IRmount MK1C Adaptive Mount, fits all SiOnyx Aurora cameras

IRmount MK1C Adaptive Mount, fits all SiOnyx Aurora cameras



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This is a re-release of the original MK1. But now in stronger carbon fiber polycarb! 10/19/2020

This bridge will fit all SiOnyx cameras: Sport, Black, Original and Pro.

Made of strong and lightweight carbon fiber impregnated polycarbonate, and stainless hardware.

Includes shoe but can accept a Wilcox shoe, 14003G01 or 14003p01 or 14001p01 available elsewhere on the internet for around $28-40. The shoe then fits into a ARM such as a Wilcox L4 or Norotros AKA2 or Rhino 2 with wedge (not bayonet j-arm socket), or other wedge shoe accepting arm. Screw for shoe is included. If you use a Wilcox arm, you should consider using the MK2B bridge instead of this one as it gets closer to the eye.

Designed for use with cheap airsoft bump helmets like the Emerson and Lancer. FYI: Might not work with military helmets like the ACH, Mitch, Revision A3 due to more vertical forehead shrouds. These are untested and outside of the use case.

Each arm has individually adjustable PD (pupil distance = how far apart your eyes are), Max PD is 72.5mm. Min is 28mm in single monocular mode. When two SiOnyx optics are used, the Max PD is 72.5mm. Min is 62.5mm because the optics bodies will contact each other. Most adults should be able to use dual's, children will have to use single optic mode because there eyes are closer. The notches on the front are .5mm apart. When both arms are at the center PD is 62.5mm. Each arm can also slightly rotate a few degrees within the mount when the screws are loose, for slight left right adjustment. Tolerances are very tight, you must fully loosen the screws and use slow steady pressure and separate the arm from the base to remove the arm completely to adjust PD, it will not slide otherwise.

Lower arms are removable and can be used in single left or right monocular configuration.

The mounting screws are captive and wont fall out. And feature finger turntable tabs for easy optic removal in the field.

Made in the USA with the help of robots.

Usage instructions:
1-Attach SiOnyx optic and finger tighten screws.
2-Attach helmet lanyard to SiOnyx and helmet or thumb screws.
3-Loosen the two arm screws so that the arms can move, set the arms distance to your PD, then tighten them.
4-Check all screws are tight to finish. Happy larping!

Tips for setting up SiOnyx camera for helmet use as of 9/14/2019, subject to firmware changes:
1-Use Video mode, set EIS off, FPS to 30, 720p, HDR on. Or try Photo mode.
2-Long press the SET button to access the menu, Toggle down to EVF Time Out and set to "Never". Then scroll down to image and set to invert.
3-Zoom in 3 clicks for 1:1 view (using the 4 way buttons)
4-Turn down viewfinder illumination almost all the way (using the 4 way buttons)
5-Rotate front ring from Day to Night mode.

Not affiliated with Wilcox or SiOnyx.

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80 reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars

Brian Sep 20, 2019

5 out of 5 stars

This is a great mount for the Sionyx cameras. I was thoroughly impressed when I open the package. Packaging was very nice. A great set of instructions were included. I had mine mounted and adjusted within a few minutes. Simple to use and very nice construction. A+++++

Purchased item:

Benjamin Allen Dec 26, 2019

5 out of 5 stars

They work so well!! And John is a great guy, fantastic in communication and very good at 3D crafting. Thank you again for everything.

Purchased item:

James Nov 23, 2020

5 out of 5 stars

Really impressed with how tight everything fits. Zero wobble or undesired movements. The dovetail locks in super tight on my l4 mount. Another great job by kiloohm

Purchased item:

Mike Sep 26, 2019

5 out of 5 stars

Great mount. Does not feel flimsy when properly tightened. I had to use another flat head screw driver bit as a wedge to stop the nut from turning. I like the ability to pivot, adjust, and swap NODs side (from left eye to right) without tools. The ability to adjust helps out with focusing the small square screen on the sionyx to your pupils. The PVS 18 shoe (14001G01) fits. I thought I ordered the wrong model (only one available from ownthenight). Mounted to a Wilcox L4G24. I like the low profile and the overall design. The paint on the screws will rub off with moderate pressure. The package does come with the Shoe screw on top. Overall, it is sturdy. I might put a washer in between the screw and camera. There’s a slight pivot even with the indent on the arms.

Purchased item: