Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones - Nintendo NES - Original Game Cart - Tested & Working

Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones - Nintendo NES - Original Game Cart - Tested & Working


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Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones - Nintendo NES - Original Game Cart - Tested & Working

Only one man knows the real story behind Marion's disappearance... and he's dead!

Now the Double Dragons must rely on a mysterious fortune teller to locate Marion and her ransom - the Sacred Stones of Power! You'll fend off vicious street thugs, evil ninja warriors, deadly gladiators, Manchurian barbarians and more!

Defeat your most dreaded enemies and out of pure respect they'll join your side - adding their Iron Claws and Shangai Stars to your all-new martial arts maneuvers - like the awesome mid-air somersault.

Double Dragon III. If you survive the action, you'll rescue Marion, retain your honor and discover the truth behind the Sacred Stones. If you fail...
(Publisher text)

Cart label has lost some gloss and has several nicks and scratches.
End label has good gloss with a little wear and a couple of nicks on the edge wrap.
Cart is clean and has minor dust buildup in the usual places.
There is no sign of stickers on the cart.

The photo is of the actual item you will receive.

Game hints & cheats:
=>Continue During 4th/5th Missions: During the GAME OVER screen, quickly press
=>Super Spin-Kick: In the two player mode, have both players stand next to
each other and use the Cyclone spin-kick. The two players will lock arms and
perform a super spin-kick.
=>One Player With Billy and Jimmy: Start a two player mode B game. Kill the
first wave of bad guys, then position yourself near the guy sitting on the
mat, but don't get close enough so that he begins talking. Use Billy to kill
Jimmy; when Jimmy is dead and flashing, move Billy to the sitting guy. If
you do this before Jimmy fades away, Jimmy will recover and stand there
with next to no life. Use Billy to kill the new wave of enemies, but make
sure that Jimmy is not harmed. When the room is empty, have Jimmy exit the
room first; in the new section of the building, only Billy will appear. You
can now switch between Jimmy and Billy on the character menu.

Release date: Feb 1991

Genre: Action - Fighting

ESRB Rating: Not Rated

Publisher: Acclaim

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