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Traditionally speaking, bathing's been a magical thing since forever. There's something transforming about water, and folks have used it not just to clean their hides, but also to help cleanse their minds and spirits from energies and residue they no longer want to cart around with them.

CLEANSE kits can be used for both types of self-care -- the "woo" version and the physical "get this actual dirt off my actual skin" type.

This kit was made with gem water, meaning that the namesake stone was immersed in the water during the three days of the full moon. That water was then used in traditional soapmaking methods to make the soap in the kit. Additionally, the scent of the soap, candle, and included oil were hand-blended with a mix of essential and fragrance oils to enhance the properties of the stones themselves.

This particular kit is RED JASPER.

Red jasper is a grounding stone, full of earth and woods. The scent mirrors this, with an earthy base covered in light evergreen woods. It's manly, but complex enough for anyone, and is intended to connect you with the earth itself.

Each kit comes with one bar of handcrafted soap, a hand-poured votive candle, the specific stone used to make your soap, a muslin bag with hand-drawn label, a 2ml bottle of perfume oil, and a hand-drawn zine with a special tip-in page of specific information and self-care notes about the stone you choose.

* a listing of all ingredients in everything
* a basic overview of how to use the kit for a bit of spiritual self-care and bathing magic
* a coloring page and article on the benefits of kaleidoscopic coloring
* a worksheet on releasing whatever you need to release
* a tipped-in page about the specific stone's traditional meanings and uses

These kits are a one-time thing. (It's a *lot* of work to put one of these together, as you can imagine.) Once they're gone, they're gone for the foreseeable future. Grab 'em while you can.

(NON-gemstone kit soaps will be updated monthly, however.)

Every bar of soap from me, whether general catalog or the special CLEANSE kits, is 100% handmade, in small batches. It's cold-process, which means it isn't "cooked" while being made. (Hot process and melt-and-pour are other types of handmade soap, and all of them are awesome -- I just prefer the cold process results.)

This is for EXTERNAL USE ONLY. I'm sure that's probably obvious. But folks joke a lot about the bars looking good enough to eat, and I figure it should be said: do not eat the soap. The soap is very pretty, but it would taste very, very bad. Like soap, actually. It would taste *like soap*. Eww.

I do use both fragrance oils and essential oils for scent. They're both pthalate-free and hexane-free, and I look for the best ones. (Sometimes, using a fragrance oil is waaaay more ecologically-friendly, such as in the case of sandalwood, where overharvesting for essential oils has decimated sandalwood populations. I use the fragrance oil version, as a result. I regret nothing.) All scent materials are body-safe, so you don't have to worry about rubbing it all over your pelt.

Labeling requires a weight. At the time of sale, each bar weighs four ounces or more. Sometimes a lot more. But the weight will never be less than four ounces when sold. Just for the record. These are some hefty chunks of soap.

This is SOAP. Its only intended purpose is to clean your hide. No cosmetic or medicinal usage or intent is implied or stated, because lawyers exist and the government is kind of stupid about such things. With that out of the way, looking up the traditional usage for special ingredients in it is perfectly fine, and encouraged, because there's a lot of things the government won't let us say, but which you can experience for yourself. (It's why handmade soap is, in my opinion, about four billionty times better than anything machine made.)

I use a proprietary recipe that includes olive, coconut, rice bran, sustainable RSCO palm, and castor oils (for bubbles). No fancy chemical additives or artificial preservatives.

BARS ARE FULLY CURED WHEN YOU GET THEM. They've been "baking" for 4 to 6 weeks before they're sold. You can use them right out of the package. That said, the water in them may continue to evaporate for up to a year, and soap actually gets better with age. (Like fine wines and middle-aged women, like myself. :D) It's okay to set them on the shelf and not use them for a few months; they won't go bad or anything. Conversely, it's okay to use them the minute you get them. The bars may not be as hard, but the bubbles will be just as sweet, and your skin will be just as clean, either way.

FAIR (but tongue in cheek) WARNING: Use of handmade soaps may ruin you for store-bought. It's luxury, in bar form, for relatively little investment. And you get the thrill of having something handmade by an actual person. AND you get clean. There really is no downside. But once you start, you may find the urge to bathe more often and collect bars to become overwhelming. Sorry, not sorry. :)

I know shipping is high with the USPS right now, and I'm sorry. If I had a Star Trek-style transporter to get them to you, I would totally use it.

Right now, 1-2 bars will come to you in a small flat rate box (the cheapest option for you), and 3 or more will be delivered in a box inside a flat rate bubble mailer (also the cheapest option for you). If you order more than ten bars, I'll use whatever's safest, and refund you shipping paid over $19, since that's what a large box costs, anywhere in the US. APO/FPO are the same rates. ($3 for the first bar, $2 for additionals, up to $19.)

I do my best to pack things so the USPS can't destroy them, but replacing items isn't possible. (I only have 8 of each bar type, so they're likely long gone by the time your order arrives.) Just let me know if things are wonky, though -- your orders are mailed insured up to $50, and I don't mind pursuing that insurance if they've played hackeysack with your package.

Right at update time, orders may go out a smidge slower than they do at non-update times, depending on the number of orders. I'll let you know if that goes longer than five days, however. (It shouldn't, but just in case...)

After the initial update in May of 2019, regular shop updates will be happening on the full moon of each month. Follow Conifer Crow on Facebook to find out what date that is, and to be notified a few days ahead of time.

THANK YOU SO MUCH, both for oogling this listing and for being a customer. I love making soap, and I'm thrilled I can share it with you.

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