Amber necklace, bracelet, faceted,elliptical cherry and cognac gasket natural amber bead set Certificate 4400

Amber necklace, bracelet, faceted,elliptical cherry and cognac gasket natural amber bead set Certificate 4400


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Certificate, amber bracelet, amber necklace, jewelry set, girls, children jewelry, kids, faceted cut, beads natural amber, cherry,cognac and light natural amber, handmade in Klaipeda, Lithuania.

Length of the necklace: 44 cm
Amber bead size: 1,0*1,3 cm
Amber gasket size: 0,3*0,7 cm
Weight of the necklace: 19,4 g

Length of the bracelet: 16 cm
Amber bead size: 1,0*1,3 cm
Amber gasket size: 0,3*0,7 cm
Weight of the bracelet: 8,9 g
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The Baltic region is home to the largest known deposit of amber, called Baltic amber or succinite. Baltic amber is a natural fossilized tree resin (like sap) which formed over 44 million years ago. It has been estimated that these forests created more than 100,000 tons of amber.

The Baltic amber was formerly thought to include amber from the Bitterfeld brown coal mines in Saxony (Eastern Germany). Bitterfeld amber was previously believed to be only 20–22 million years old (Miocene), but a comparison of the animal inclusions in 2003 suggested that it was possibly Baltic amber that was redeposited in a Miocene deposit. Further study of insect taxa in the ambers has shown Bitterfeld amber to be from the same forest as the Baltic amber forest, but separately deposited from a more southerly section, in a similar manner as Rovno amber. Other sources of Baltic amber have been listed as coming from Lithuania, Poland and Russia.

Amber comes in many different colors: the yellow-orange that is associated with the color "amber," cloudy white, yellowish-clear, cherry, green, pink, blue, and black.

It contains the highest quantity in nature (3-8%) of succinic acid, which produces its anti-inflammatory properties. When worn on the skin, body heat causes the amber to release an oil containing succinic acid, which, when absorbed into the skin, works like a natural ibuprofen for pain and inflammation.

Succinic acid, or amber acid, has been used in Europe as a natural antibiotic and general cure-all for centuries. Baltic amber is also known as succinite, as its succinic acid is a powerful antioxidant, helps boost the immune system and energy drained in the body and brain, heightens awareness, concentration and reflexes, and reduces stress. Succinic acid is an alkalinizing acid, so it won't add to your body's acidity but will actually help neutralize and lower the body's acidity, making it very compatible with hazelwood.

Succinic acid was analyzed in 1886 by the pioneer of modern bacteriology, Nobel Prize-winner Robert Koch, who confirmed its positive influence, discovering that there is no risk of the accumulation of surplus amounts of succinic acid in the human organism, even after the introduction of considerable amounts into the body.

Amber is incredibly beneficial for your health. All you need to do is just wear it. It is believed that amber exhibits astonishing health benefits due to its composition (as it is a product of a resin that has been fossilized for thousands of years). Wearing an amber bracelet gives an energy boost to the carotid arteries. Amber protects from headaches, improves mental state and eases the adverse impact of bad weather. It can also prevent asthma attacks. It’s been known to alleviate stomachache, reduce gastritis pain, and increase oxygen levels. Baltic amber helps with thyroid disorders and diseases of the ears, eyes, and throat.
Possessing not only healing, but electrostatic properties amber has been long considered a magical stone. The first mention of the healing properties of amber (and its application in medicine) belongs to the famous ancient physician Hippocrates (460-377 BC). Amber has been used throughout the centuries to treat skin diseases, strengthen teeth, and cure headaches, cramps, asthma, and insomnia. A Nobel Prize winner, Robert Kock, has discovered the positive effects of succinic acid and the importance of it in the human body.

So Baltic Amber is not only healthy, warm and very light stone, it is also very unique, luxury, beautiful and elegant to wear.

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