50 Gallon Aquaponic Raise Planter

50 Gallon Aquaponic Raise Planter


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This is a Large Aquaponic unit that is designed for greenhouse, garage, and outdoor use.
The frame is handmade out of cedar and treated to prevent water damage.
The system is on 6 casters and can be easily moved by one person on a smooth and level surface.
This is a large rig that is well suited for growing large crops on a patio or deck. A great addition to any urban or backyard farm.

We believe the best way to learn aquaponics is to do it yourself. There are countless of aquaponic training courses that offer a weekend of on site tours or 8 weeks of online videos for upwards of a thousand dollars. While this can be a great for the potential commercial farmer, we believe in a learn as you do method where we connect you to expert growers for help and support as you run a small aquaponic system from the comfort of your home.

This unit will come with a detailed instructions manual to walk you through the process of how to grow your fresh produce aquaponically. The manual will include startup, maintenance, and troubleshooting instructions. An API Freshwater Test kit and 32 Oz LABs will also be included in addition to 3 months of aquaponic customer support to help ensure your aquaponic success.

Method: Siphon, period: approx 15-20 min
Media: Granite Gravel and Expanded Clay Mix
Tank: 50 Gallons (included)
Grow bed: 24 inches by 34 inches
Plants Supported: 12-18 herbs/greens or 6-8 fruiting plants
Power: 10 Watts (measured, not calculated)
Flow Rate: 170 gal/hour
Aeration Elements: Air Stone and Water Spout
Internal storage shelf for nutrients and fish food.

Aquaponic Beginner Guide Manual included. Everything you need to know to succeed in your first Kodaponic grow along with customer support.



We use locally-obtained moisture resistant cedar for our material, the colors of the build may vary from build to build, but the craftsmanship and quality is the same!

All of our systems are effectively biologically cycled and inoculated to support plants and fish. Though the systems are made to order we include pre-inoculated media to accelerate the startup process.
Aquaponics is a tool, a method for nitrogen fertilization.
Do not expect the practical use of aquaponic systems to be entirely maintenance free.
Monitoring of pests, nutrition, and ph balance are still critical.

Watering and providing nitrogen, not so much...
but remember to feed the fish!

This is a large item and will have to be freight shipped if you do not live in Texas!

Additional charges will apply if freight shipped.

If you are interested in a custom build with regards to configuration, capacity, or esthetics please feel free to contact us!

For more information on aquaponics visit us at Kodaponics.com

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Salado, Texas

Aquaponics is a fairly unheard of agricultural method that essentially combines the ease and control of hydroponics with the sustainability of aquaculture. The main input into the aquaponic system is cheap and readily available fish food. The resulting effluent provides plants with a constant stream of organic fertilizer that enables food to grow at an accelerated rate. The secret lies in a branch of ubiquitous bacteria known as the nitrifiers. These bacteria take in the ammonia from the fish effluent and convert it into nitrate, ready to be absorbed by plant roots. Simple monitoring of Calcium, Iron, and Potassium provides the basis for creating a resource efficient and affordable method of producing fresh fish, vegetables and fruit.
We highly recommend on doing some reading about aquaponics before diving in. Slyvia Bernstein's "Aquaponic Gardening" is a great introduction to the aquaponic growing method. Kodaponics offers affordable consulting for our systems or other small aquaponic setups!

For all other quick questions or concerns about your system don't hesitate to contact us, we'll be happy to help!
Our system plant capacity is defined for leafy greens, herbs, and small vegetable and fruit plants such as strawberries or peppers. Large tomato or cucumber plants, for example, are much harder to contain in small systems (less than 250 gallons). It is technically possible, but we don't recommend it unless you're looking for a gardening challenge.
We highly recommend freshwater test kits such as those sold by API to check pH, Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate levels in your system. This greatly increases your chances of success and ability to troubleshoot.
Due to the size and nature of our aquaponic systems the shipping will depend on the specific order and location of the customer. Freight shipping rates will be given upon order request.
For made to order items, sales are final once work has started (usually within 24 hours of payment).


5 out of 5 stars (1)
  • Johnathan Jul 19, 2019
    5 out of 5 stars
    I put this planter in front of an upstairs window that gets partial sunlight. Ferns and Coleus do real well and the fish I first got are still alive, so far so good. I plan on moving it outside to grow strawberries next summer. Kodaponics helped me choose the plants and fish, and then I just followed the start up manual and I'm really liking the results.
    Johnathan reviewed Mirco Aquaponic System: Growbed and Fish Tank