned, and headstrong. It can be very useful for those who are indecisive, timid, or who generally feel weak. Lava rock can also help one develop stronger ties with the earth, because it was once of one elemental form (fire), and has now transmuted to another elemental form (earth). It can balance the energies for both fire and earth signs by bringing each the elements of the other.

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