Star Trap by Matt Galla (rare hand made SLS puzzle similar to Rubik's Cube 3x3x3 and Pyraminx)

Star Trap by Matt Galla (rare hand made SLS puzzle similar to Rubik's Cube 3x3x3 and Pyraminx)



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3D Printer, Oracal


I present Matt Galla puzzle - Star Trap
with the permission of Matt Galla from his drawings I made the Star Trap. this is a very interesting and rare puzzle.
if your collection does not have this - it's a great chance to get a wonderful puzzle !!!

Description of the author:
I am proud to present my latest puzzle, the Star Trap! This puzzle is NOT a part of the Mystic Series.
The Star Trap can be thought of as a deeper cut Crystal Trap, which itself is a deeper cut Jumble Trap.
I decided to pursue this design after discussing the mechanism of the Crystal Trap with its designer, Joseph Wong. The original Crystal Trap design was running into unintended blockages inside the puzzle because the feet of the mechanism were actually sticking into the jumbling territory of the Star Trap, which is one puzzle deeper cut than the Crystal Trap!
The Star Trap is in the shape of the Tetragonal Trapezohedron and utilizes the cuts of that geometry. There are 8 grips, and 83 pieces, including the core - 50 external and 33 internal. I state in the video that there are 10 unique piecetypes, but I really should have said there are 11 mathematical piecetypes, 2 of which happen to look identical, so there are 10 uniquely-shaped pieces.
Joseph Wong has stated that he considered designing the Star Trap but ultimately decided not to pursue it due to concerns about internal jumbling blocking moves that appear possible from the surface of the puzzle. It is indeed possible for the Star Trap to reach shapes where an apparently available move is blocked only by internal pieces not visible from the surface. However, many of these types of internal blockages can be made available again by adding the exact same stored cuts previously used on the Jumble Trap Unbandaged and Crystal Trap! Having discovered this, I DID include this completely internal stored cut in the Star Trap design. I believe that makes the Star Trap the first and currently only puzzle to include stored cuts that only affect strictly internal pieces. 8-) (Unbandaged Helicopter Cube, Mystic Totem, and Quirky Gem II are all examples of puzzles where a stored cut splits an external piece into one internal and one external piece, but the piece before the stored cut was still external!)
Tracking all of these stored cuts across the Tetragonal Trapezohedron family is confusing, so here is a quick overview, where a piece created by a stored cut retains the letter of the piece it came from followed by a number.
The Jumble Trap contains piecetypes A,B,C,D,E, and F, all on the surface of the puzzle.
The Jumble Trap Unbandaged contains piecetypes A,B,C1,C2,D,E,F. C1 happens to be identical to piecetype B.
A theoretical "rebandaged" Crystal Trap covers up piecetypes A and B and introduces piecetype G. Note this puzzle does not exist :)
The actual Crystal Trap contains piecetypes A,B,C1,C2,D1,D2,E,F,G. C1 is identical to B and internal while C2 is external, and they are the same as the Jumble Trap Unbandaged's C1 and C2 pieces. D1 is the corner piece and now has triangular symmetry (wheres D did not) and D2 is identical to G. Quite a lot happening in this puzzle!
Finally, the Star Trap contains piecetypes A,B,C1,C2,D,E,F,G,H,I, with 8xA, 8xB, 8xC1, and 8xC2 (and the core!) being the 33 internal pieces. Again, C1 is identical to B.
So the Star Trap contains the same stored cut splitting piecetype C as the Crystal Trap and the Jumble Trap Unbandaged, but not the stored cut across piecetype D that the Crystal Trap introduced - the cuts just don't work out the same way on the Star Trap! By the way, if you move the cutplanes on the Star Trap any deeper, you will have the Gemstone II by Ben Streeter, so the Star Trap really is the missing link in the Tetragonal Trapezohedron family.
Each grip of the Star Trap has 7 stops and implements all 3 jumbling layers of the Tetragonal Trapezohedron geometry.
In practice the stops at ~126° and ~234° usually lead to dead ends and are rarely useful, but perhaps somewhere in the shape space they can allow a quick commutator, I have not yet fully explored the shape space of the Star Trap so I cannot say for certain :) . And as you can see from the video, despite the complex interactions this deep of a jumbling puzzle can have, the remaining 5 stops per grip allow for PLENTY of jumbling, and a fully scrambled Star Trap is a terror to behold!
I am very proud of this design, as it is my most compact design yet! The Star Trap is only 120mm from tip to tip which means the inscribed sphere of the tetragonal trapezohedron (which is a better measure for how "big" the puzzle feels and where the entire mechanism lies!) is only about 60mm in diameter, just slightly bigger than an average 3x3x3 - a very comfortable size! Despite fitting such a large number of pieces in such a small space, the puzzle still turns very well and never locks up (unless you aren't paying attention and spin around an axis somewhere in between two grips :roll: - but even then it only locks up and doesn't explode!)

puzzle on the photo and video-presentation may differ slightly from this puzzle
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I can make and send you this puzzle after your order and payment within 30-60 days (term depends on the supplier of 3D printing).
Delivery to any country in the world with tracking number. Available Combined shipping - you can order several puzzles to get a small discount or Free Shipping.

You need to understand: this puzzle is hand-made.
The plastic is printed on 3D-Printer from SLS-nylon, completely polished and painted. Stickers are made of Oracal film.
This puzzle is different from the products in mass production from the store.
You can also play with it many times, but you must remember that this is a fragile product.
You get a fully assembled puzzle - this is an excellent specimen for the collection!

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Amanda Chavez Mar 21, 2020

5 out of 5 stars
Puzzle is absolutely beautiful and movement is amazing

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Amanda Chavez Mar 21, 2020

5 out of 5 stars
Puzzle is absolutely beautiful and movement is ama

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Stephen Mar 16, 2020

4 out of 5 stars
Very interesting and unique bandaged puzzle. I bought the maximal DIY kit, so far I've solved the type A variant, which was pretty challenging. Looking forward to trying the others!

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Misty Williams Feb 27, 2020

5 out of 5 stars
Came exactly as described and arrived in the allotted shipping time. Happy with product.

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