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Hi and Welcome :)


PROTECTION was co-created with Archangel Michael, and he has specifically blessed and attuned the essence with a very powerful shielding energy.

This essence contains the energy of over 100 crystals, including a 1.5 LB Black Tourmaline and a 1/2 LB Shungite. All stones were chosen for their protective properties, and work synergistically together to create a force field of Light at least 30+ feet around you.

From my experience, and from others' reports, the field that is created is of such a high frequency, that lower vibrating energies, such as entities and other people's negative emotions, cannot get near it and are repelled, keeping you protected, calm, and safe. Protection shields from psychic and entity attack, and can help create a barrier if you are empathetic, or are a healer, and tend to be energetically drained by others. It's great for healers to take before working on clients.This essence also works to keep you grounded, but at the same time, at a high vibration, so it is very uplifting and balancing. It also protects from electromagnetic frequencies due to the inclusion of two varieties of Shungite and acts to also purify the body to release disharmonious energies.

I have to emphasize Protection is EXTREMELY POWERFUL, and should be taken in small doses. One of its benefits is that it assists you in sourcing your own protection via your Higher Self, so if taken for a while, you can naturally build up your own protection. I recommend it be taken in emergency situations if you are attacked or drained, and you can use in small amounts as a daily protectant as well.

The crystals in the essence are:

1.5 LB Black Tourmaline
Smaller Black Tourmalines
1/2 LB Carbon Shungite
Elite Shungites
Carbon Shungites
Titanium Andradite Garnet
Tiger Eyes
Tibetan Black Spot Quartz
Pyrite Sun and 2 Pyrite Clusters
Smoky Quartz
Morion Quartz
Clear Quartz Crystals
and Clear Quartz Merkaba Star crystals

Although everyone's experience may be different, when I took this essence I felt a powerful current of energy run through me. It settled at my Heart Chakra, and then I felt my energy field expand outward. I "saw" a bubble of protective energy around me. The feeling was very intense!

And, here is an Etsyian's unsolicited incredible experience with the essence (Thank You, A!):

"Wow! within a few seconds I could feel a shield or bubble type energy rise up above my head and fan out and down surrounding me from what felt like a foot out from my physical body. I was enjoying the feeling and then about 5 minutes later I started getting "downloads". which is a tingling running down my back and arms and then a flood of energy started flowing in my crown chakra and I just sat down and took it all in. this went on for awhile and I went outside and sat down....I'm still integrating all the energy shifts, but this essence is amazing. One of the most powerful 'medicines' I've ever tried."


Chakras: Root to Crown
Effects: Energy field protection from entities, psychic attacks, energetic interference, great for healers to use before working on clients, wonderful for empaths, grounding yet uplifting

Essence method used: Direct and Indirect


You will receive one (1) 15 ml or 30 ml bottle of Protection Essence.

Also with your essence I will include one or several "support stones." By connecting to you and your unique vibration, I am guided as to which stones are most beneficial :) Every person receives different stone(s), as they are customized to help support your individual consciousness and healing intents.

Each bottle consists of purified water, 20% Brandy (optional), and the Protection Vibrational Essence.

The Essence is not a diluted strength, so it is very concentrated and powerful. The recommended dosage is 4-7 drops once a day, taken sublingually. For therapeutic purposes, the dosage is 4-7 drops twice a day, but I always advise that one uses their inner guidance to test which dosage is best for them. And, you can always write me, and I can help intuit it as well.


I am happy to attune your essence to the energy and support of any spiritual being or beings with whom you may feel a connection. This could be Archangels, Ascended Masters, and the like. Just write your request in the box when you checkout, or you can always convo me for more information or recommendations. Even if you don't feel a connection to any specific being, I will infuse your essence with energy to support your highest good :)


Ascended Earth Essences carry high frequencies, as they are infused with Angelic, Archangelic, and Galactic energies. They can accelerate spiritual development, enable gifts and talents, and overall increase perception toward one of Unity, not duality. They can also protect and shield energy fields from unwanted interference, repair auras, and affect on a cellular level by helping to restore the higher DNA template, one of 24+ strands. Essences work mainly via the Spiritual and Etheric Bodies, and then their effects filter into the Physical Realm. By repatterning the Etheric Template and physical cellular structure, they can assist in removing old programs and patterning, that leave us repeating situations that are not in our highest good, and perhaps even cause physical illness. The key to vibrant health and a greater spiritual awareness is to purify the body and spirit on all levels, so that a higher frequency of light can enter and then be held. Essences can initiate shifts in the body and consciousness so that a more healthy and multidimensional way of living can manifest.

As we evolve, essences assist in the flow of this process, and enable us to move forward with more grace and ease. Crystals and their vibrations are as individual as people--they have many purposes and work in many ways. And they work naturally, in synergy with you, which perfectly supports the body and spirit. They help to facilitate your own healing and awakening processes, and are a means by which your body can begin to heal itself. You are your own healer, which is very empowering.

How are the essences made?

In a sacred outdoor space, I create a complex grid featuring the crystals for the essence. The grid not only includes the featured crystals, but also 8 to sometimes more than 20 Selenite and/or Clear Quartz crystals, which help to bring in more light and a higher frequency.

The featured crystals are either placed into purified water, or in a separate bowl which floats on top of the water, as well as around the bowl itself, depending on the type of crystal. Most crystals, except members of the Quartz Family, are not suited to be placed directly into the water, due to the minerals they contain. Next, in a meditative state, specific Beings of Light, namely Archangels and Ascended Masters, as well as Nature Spirits and Devas, are invoked for assistance and asked to inbue the essence with their individual qualities. Acknowledgement also goes to the sun, the moon, to Mother Earth, to the water, and especially the crystals who have agreed to participate in creating the essence for the benefit of humanity.

Through thought, intent then is set for the spiritual and physical healing properties of the essence, which are transferred into the water, as well as certain energetic angelic and interdimensional healing codes. After a full day in the sun, or a night in the moonlight, the crystal's vibration has been transferred. The sun and moon are essential to the creation process, as their direct rays help to set the high vibration of the essence, and add essential energies of Nature. The essence is then bottled. The individual 15 and 30 ml bottles are hand-prepared with much care when they are ordered, with an amount of the "mother" essence, purified water, and brandy (optional).

I am currently remaking all essences to be alcohol-free, or without brandy. I have been instructed that the vibrations of the essences are high enough to not require preservatives, and after extensive testing, this guidance has been proven true :) The alcohol-free essences are indicated on each product page.

What makes Ascended Earth Essences effective and unique?

The crystals selected are of a very high vibration and quality. Each essence is made with all of the crystals pictured, as well as the crystals surrounding the essence grid. The infusion of multiple crystals exponentially multiplies the vibration and potency of the essence. Many essence brands just use one or two crystals, wherein I use between 20 to over 200 crystals per essence.

In addition, the "mother" essence is not substantially diluted, so what you are receiving is very concentrated and powerful. Most essence brands contain only about about 1-5% of the "mother" (just a few drops per bottle). I am actually shown, by Archangel Raphael and other Light Beings, the percentage of "mother essence" that is best for each person, which generally equates to at least 85% (hundreds of drops per bottle). Custom Blend essences are even more potent, usually with at least 90-100% of the "mother."

Whether you order a Custom Blend, or Single Essence, the essence you will receive is specifically customized to your energetic needs, which increases its effectiveness.


As everyone's chemistry is different, no claims are made on what exact effect the essence will have on each individual. Please note that this essence is not a substitute for medical treatment, nor is it a medicine. It's an energetic partner that can compliment any other modality you may be using.

Thank you so much for looking and feel free to contact me with any questions!

~Many Blessings~

PROTECTION ESSENCE / Gem Elixir / Shielding From Psychic & Entity Attack, Empathetic/Energetic Sensitivity, Powerful Energy Field Protection


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: the sun, purified water, archangels raphael and michael, the nature spirits, clear quartz, black tourmaline, obsidian, pyrite, tibetan black spot quartz, tiger eye, Hematite, Jet, smoky quartz
  • Feedback: 436 reviews
  • Ships worldwide from Pennsylvania, United States