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Meridian Therapy Magnetic Ring: Weight Loss, Allergy, Anxiety, Hypertension, etc.

In the Traditional Chinese Medicine 12 Principal meridian pathways either start or end in the fingers and toes, except the Kidney Meridian. In the fingers and toes a few acupuncture points are located, which can strongly influence the meridian energetic. The idea of the meridian magnetic ring is based on the fact that the magnetic force can influence the flow meridian energy. The polarity of the magnet creates the magnetic field from the N pole to the S pole. Consequently, by aligning the magnetic field direction to the meridian flow direction, the meridian energy can be strengthened (Tonification). Conversely, by aligning in the opposite direction, the meridian energy can be weakened (Sedation). Meridians, except the Kidney meridian can be tonified or sedated with this method.

Tonification applied to the thumb (the Lung Meridian) helped with the seasonal allergy symptoms. The Lung meridian is responsible for the respiratory functions and respiratory allergy.
Sedation applied to the index finger (the Large Intestine Meridian), also helped with the seasonal allergy symptoms. Since the Lung and the Large Intestine meridians are the paired meridians, if one is tonified, the other is automatically sedated.
Sedation applied to the second toe (the Stomach Meridian) and tonification applied to the big toe (the Spleen Meridian), may help with weight loss. The Spleen and the Stomach meridians are the paired meridians that are responsible for the digestive function.

For in-depth information please refer to “Meridian Therapy Handbook” or “Healing Meditation” written by Nam W. Jeon available at Amazon.
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