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Flower Amethyst 8mm beads, Lapis Lazuli 8mm Beads, Agate 8mm beads, Blue Silk Tassel, Picture Jasper 8mm Beads, Aquamarine 8mm beads

<-- Gorgeous Mala Necklace made with -->
Genuine 8mm Flower Amethyst
Genuine 8mm Lapis Lazuli
Genuine 8mm Aquamarine, Picture Jasper, Opal, Amazonite
Clear Quartz Guru bead
Blue Silk Tassel

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Using Prayer Beads as a tool of meditation is as old as human history. It is not a coincidence that Prayer Beads are present in almost every religion. Prayer beads have physical, metaphysical and psychological affects on their users.

FLOWER AMETHYST - A natural soother, also used to help improve concentration. Helps calm fears, lift spirits and raise hope. An excellent meditation stone. Helps to reach a calming state and soothes an active mind. Has the power to focus energy, enhance memory and improve motivation. Amethyst is a powerful crystal known to help overcome addictions of any kind

LAPIS LAZULI - Some holistic practitioners have found lapis to be a powerful agent in relieving the pain of emotional trauma. This effect seems to be strongest if you are suffering from a specific traumatic event. Perhaps this relief from emotional pain is the result of the general feeling of calm and peace that lapis lazuli brings. This stone can bring deep insights and draw them to the surface, so you can confront and process them. Lapis also enhances your emotional maturity. It helps you become more compassionate and more in tune with the needs of others.

AQUAMARINE - Aquamarine is a stone of courage, Its calming energies reduce stress and quiet the mind. Aquamarine has an affinity with sensitive people. It can invoke tolerance of others and help overcome being too judgmental. Gives support to those overwhelmed by responsibility. Wonderful for meditation. Aquamarine resonates to the energy of the ocean, helping the holder to connect with the nature spirits of the sea. The soothing energy of Aquamarine makes it a perfect companion to clam fears and phobias. Aquamarine is a “Stone of Courage and Protection”. Used often with the Throat Chakra.

PICTURE JASPER - Picture Jasper is a grounding and harmonizing stone with a strong connection to the earth. In physical healing, Picture Jasper is believed to stimulate the immune system, to help clear pollutants and toxins from the body and to cleanse the kidneys.

<-- Sizing -->
Length: Measures 88cm (Approx 35 Inches)

**Stones are genuine and natural, and will have slight color and design variations because they are from the earth and not fabricated.**

The photo does not show actual size, please refer to Description for size details.
Color may vary slightly due to the color calibration of each individual monitor.

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The purpose of programming a stone is to focus its energy on something you specifically want or need, thereby magnifying its intent through your own. Once a stone has been programmed, it will continually emit that intention until it is cleared or reprogrammed. A stone can hold several intentions, up to four or five, as long as they are compatible.
You might seek healing, protection, or spiritual guidance. Perhaps you wish to bring more love or prosperity into your life. You may desire to improve your home or work environment. These are just a few reasons you might wish to program a stone.
Stones are believed to have an extensive memory, remembering where they've been, who they've touched, and all forces and energies that have surrounded them. A stone can pass onto others any energy that it has stored within it. Periodically, stones need to be cleansed of any unwanted energies that they may have collected from you, from others, or from the environment.
Regularly used stones, such as those worn or carried, should be purified daily.
My favorites are water and moonlight. You can rinse your stones in moving water or let them set out under a full moon.
Hold the stone and gaze at it. Sense its energy, letting your own become attuned to it. Once you feel in harmony with the stone, clearly and firmly state your intention aloud. You may wish to repeat it several times to anchor it into the stone. You will intuitively feel when the programming is complete.

Once a stone has been programmed, you may wish to spend time each day with it, asking its energies to be transferred to you. Depending on its purpose, you may wish to wear the stone, carry it in your pocket, or place it by your bed.
Stones: To care for your stones, cleanse them and program them regularly.

Bracelets: Be careful with the stretch cord. It is strong cord, but it should be handled with care when putting the bracelet on and taking it off. Try to slide the bracelet on instead of stretching it too much.


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