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Peregrine Falcons swoop out of the sky like a thunderbolt, with great speed and precision at speeds of up to 200 miles per hour. Believed to be the inspiration for the Native American Thunderbird, Peregrines bring spirit guidance and wisdom, and help one to rise above a current trouble. The talisman includes Solar Quartz, Green Aventurine, Blue Lace Agate, and Purpurite, also a bell, to call the user’s spirit guides.

This powerful animal guide was a symbol of the rising sun in ancient Egypt. Peregrines were considered the king of all birds. Many gods (including Ra) were pictured with features of Peregrine’s head or body. References to this raptor date to prehistoric times in Egypt, China, Europe, and the Americas. Native Americans considered birds of prey such as Peregrine Falcon, Owl, Eagle and Hawk to be special messengers between humans and the spirit world, believing them to be allied with the elemental forces of rain, wind, thunder, and lightning. Stylized images of Peregrine Falcon’s distinct coloring, such as its dark helmet plumage extending over the eye and along the head (called the “Forked Eye” motif) have been discovered in archeological sites across the Americas. Wearing or carrying falcon’s image in hunts and ceremonies helped the wearer access the animal guide’s special powers.

A Peregrine Falcon totem frequently comes to one when higher vision and knowledge is needed with a current predicament. Falcon’s appearance indicates swift - even aggressive - action may be required. Teaching focus and graceful movement, Peregrine reminds us to stay focused on our desires, goals and passions. Sometimes while hunting, Falcons will dive too early, missing the target – reminding one to beware of impatience and act at the right time. This message of transition or change may occur within about a month – the time period the female falcon sits on the eggs before they hatch.

Peregrine Falcons are named for “pilgrim” or “wanderer” in Latin, as they typically travel great distances. Falcons live on every continent except Antarctica. This animal guide may help with stimulation, freedom, change and movement. An important meditation guide, Peregrine’s intense focus and concentration aids in discipline and spiritual development.

BLUE LACE AGATE – [Water, Air] This blue and white stone carries the essence of Air energy, of graceful movement and flight - helping one feel lifted up as in flight. A stone of patience, peace, stress relief. Blue Lace Agate helps you develop patience and realize your inner peace. This stone affects the physical body, beginning at the densest level and moving upward to some of the higher levels of the body. Primarily associated with the Throat chakra, also Heart and Third Eye, helps dissolve blockages and aids one in speaking out against hurtful actions. In meditation, especially helpful with forming intentions and affirmations, and understanding the messages you receive. Associated with hope, unity, cleansing, harmony, protection, optimism and positive thinking. Makes one more easygoing at home or the office as calming energies help diffuse tense situations; helps the individuals involved find creative ways to express and resolve conflicts. Healing lore suggests Blue Lace Agate is helpful with arthritis, headaches, digestion, growth, and bone strength.

GREEN AVENTURINE [Earth] Aventurine is for people who long for a change - keeps various chakras open and unblocked, allowing good things to come in one’s direction. Helps one be hopeful and enthusiastic. Can bring a sense of calm, balance and enhance happiness; helps clarify one’s vision of the future, to recognize opportunity, to see the potential and alternatives in any situation, giving a positive outlook, courage and inner strength. A stone of protection and good luck. "As if a secret dream that had felt out of reach was worth pursuing and could actually happen." Early Tibetan monks used

GREEN AVENTURINE for the eyes of temple icons to increase the visionary powers of the monks working with the gods represented by the statues. Green Aventurines were used by Tibetan healers to correct nearsightedness. Helps spark the imagination, to hone and stretch skills with confidence and trust. Helps balance Yin Yang. Assists one in focusing on the real issue while avoiding entanglement. This crystal benefits therapists and those in leadership roles. Working from a state of calmness, one is assisted in focusing on the real issues, addressing problems directly, instead of getting tangled in confusing emotions. Green Aventurine stimulates ideas and dreams, improves self-determination and helps us decide what makes us happy and unhappy.

PURPURITE – [Wind, Earth] This extremely rare crystal brings light to the heart and mind, helping one work with spirit guides to stimulate energy shifts, change and to manifest your own destiny. Teaches one to love the unknown and be at home in an indeterminate future. The rich violet colors are associated with the higher crown chakras, swirls of green and gold help link these to the base, inspiring deep energy shifts leading to forward movement. Described as a stone that shows one a “magical highway”, providing a view of one’s path with the choices ahead, helps one face these with awareness of one’s flaws and strengths, and Used in meditation, Purpurite aids one in making the conscious connection with spirit guides and to hear their advice more clearly. Clears negativity from the environment, especially if directed at the user. Assists with remaining conscious during astral travel while sleeping, especially helping one meet angel guides while dreaming – these angel guides set up “synchronicity” and significant “chance” events in daily life, helps one work with these guides and consciously participate in these events. Made of Manganese, Iron, and Phosphate, this powerful crystal activates the Heart and Mind, carries strong grounding energy, and brings Light energy to brain functions for focus, clarity and confidence amidst a time of not knowing. Healing lore suggests this crystal is rejuvenating, helps with blood flow, brings stamina, aids with cellular regeneration.

SOLAR QUARTZ – [Earth] This natural colorless, white or gray agatized quartz is cut from stalactites that grow in caves. Called “Solar” because the radiating, concentric circles and inner patterns are reminiscent of planetary orbits and galaxies. Quartz accesses ancient wisdom and brings it to the present. Quartz is known as the "Stone of Power", amplifying any energy or intention. Protects against negativity, assists in attuning to your higher self, and relieves pain. Has all the qualities of quartz – the ability to structure, store, amplify, focus, transmit and transform energy – including matter, thought, emotion and information. Gazing into Solar Quartz is transporting, like gazing into the broad reaches of the universe, allowing your spirit to radiate outwards or perhaps like submerging into deep water and flowing with the powerful currents. This is an excellent stone for shamanic journeying; it brings a special uplifting frequency that swiftly raises your vibration to exceptionally high levels. Protective, shields against negative energy. Stimulates the body’s natural crystals in tissues and fluids with powerful healing energy. Fragile.

CZECH and JAPANESE TOHO GLASS - these small beads take weeks to finish
COPPER – Copper transmits energy, even over long distances. Copper affects the mind and emotions, and is powerful energy conductor of thoughts. This metal helps us form clear mental images, and then transmits these outward
GOLD – Helps one see goodness, benefit, and value in your life. Gold is purifying, brings strength, confidence and vitality, assists one in overcoming emotional fear and move through difficult circumstances. Carries Fire energy.
NIOBIUM – [Earth] A superconducting metal that manifests many colors, Niobium activates Rainbow Body (primordial, pure Light). Powerful facilitator of communication with higher guides and Light entities; can stimulate visionary experiences, communication across dimensions. Helps one see with a new perspective, especially magic that has been overlooked. Atomic number Nb, a precious metal used in rocket boosters and vapor streetlights too.
BELL - Calls people together, calls one back to our authentic purpose or calling; small soft-toned bells are useful tools in psychic work, especially when one is in altered state of consciousness; can be heard by etheric world intelligences and by the subconscious mind without jarring one’s nervous system

All Change Charms include a fragrant handmade smudge plus the talisman (smudging instructions included). Simply keep the talisman in a special place so the powerful energy attracts balance, clarity and peace to your journey. I use high quality gemstones and the purest metals in my pieces. Each piece is carefully crafted to blend scientific knowledge of the mineral, crystal or gemstone’s structure, chemical purpose and the Life Force within, along with known healing lore, to meet the purpose and need.

The item in the photos is the actual item you will receive (minus photo design props). Smudge stick is "petite size" - approximately 5 inches long, tightly wrapped, HUGE in fragrance and color with lavender, white and black sage.

Copyright Sagehealercreations All images, wording and designs are the intellectual property of sagehealercreations. All rights reserved. I use many sources in my research; please do not copy except for personal use.

Peregrine Falcon Totem - Spirit guidance, Change, Freedom, Focus by Sagehealer on Etsy


  • Materials: ceramic peregrine falcon bead, blue lace agate, green aventurine, solar quartz, purpurite, bell, copper, gold, glass beads, lavender, white sage, rosemary, dried flowers and herbs
  • Ships from United States to select countries.
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